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5Dimes Sportsbook Review - U.S. Friendly Sportsbook

While it isn't the most impressive looking specimen, don't judge 5Dimes Sportsbook by it's appearance or lack of pop it has compared to other USA online sportsbooks. Speaking from experience, this sportsbook is a really good option for bettors in the United States. The bottom line is that 5Dimes just works. It is as reliable as they come and they have been in business since 1998 so you know they're not going anywhere any time soon.

Not only that, 5Dimes makes everything easy which is another reason for it's simplistic design. When you combine that with the betting options they have like parlays, tleasers + pleaser wagering options, huge selection of sports, bonuses, deposit methods, and payouts they are the complete package.

All of these topics and more are covered as you read through this 5Dimes Sportsbook review as it was designed to inform even the most novice of sports bettors about the ins + outs of this offshore bookmaker.

Does 5Dimes Sportsbook Accept US Players?

Yes, in fact players from all 50 U.S. states are allowed to participate any form of gambling that 5Dimes has to offer. There are a few restrictions as far as deposits and withdrawals for users that resident in Washington and Arizona however they are still allowed to join and make wagers freely. We'll get more into the deposit aspect of 5Dimes a little bit later. Visit 5Dimes

is it legal to bet sports at 5Dimes?

This really comes down to your definition of "legal". If to you legal means that you will not get in trouble for doing it, then absolutely. If your definition of legal is exactly what the law books say, then it may not be "legal" in your state. Fact is, there are a few states which specifically forbid all forms of online gambling but it is never enforced on the level of the users.

The aim of any state's legislation on online gambling is only to keep gambling sites from operating within their state and to deter users from using them instead of visit state run establishments which generate revenue for the state. The bottom line is that you are safe betting at any sportsbook that welcomes U.S. players, including 5Dimes, and millions of other U.S. citizens already do so.

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Minimum Gambling Age At 5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes specifically states that you must be 18 years old in order to use their service. Failure to do so can result in account suspension, lost funds, and unpaid withdrawals. Just like any other sportsbook, you must obey the rules at 5Dimes. And, you may want to consult our guide to legal age to wager on sports to see what the minimum age is in your local area. These can be over 18 years old depending on where you live however as long as you meet 5Dimes' age, you are good to go with them.

How To Sign Up For A New Account - 5Dimes Registration

To get access to all of the real-money wagers available at 5Dimes, you will need to create an account. This account will cost you nothing to join or maintain, and you only deposit what you want to wager within the parameter of the funding options.

It will take just a couple of minutes to have your new 5Dimes account up and running and ready to be active with legal online sports betting. Your account will be safe and secure, fully functional after verifying it through email. You will have your own login and password to access your account.

5Dimes Sportsbook Bonuses, Bonus Codes, And Other Promotions

New players get a nice sign-up bonus of 50% when you deposit between $100-$400 right away, which equates to up to $200 in bonuses. The reward gets even bigger if you deposit over $400 because 5Dimes will add another 20% bonus to your deposit and extend the limit to $2,000.

One of the best sportsbook deposit bonuses for Americans on this site is the reduced juice reward, which allows you to reduce to “juice” you pay on each bet. These options are posted on the day of each event. Juice is essentially a small fee the book charges on each bet won. If you lose a bet, no juice is taken. Reducing that payment is a great way to maximize your payout.

This site also allows up to $500 free-play money depending on how you replenish your account. 5Dimes bonuses are continually improving and if something changes, we'll be sure to have it here. Visit 5Dimes

Deposit Bonus Rollover at 5Dimes

The rollover requirement at 5Dimes works a bit differently than others. It's based on the amount of times that the original deposit is wagered. For example, once the full deposit is wagered once, bettors will be able to unlock 10% of their bonus. This continues on up until the 10th time the deposit is bet. It's a variation of a 10X rollover, where the bonus amount becomes available with the more that a player bets.

5Dimes Betting Lines And Odds

While some sportsbooks offer a wide-range of sports, but not a lot of options into each one, 5Dimes provides a huge buffet. Not only does it offer everything from football to motor sports, Olympics betting has a big menu. A 5Dimes review shows an easy interface that allows you to select the sport first, and then the specifics.

