When To Expect Online Sports Betting In New Jersey

When To Expect Online Sports Betting In New Jersey

When New Jersey crafted its new sports betting laws in 2016 (which led to this week’s Supreme Court overturn of PASPA by a vote of 7-2), it was a fairly thought-out piece of legislation. On May 7, 2018, a proposal to amend this law – primarily focusing on taxation rates and regulatory responsibility – was introduced to the state congress. The document is mostly the same as the version it replaces, and a quick perusal gives residents a hint of when they can expect online sports betting in New Jersey.

While the first wave of NJ sports betting will come in the form of on-site wagering at Monmouth Park and then to various Atlantic City casinos in just a few weeks, the online aspect – and the requisite infrastructure – will take longer to get up and running. That said, online sports betting is definitely coming to New Jersey sooner rather than later. Section 2(2) of A 3911 clarifies explicitly the intent of the current proposal re online athletics wagering:

“A casino which holds a sports wagering permit may conduct an online sports pool or may authorize and Internet gaming operator or other entity licensed as a casino service industry enterprise[,]...or an applicant for such a license, to operate an online sports pool on its behalf.”

Section 2(2)b.(2) also extends the above provisions to racetrack operators.

However, there is an important caveat in the proposal: In order to operate an “online sports betting pool,” the licensee (that is, the racino or casino) must first establish a working, active, live sports betting lounge on its premises.

Essentially, you can expect a rollout of New Jersey-based online sports betting shortly after the establishment of the first betting lounges in the state (which are just a few weeks out). By the time the NFL season starts – which is the richest time of the year for sportsbooks in general – you should have ample opportunities to wager at legal online sportsbooks inside the state.

USAOnlineSportsbooks.com thinks that makes a lot of sense, as any state that goes into this new (not-so-)Wild West of sports betting without offering online and mobile wagering options would be doing a disservice to itself and its residents. Even if every casino, racino, OTB, and other gambling depot in any state that has them offered on-site sports betting, they would not draw even a tenth of the traffic that state-wide online sports betting would provide.