Bovada Now Accepts New York Residents

Bovada Now Accepts New York Residents

It’s no secret that Bovada is the best online sportsbook for US residents. They’ve got the easiest-to-navigate web and mobile portals, and they have some of the industry’s best sports betting bonuses and perks. Moreover, they’ve won every industry accolade over the last decade or so, and they’ve famously never missed a single payout to any US player. That said, they don’t actually do business in every state in America, most famously neglecting New York. But all that’s changed, as Bovada now accepts New York residents.

There is no rhyme or reason – at least on the surface – for why Bovada has re-opened its doors to NY customers. It’s not because sports betting is technically legal in the Empire State, as that’s been the case since the public decided to allow the practice in a 2013 referendum (pending the overturn or repeal of PASPA, which was nullified by the Supreme Court in May 2018). Nor does it seem to be based on any local legal alteration on New York’s books, as nothing of note has happened during the 2018 congressional session. Indeed, NY is still wrangling with how exactly to implement and regulate legal sports betting between state borders.

Bovada Now Accepts New York Residents

Perhaps if we all knew why Bovada stopped serving NY customers in the first place, we would know why they’ve now started accepting them again, but even that remains a mystery. Initial thoughts were that Bovada was making a play to “cooperate” with New York, thinking that such would reap them benefits once sports wagering was formally legalized. Bovada does make the best online sports wagering software, after all, and they would be a stellar partner for any forthcoming NY (or other US-based) book that needs someone to set their odds and lines and run their sports betting software. Maybe that was a gamble that Bovada – seeing which brands are finally getting love from legal in-state sportsbooks – no longer feels confident allowing to play out as they’d planned. Maybe “going legit” isn’t in the cards anymore.

Now, to be clear, Bovada is already 100% legit. However, the company is based in Canada and operates outside of the jurisdiction of the US. As such, some critics believe that it doesn’t make as much money as it potentially could as a bona fide US-based operator. But if the latter contingency is unlikely to happen (and it sure seems that way at this point in time), Bovada perhaps no longer has any reason to “cooperate” with New York on any sort of good-faith-for-future-business basis. Of course, this is all mere speculation, and as usual, Bovada is being tight-lipped about their rationale in once again serving NY customers.

It is also unclear what this move means for the four other states – Delaware, Nevada, Maryland, and New Jersey – where Bovada is also notably absent. knows it’s likely a foregone conclusion that Nevada will forever be off-limits to Bovada, as the state’s gaming lawyers and gaming-oriented lawmakers are extremely aggressive towards outside companies angling for a piece of the Sin City pie. As for the other states, Bovada’s future plans for them remain to be seen, but there is at least reason now to be optimistic.

Regardless, of course, if you live in New York, it’s a very good time to think about getting involved in online sports betting with the best company in the game. Signing up at Bovada is totally free, fast, and safe, and there are plenty of bonuses to choose from, as well.

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