No Norovirus Olympic Odds

No Norovirus Olympic Odds

Spoiled by about a million wacky, off-the-wall props and futures for the recent Super Bowl, you’re probably looking for the same sorts of wagers at the Olympics. Unfortunately, however, both legal online sportsbooks and Las Vegas casinos alike have yet to include any truly entertaining wagers on their betting boards. Case in point: There are no norovirus odds at Olympic sportsbooks.

As the leading story so far of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the local norovirus outbreak is a huge concern for the IOC and all the Games’ athletes. There have already been 1200 Olympic security personnel removed from the events because of (potential) exposure, and another 48 positive cases have been recorded around the site of the Olympic Village in just the last day. So far, 128 cases of norovirus have been confirmed there in the last week, and there’s a very real chance that it spreads to actual athletes during the two-plus weeks of Olympic competition.

For sports bettors, this norovirus outbreak is something to keep a close eye on. As a debilitating stomach ailment (colloquially called the “winter vomiting bug”), norovirus is characterized by symptoms including nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, fever, and headaches. As these can all cause massive dehydration and prevent an athlete from performing at his or her peak, it’s especially crucial for Olympians to steer clear of infection. To that end, hundreds of volunteers are canvassing the Olympic Village, handing out hand sanitizers, surface decontaminants, and similar prophylactics. The only positive here is that norovirus typically runs its course in 2-3 days, so catching it is not necessarily a Games-ender for any Olympic competitors who do.

If you’re betting on the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics at USA online sportsbooks, you can definitely get an edge by staying up-to-date on the norovirus outbreak. You just can’t bet on it. And even though such a wager would be amusing, it probably wouldn’t be in good taste to offer it on the boards.

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