Betting The Chiefs-Bills 1Q AFC Title Line? Find The Best Odds First

  • Shopping lines on the NFL playoffs give bettors a chance to keep more money in their pocket.
  • MyBookie and BetOnline offer a half-point less on the first quarter AFC Championship total.
  • Bovada has the 1Q total on the under for -125 odds while BetMGM offers the same bet for -140.

KANSAS CITY – With the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills taking the field on Sunday for the AFC Championship, many bettors will be looking to cash tickets right out of the gate. One of the earliest bets to cash in an NFL game is the first quarter betting line.

While the spread or moneyline are also a way to approach it, NFL betting fans can find the most betting value when looking at scoring totals for the first quarter.

Comparing sites like Bovada, BetOnline, FanDuel, DraftKings, and more to find the most advantageous line only creates more profit… or less risk for every wager.

Total Points Chiefs-Bills 1Q Odds

  • MyBookie: 10, Over -125
  • BetOnline: 10, Over -125
  • FanDuel: 10.5, Under -124
  • Bovada: 10.5, Under -125
  • DraftKings: 10.5, Under -137
  • BetRivers: 10.5, Under -137
  • BetMGM: 10.5, Under -140

For those looking to bet the over for a quick scoring affair, MyBookie and BetOnline both are offering a chance for the 10-point push, whereas any of the sportsbooks in states with legal sports betting would be giving themselves the advantage.

At the same price, or even cheaper, the online books get an extra point that makes a major difference in terms of NFL scoring.

Looking into the bet, Kansas City is seventh in the league in first-quarter points per game at 5.9. Buffalo is just behind (5.6) and sits within the top dozen as well. However, both teams have been well below their averages in recent games.

In fact, in their last three games, their combined first-quarter scoring average sits at 7.6 points.

On the opposite side of the line, the bettors looking to take the under are given the hook at Bovada and other sportsbooks. With FanDuel leading the pack, Bovada is not far behind but the odds for AFC Championship 1Q total are best to be avoided at BetMGM, where they range as high as -140.

While no person can always win when betting on the NFL, there are always betting trends and indicators to look out for. For the Chiefs and Bills AFC Championship game odds, there are reasons to consider taking the first quarter under.

Indications Of A Low Scoring First Quarter

  • Buffalo leads the league in first-quarter points allowed: 2.9
  • Buffalo has only allowed 2 points on average over their last 3 games.
  • Kansas City is also top-10 in first-quarter points allowed: 4.3

One thing that may offset this is that Buffalo has averaged only 39.07% of first-quarter possession time over the last three first quarters. Giving the Chiefs too much time to find points can create a quick scoring affair that finds the Chiefs with double digits early.

No matter which way one bets, be sure to shop NFL lines on the Super Bowl as well, as the odds should always be in the bettor’s favor.

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