Daily Sports Betting Preview 5/6/2020: PDC Tour, Autumn League, European Masters

  • The PDC Tour has adapted to COVID-19 by touring from home, an interesting change to a social game.
  • Brazil’s table tennis Autumn League features incredibly lopsided matches alongside hotly contested ones.
  • The League of Legends European Masters returns today for several matches.

LONDON, U.K. - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview brings all of the action across the globe right to the betting slate of many sports bettors.

First, in the United Kingdom, the PDC Home Tour continues apace, as the darts competition seeks to adapt to the post COVID-19 world.

Then, in Brazil, a table tennis exhibition in the form of the Autumn League takes place and adds 13 matches to today’s betting slate.

Finally, the League of Legends European Masters continues today, with several excellent games that are up for grabs.

Overall, a great betting day, so let’s jump right in!

PDC Home Tour Betting

The PDC Tour has found a way to adapt to a socially distanced world. The PDC Home Tour involves all of the same darts players, champions and challengers, but adds one simple wrinkle: the players are playing from home.

This is an interesting addition to a game that is typically played in public - a game that is most known for being played in a social setting. Although, the Home Tour has provided good betting opportunities in the past, and today is no exception.

Today’s highlighted match is between Joe Cullen and Ryan Murray.

Cullen enters the match as a favorite with -240 odds on the moneyline while Murray boasts +170 odds as the underdog. The spread for many of these matches is set at +/- 1.5, similar to how betting tends to work in hockey and esports.

On this makeshift puck line, the match is perfectly even. Murray (+1.5) has -125 odds, while Cullen (-1.5) has -125 odds. The total for the match is set at 7.5, with some shading towards the Over here, with Over 7.5 having -135 odds, and Under 7.5 having -105 odds.

This match kicks off at 2:30 p.m. EST.

Brazil Autumn League Exhibition Betting

Table tennis is a sport that has endeared itself to many bettors in a world where so many sports have gone dark because of COVID-19.

Table tennis competitions have continued to pop up in countries across the world, from Russia to Brazil, and this column has covered them each time. Today’s edition takes a look at the Brazilian Exhibition Autumn League, which brings 13 matches to the table.

There are some very interesting odds in this competition, odds that should make table tennis bettors sit up a little straighter in their chairs.

For example, in the first match of the day, Akira Chikaraishi takes on Vitor Yamamoto. Chikaraishi is a monstrous favorite, the likes of which are rarely seen in sports betting.

Chikaraishi enters the match with -10000 odds to win it. Yamamoto, for his part, scrapes together a valiant +1200.

On the other end of the spectrum, the very last match of the day looks to be a close one between Mauricio Goncalves and Joao Paulo Trecco.

Goncalves enters the match as a very slight underdog with +110 odds. Trecco, the favorite, enters with -150 odds.

This is a stark contrast with the first match in terms of what the odds look like, and demonstrates that there are a lot of different betting opportunities when it comes to a competition like this.

The gamut of opportunities in this competition is very wide, and sports bettors across the world can find a set of odds they like in it.

League Of Legends European Masters Betting

The League of Legends European Masters is not the highest level of competition in the world of European League of Legends, but it is one of the most interesting.

The basic concept of the European Masters is that there are a lot of smaller esports organizations across Europe, organizations that cannot necessarily reach the LCS (the premier League of Legends competition in Europe), but that can find local talent in a way the bigger organizations cannot.

The European Masters is a tournament set up to showcase that talent, as well as allow smaller organizations to prove themselves on a big stage.

Today’s highlighted match is between Movistar Riders and Fnatic Rising. The name of Fnatic should be familiar to every League of Legends bettor, as their A team is one of the mainstays of European competition.

Fnatic Rising, however, functions as their academy team and thus is not an overwhelming favorite in the match against Movistar.

Indeed, they aren’t a favorite at all - Movistar enters with -135 odds while Fnatic Rising clocks in with -105.

The spread for the match is 1.5 games in both directions, similar to a puck line. The best way to understand this is that a bet on Movistar -1.5 is betting that they will win the match 2 games to 0 and a bet on Fnatic +1.5 is betting on any other outcome.

Movistar -1.5 has +215 odds, while Fnatic +1.5 has -335 odds.

Totals betting in esports tends to refer to the total number of games played per match. Matches are best of three, so the Over/Under lines tend to be set at 2.5, making them bets on whether the match will end 2-0 or 2-1.

In this match, Over 2.5 has -110 odds, while Under 2.5 has -125 odds.

Overall, this is an interesting match in an interesting competition, and the European Masters is a good place for people who are interested in learning to bet on esports to get started doing so.

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