Chiefs Offense vs. 49ers Defense: Props To Lookout For

  • Super Bowl odds are out, and with them, a plethora of information.
  • Super Bowl odds can inform sports bettors as to the thought process of oddsmakers.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs are currently 1.5 point favorites to win it all.

MIAMI – The Super Bowl 54 matchup is set, and that means that many online sportsbooks have odds on every single possible event during the game.

However, certain betting lines might tell us how the game is actually going to play out and more so the little oddities that reveal what oddsmakers think about the two teams.

Nick Bosa Fifth In SB MVP Odds

This is a fairly rare and interesting occurrence. For all the dominance Nick Bosa has shown, he’s still a defensive rookie, which makes this accomplishment incredibly impressive. Bosa is not a particularly close fifth place, his +1600 odds trail the leader Patrick Mahomes+115 odds significantly, but this is definitely worth noting.

Bosa clocks in with better odds than Chiefs star offensive players Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, who both have +2000 odds. Perhaps the logic is that if KC wins that the MVP can go to nobody but Mahomes, and in the event that one of his primary targets is having an incredible game, it is fairly likely that Mahomes is having an incredible game as well.

These odds demonstrate the faith online sportsbooks have in Bosa as a game wrecker. They see him as a genuine threat to win the award with his bone-crushing defensive line play. One thing that sports bettors should note is that these odds are worth shopping lines for – there is currently a large variance in these odds across online sportsbooks.

Nick Bosa Odds

Longest Score Of Game

Sportsbooks have offered odds on what will be the longest score of the game, a touchdown or a field goal. Normally, one would expect these odds to weigh significantly towards field goal, especially given the 49ers tendency to let opposing offenses settle for the running game, limiting their big playability.

However, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is big-play ability personified, and one has to wonder if the explosiveness of the Chiefs offense was taken into account when these odds were set. Either way, the odds are nearly even. Field goal is -125, while touchdown is -115.

Longest Score Of Game Odds

Touchdown Scorers

There are five skill position players who have even or better odds to score a touchdown in the game, which perhaps provides some indication that it is expected to be a relatively high scoring affair, especially when compared to last year’s 13-3 Patriots victory.

Chiefs running back Damien Williams has the best odds, with -160. Williams is a dual-threat, a capable receiver who is also the primary running option for the Chiefs. This amount of opportunity makes him the heaviest favorite to score a touchdown during the game.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is next at -150. The big man is a matchup nightmare and a favored target of quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the red zone. His elite combination of size, speed, and skill make him very hard to cover for most defensive players, and players who win matchups are excellent red-zone targets.

Speaking of winning matchups, Tyreek Hill clocks in with the same -150. Hill is less of an obvious red-zone target, but his speed means that he can break a play from anywhere, and he has been a favored target of Mahomes recently.

49ers running back Raheem Mostert is the likeliest 49er to score a touchdown, with -130 odds. Mostert fills a similar role to Williams – he sees the ball a lot, and he’s likely to get a lot of usage. Usage leads to opportunities, opportunities lead to scoring touchdowns.

George Kittle squeaks into this group with even odds to score a touchdown in the game. Kittle is a truly elite player, but the 49ers have trended towards the running game in recent days, with quarterback Jimmy Garroppolo only throwing eight passes in the NFC Championship Game. A lack of passing might mean a lack of opportunities for Kittle, who had 1 reception for 19 yards in the game.

Anytime Touchdown Odds

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