Betting Odds Explained

Sports betting odds are among the most popular ways to gamble in the world, and there are a number of ways in which to do that. If it's a sport, chances are there are numerous betting odds available for it on online sportsbooks, especially if it's a popular league. With each passing year, the availability of betting odds to people all over the world becomes more accessible thanks to online sportsbooks. But there is more to it than simply knowing that betting odds are out there.

This is where we come in on this page. Here at, we want to explain the different betting odds that you will come across when trying to seek out the different sports, leagues, games, and players you are most interested in. It's not too complicated, but a basic understanding of what you are looking at is certainly essential when it comes to then going ahead and placing that wager. Just below, we will go down the list of the basic types of betting odds that are readily available.

Different Types of Odds For Wagering On Sports

Directly below we have broken down the basic types of odds and betting lines that you are likely to encounter when gambling at a sportsbook. All wagers fall into one of these categories which are explained in detail below. Chances are that you already know what these odds are although you may not be familiar with their formal titles.

Game Odds:

Game Odds are probably the most commonly made wager of bettors across the board. Simply put, it's where a bettor places a wager on which team he thinks will win him money, not necessarily win the game. When looking at game odds, they will lay out with some different options. Game odds break down to three different categories. They are a point spread, a moneyline, and an over/under total.

The Point Spread - A point spread sets one team in the game as the favorite, and the other as the underdog. Here, the favorite is the team predicted to win the game outright, with the point spread evening the playing field. To win the bet, either side must cover the spread.

The Moneyline - This is simply a betting line set on the team’s odds to win the game straight up. There is no point spread involved here, with the wager made on the team to win the game outright.

The Total or Over/Under - This odds type directly relates to the points, runs, or goals scored in a game. Oddsmakers install a point total, with the wager made on the actual game total going over or under the amount on the betting line.

Future Odds:

Future odds are betting lines formed for an outcome that is usually some time out. These can be found in almost every sport. Common ones that are found include odds to win the Super Bowl or the World Series. These betting lines can be found months, or even close to a year before the season or event even begins.

Wagers on future odds are also typically up for long periods of time, including on into the regular season and postseason of whichever sport. Futures wagers are also a good betting line to get in on for some of the biggest profit margins. While a game line on a point spread profit right about even, you can see all the way up to 250 times that or more on a futures wager. Albeit, those odds will be for the underdogs!

Still, futures wagers can be a lot of fun to get in on and ride out through the season, giving you some extra incentive to pull for a team!

Player Propositions:

We've talked about the overall game lines, but within each game or season, oddsmakers will also form what are known as player proposition betting lines. These player props can cover a wide, wide range of topics. That is the nature of any prop bet though. These prop betting lines are typically performance-based, with payouts generally around even money.

There are other types of prop bets that can be formed as well though, such as ones relating to the current season or a future season. While they can be considered similar to a futures wager, they remain under the category of a player prop line because it relates to specific players. The best example would be the odds to win the MVP award in a sport.

Team Propositions:

Like player props, team proposition betting lines also have a ton of different subjects that can be covered. Though as you can probably tell, they relate to the different teams and not the players. Team props can be very specific wagers within one game, or cover some season-long wagers like win totals or coaching changes.

Really the options are almost limitless on what you can see a team prop formed for. That is one of the things that makes team prop betting lines exciting to check out, and even more exciting to place a bet on.

Live Betting Odds:

The betting odds found for live wagering will encompass the lines that have been explained on this page. But they will be presented in a unique format. Live betting odds are exactly what they sound like. Those interested can visit an online sportsbook with a live wagering section.

Players can choose the sport + matchup available with live betting they want to wager. A combination of many different odds can be found. The sports will dictate the flow of betting lines formed. Some games can have more odds formed than other.

The live betting section in the best online sports betting sites will be well-organized with information on current action + games upcoming on the schedule... don't settle for less!!! We recommend Bovada (below).

Best Sportsbooks For A Variety of Betting Odds

In reality, every online sportsbook should feature all of the types of odds we mentioned above and if they don't, you need a new one. Below, we display our best selection for the sheer types of wagers you will see based off of the odds we described. It's easy to get caught in a rut betting the same lines over and over and over again but you can avoid that when wagering with our #1 bookmaker for odds, or practically any other bookmaker listed on this website.

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