Analyzing Lamar Jackson Prop Bets In Divisional Round – 1/16/2021

  • Lamar Jackson has +1600 odds to be the leading passer in the Divisional Round.
  • Jackson has -110 odds to hit at least 196 air yards, which he has only done once in his last seven games.
  • Jackson has -111 odds to notch at least 88 rushing yards against Buffalo.

LAS VEGAS - On Saturday, the Baltimore Ravens will face off against the Buffalo Bills in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. The Ravens are coming off of Lamar Jackson’s first career playoff win, avenging their loss last year to the Tennessee Titans.

They have a tough opponent in the second-seeded Buffalo Bills, but they could be up to the challenge.

This matchup will likely key on Lamar Jackson, who online sportsbooks list prop bets on his performance.

Most Passing Yards Divisional Round Odds

  • Patrick Mahomes +180
  • Josh Allen +375
  • Tom Brady +375
  • Aaron Rodgers +400
  • Drew Brees +700
  • Baker Mayfield +900
  • Jared Goff +1200
  • Lamar Jackson +1600

Lamar Jackson is widely regarded as the worst passing QB left in the playoffs and has the longest odds to lead the divisional round in passing yards. This is more or less an accurate assessment on the part of the  online sportsbooks - Jackson has only exceeded 200 yards passing one time in his last seven games.

Lamar Jackson At Least 196 Yards Passing: -110

This is especially worth noting because the same numbers hold true for 196 as for 200 - he has only exceeded 196 yards once in his last seven games.

Buffalo’s pass defense is 14th in the league, and they give up 237 yards per game in the air on average. However, Buffalo’s run defense is genuinely fairly questionable. They give up 122 rush yards per game, and that might actually be better than it appears, due to the fact that it’s hard to run the football when you are behind - which most teams are against Buffalo.

And of course, Jackson does serious damage on the ground.

Most Rushing Yards Divisional Round Odds

  • Alvin Kamara +500
  • Cam Akers +500
  • Lamar Jackson +500
  • Nick Chubb +500
  • Any Bucs Player +600
  • Aaron Jones +700
  • J.K. Dobbins +700
  • Any Chiefs Player +750
  • Devin Singletary +900
  • Kareem Hunt +1200

Jackson sits in a four-way tie atop the odds to have the most rushing yards in the divisional round. Jackson also has -111 odds to have 88 or more rushing yards in the game, and that seems like a very reasonable wager.

In his last seven games, Jackson has hit above 88 rush yards four times, and for those who are concerned as to his production, Jackson has -143 odds to hit 78 rush yards or more.

Jackson will likely be the key to this matchup. The entire Ravens offense keys off of him, and on his ability to execute evolutions on simple concepts to keep the defense on their toes.

The Ravens RB’s are mostly interchangeable, as their ability to manufacture production also keys off of Jackson, and the eyes he draws defensively.

Jackson’s production will be key to the matchup, and if he doesn’t hit his Overs of 196 passing yards and 88 rushing yards, the Ravens seem unlikely to win. NFL betting fans could parlay the Overs for Lamar Jackson to win in order to look for a big payout, or simply play the NFL game odds.

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