Current Week 5 NFL Betting Slate With COVID-19 Postponements

  • There are many games that have been postponed and rescheduled because of the positive COVID-19 test that have been reported around the league.
  • There are already games in Week 8 of the season that have been changed due to postponing and rescheduling.
  • The league is working to stop this spread of COVID-19 and NFL bettors should keep up with what games are currently moved.

NEW YORK - The NFL is dealing with an accumulation of positive COVID-19 tests currently from players and team members that has already begun to affect many team’s schedules.

The Tennessee Titans are experiencing an outbreak within the franchise that has seen 23 different players test positive for the coronavirus and has created a wave of rescheduling games.

The Patriots have also contributed to the shifting of games this season with their own share of positive coronavirus tests from top players such as the New England Patriots QB Cam Newton and CB Stephon Gilmore.

The postponing of games is already having a domino effect on future games and bettors who use online sportsbooks should look keep up to date with what games are being moved.

The Games That Have Been Postponed And Rescheduled:

Matchup: New Date:
New England Patriots @ Kansas City Chiefs:
  • Moved Sunday, Oct 4 to Monday, Oct 5
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans:
  • Moved from Sunday, Oct 4 to Sunday, Oct. 25 (Week 7)
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens:
  • Moved from Sunday, Oct 25 to Sunday, Nov. 1 (Week 8) *due to Steelers rescheduled game*t
Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots:
  • Moved from Sunday, Oct 11 to Monday, Oct 12 *due to new positive COVID test from Patriots*
Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans:
  • Moved from Sunday, Oct 11 to Tuesday, Oct 13 *due to new positive COVID test from Titans*
Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills:
  • Moved from Thursday, Oct 15 to Sunday, Oct. 18 *due to Bills rescheduled game**

In just a few weeks, positive COVID-19 tests have already affected Week 8 of the 2020 NFL betting season. The NFL is working to stop the increasing spread of the virus around the league along with working to get contact tracing information and instigating the Titans to see if they have violated the COVID-19 protocols.

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