Richard Sherman Says DFS Players Sometimes Dehumanize NFL Injuries

Richard Sherman Says DFS Players Sometimes Dehumanize NFL Injuries

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said fantasy football leads some fans to dehumanize NFL players, particularly when athletes suffer injuries on the field.

Sherman spoke to reporters Sunday night after the Seahawk’s lopsided 46-18 win over the Indianapolis Colts, saying “a lot of fans out there have looked at players even less like people” owning to the popularity of daily fantasy sports (DFS). Sherman, being asked by media reps about how players are affected when a teammate is injured, said this dehumanization leads some fans, especially those who play fantasy football contests, to think in terms of how an athlete’s injuries will negatively affect their fantasy lineups and not about the real physical hurt suffered by another human being.

Unfortunately for Seattle, Sherman’s comments are apropos considering the roll of players laid up in some way after the game against the Colts. Head coach Pete Carroll said running back Chris Carson suffered a significant ankle injury and left tackle Reese Odhiambo had to be hospitalized overnight after a powerful hit to the chest. What’s more, the Seahawks ended up playing most of the game without cornerback Jeremy Lane and defensive end Cliff Avril after the former left the game due to a groin injury and after the latter had a neck injury – both injuries occurring in the first half of play.

The always outspoken Sherman said ordinary players hurt in games don’t care much about fantasy sports or how their injuries can throw a kink in a person’s fantasy lineup. He went as far as to castigate DFS participants, saying “your fantasy team may not win…(but) you’ll live the next day….This is [a player’s] wellbeing. They may not ever get another down, another play.”

Carson was drafted in the seventh round from Oklahoma State in 2017 and served as the Seahawks’ primary starter in the role of running back during the first four games of the regular season. Up until the point of his injury, he led the team with 49 carries and finished with 42 yards on 12 carries in Sunday night’s game. Odhiambo is on his second year with Seattle after being recruited from Boise State, assumed the starting left tackle position after fellow lineman George Fant tore his ACL in the preseason about a month ago.

Sherman said these injuries were devastating, both in terms of the human toll and the impact it could have on the Seahawk’s season. Carroll, for his part, gave no indication as of Monday morning as to when Carson and Odhiambo would return to play nor to the extent of their injuries, nor to the signifance of Lane or Avril’s hurts except to say Avril “feels fine.”

What is clear to USA online sportsbooks, Sherman’s comments notwithstanding, is that fantasy players will need to reassess their lineups if they want to keep winning. DFS participants still interested in stocking their rosters with Seahawks players should take a hard look at J.D. McKissic, who filled in for third-down back C.J. Prosise (out due to an ankle injury), scoring two touchdowns – one rushing and one on a 27-yard connection through the air with quarterback Russell Wilson - on the night. Another good choice would be Eddie Lacy, would carried the ball 11 times for 52 yards in the win against Indy. McKissic, in particular, is widely known as a versatile weapon for Seattle, serving as a running back and a wide receiver, and though he has only done RB duties for the Seahawks, he can really do it all.

Sherman offered high praise for McKissic, calling him a “ball player wherever you put him.”