For instance, choose “Olympics” and over 15 options appear to wager on the games and it doesn't stop there. Major sporting leagues here and abroad are always available for wagering such betting on MLB baseball. If you like to bet on both American and International sports, there practically is no down time between waiting for events to begin. You could literally bet on sports 24 hours a day at 5Dimes.

5Dimes Live + In-Play Sports Betting Odds - 5Dimes' users have the opportunity to be thrown right into live action taking place in the sports world through 5Dimes. The live sports betting and in-play betting lines offered will give bettors plenty of chances to place wagers on a contest. This takes betting on sports to a whole other level, stemming away from betting on game lines prior to the matchup starting, and placing bets as the game progresses. There can be some advantages to betting on games in play through game trends. For example second-half in-play betting lines for NFL football or basketball are frequently formed based on the flow of the first half. As a bettor, this is an opportunity to take practical results and apply them.

Betting during a game is going on is one of the neatest features at 5Dimes. It's not the only sportsbook that does this, but 5Dimes definitely does it better than most. The live action is in real-time, and comes with betting odds that you won't find anywhere else. The unique lines are certainly something that separates 5Dimes from other sportsbooks, and is a big reason you should at the very least see what they have.

Deposit Methods Accepted At 5Dimes

To deposit money, 5Dimes only accepts VISA as a primary, well-known method. But, another unique feature is account-to-account depositing where you may have funds transferred from one account to another provided you have another account at a participating sportsbook. 5Dimes funding methods for sportsbook accounts also include wire transfers which are also called person to person transfers.

If you’re looking to do a cashier’s check or money, 5Dimes accepts them but you’ll need to contact the cashier before doing so. There are several steps the user needs to take to ensure that it happens all of which needs to be sorted out with the cashier before the sportsbook will accept a deposit via this method.

5Dimes also offers a unique method to its site through means of a 1500CLUB card. This is a prepaid debit card issued by the sportsbook to the player which allows for an easy transfer of funds back and forth. 5Dimes will issue the 1500CLUB card that will have a 16-digit card number specific to the user's account.

5Dimes Sportsbook Payouts, Payout Times, And Withdrawal Options

Getting funds out of 5Dimes is simple once you have verified that you are truly the owner of the account. This is standard protocol at all U.S. sportsbooks and it is a small inconvenience compared to the inconvenience of someone hacking your weak "password" and stealing your money. This basicly means that you need to fill out the credit card verification form and email them copies of the documents they request.

Cashing out with checks at 5 Dimes is the best method of withdrawal for U.S. players. There is a $40-$50 fee to get a check via courier, but you will get your money in about 3 business days or so. No waiting weeks to cash out the money that you win. When you get these checks, simply deposit them in your bank account. They are wrote by payment companies and your bank will have no idea that the check is from an online sportsbook.

5Dimes is also rare in that they are one of the few books which has been known to just send your payment as a refund to your VISA card, if that is the method you used to deposit. This is simply an option and all players will have the choice of which withdrawal method to use.

As we mentioned about account-to-account depositing, users can send money back to their other sportsbook accounts or their friend's sportsbook accounts at 5Dimes. There is no fee for this but you must transfer funds to a participating sportsbook.

A 1500CLUB card can be used to receive a payout just like it can be used for funding an account. Getting paid out through 1500CLUB is very easy and no documents required to get paid out. This is because the card will have already been verified through the account holder when it was first created. There are fees that come along with transactions, but be sure to check the current terms and conditions because 5Dimes may cover those charges.

What is the fastest way to get money out of 5Dimes?

We get this question a lot and the answer is through having funds re-credited to a debit or bank card. It takes some work to get setup but it is well worth it because the withdrawal limits and fees are right where they need to be for beginning + mid-level sports bettors. Known as the DCFA, debit card funds application, 5Dimes can have money back into their bettors accounts within 3 to 5 days. There are conditions for these withdrawals and users are encouraged to contact the cashier for full details.

Contacting 5Dimes Support - Toll Free Phone / Email / Live Chat Available

For help, all you need to do is visit the customer service page which lists contact phone numbers for questions on specific sports betting related questions. For new accounts, contact 1-877-322-7501 for information. Existing account holders can call 1-800-430-5896, 1-800-305-3517 or 1-800-243-7890 to get immediate help.

Another reliable and instant method is using their live chat support found on their website. Within a minute you will be chatting with a representative that can assist with any issue that may come up. Most users like using this option but the option to send an email to is also available but it is definitely not as fast.

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