Daily Sports Betting Preview 5/11/2020: Horse Racing, DoTA2, and Tennis Betting

  • Fonner Park’s horse racing betting today takes the form of head to head matchup based betting.
  • In the Hephaestus Cup, Team Adroit is -425 to win their match against Denique.
  • In the Tennis League Pro exhibition matches, Sergey Susha and Konstantin Molcan battle it out with even odds.

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview takes bettors around the world. The Preview starts out in Nebraska, as Fonner Park hosts many horse races for bettors to wager on.

After that, the next betting opportunity on the docket is in China, as there is a match in the DoTA2 Hephaestus Cup that should be interesting for many bettors.

Finally, the preview checks out the Russian tennis League Pro, which has several exhibition matches running today.

Overall, a great Monday betting slate, so let’s jump right in.

Fonner Park Betting

The betting at Fonner Park today takes the form of eight separate races. Inside each race, there are individual horse matchups.

For this reason, there are two wagers per race, on different matchups that take place within each heat.

Let’s take a look at one of the races as an example:

Two bets can be made on Race 3 at Fonner Park today. The first bet involves betting on which horse will be faster, Miss Elise or P R Gold Money.

In this bet, the odds are even on both sides - each horse has -115 odds to be faster than the other one on the day.

The second bet is much the same, except it is between P R Gold Money and Question Markie.

This bet is a little bit more lopsided, with P R Gold Money coming out something of a favorite at -165, while Question Markie clocks in with +135 odds.

This type of horse race betting is known as matchups betting, because instead of betting on an individual horse to win, place or show, the bettor wagers on which horse would win a head to head matchup.

This allows new bettors to get into horse betting in an easy to understand way. All they have to do is pick which horse they think is faster than the other.

DoTA2 Hephaestus Cup Betting

The DoTA2 scene has a ton of different tournaments, at different competition levels all across the world.

Today, the Daily Sports Betting Preview checks in across the world as the Chinese DoTA2 scene brings the Hephaestus Cup to the betting table.

The Hephaestus Cup is an 11 team round robin competition, currently in its third of four weeks to be played.

Today’s highlighted match from the Hephaestus Cup is the match between Denique and Team Adroit.

Denique is 3-3 in matches so far, while Adroit is 4-0 in matches, and indeed, Adroit has not lost a game, with a clean 8-0 record in games.

This difference in record is reflected in the odds, as Adroit are significant favorites, clocking in with -425 odds to win the match.

Denique, for their part, look to try to put up a fight, but their +280 moneyline odds suggest they might be unable to do so.

As always with esports betting, the spread of 1.5 allows bettors to effectively bet on whether or not the match will end 2-0 to the favorite, or in any other form.

A bet on Adroit -1.5 games is effectively betting that Adroit will win the match 2-0, while a bet on Denique +1.5 can cash even if Adroit wins the match 2-1.

With this spread, the odds are much closer. Denique +1.5 has -120 odds, while Adroit -1.5 has -115 odds.

In other words, the odds seem to imply that the likelihood of Adroit winning the set 2-0 is similar to the likelihood of anything else happening at all.

This is certainly an interesting contest, full of good betting opportunities like the match previously covered.

Tennis League Pro Exhibition Betting

The final entry in today’s Daily Sports Betting Preview comes courtesy of Russia, where tennis exhibition betting has become more common in recent days.

There are three interesting exhibition matches still to come today, and all are worth highlighting.

In the first match, Makar Kozhemyachko takes on Pavel Mateyuk. Mateyuk is a significant favorite over his opponent, with odds of -230 compared to Kozhemyachko’s +160.

In the second match, Sergey Susha faces off against Konstantin Molcan. This match looks to be quite even, although there is a significant vig on this match, as both sides of the bet have -125 odds to win the match.

Today’s last match is between Yaroslav Matsulevich and M. Abou Khamis. Matsulevich is a favorite in the match as a whole, at -200 to win it all, while Abou Khamis has +150 odds to win the match.

It looks to be an excellent day for betting.

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