Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/1/2020: CS:GO, Table Tennis, NFL Sims

  • Astralis are favored at -303 in their match against sAw in the CS:GO BLAST Europe competition.
  • Radek Skala is alternately a heavy favorite and heavy underdog in two matches in the Czech table tennis league.
  • In the world of NFL sims, the New Orleans Saints are favored over the Baltimore Ravens by three points.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to the first Daily Sports Betting Preview for the month of June! Today’s edition of the Preview once again examines three sports betting opportunities from across the world.

First, the Preview takes a look at the world of Counter-Strike esports betting, as the BLAST Europe Spring competition brings several matches to the table.

Then, the Preview examines the world of table tennis, as the Czech Pro League features a large number of matches that can boost any betting slate.

Finally, the Preview checks in on the world of NFL sims, because the whole world is missing the NFL right now.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

CS:GO BLAST Europe Odds

The Blast Premier Spring Showdown features several great Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches today, and there are a couple that are worth highlighting.

Normally, the Preview might examine several, but today, the Preview will take a look at one of the matches, in an in-depth manner, so that no odds go unexamined.

The match that will be under the microscope today is the match between sAw and Astralis, which at first glance looks to be a straightforward matchup.

Astralis is a heavy moneyline favorite, with -303 odds, while sAw has +245 odds.

One of the ways you can bet on this match is by betting on the individual maps. In Counter-Strike, a “map” refers to the first “set” of the match, to put it in tennis terms.

Games like Counter-Strike feature multiple settings for their battles, which are referred to as maps.

The first set, so to speak, is called the first “map” because it all takes place on one of those settings. Each successive “set” takes place on a different map, hence the naming convention.

Maps are composed of rounds, and bettors can place wagers at online sportsbooks on what the round advantage on the first map will be.

For example, on the first map, Astralis -2.5 has -204 odds, while Astralis -4.5 has -102 odds. sAw +6.5 is the likeliest outcome, with -222 odds, as it provides the underdog with the largest handicap available.

There is also Over/Under betting on the amount of rounds that take place in the first map. Over 26.5 rounds has +104 odds, while Under 26.5 rounds has -135 odds.

Finally, just as a fun little aside, esports bettors can also place a wager on whether the number of rounds in the first map will be odd or even, with odd having -101 odds, while even has -128 odds.

Table Tennis Czech Pro League Betting

The Czech Pro League is a great volume proposition for bettors to add to their betting slates, as volume is generally important to a sports bettor.

The Pro League features matches for most of the day today, ranging from early in the morning to the mid-late afternoon.

This is a valuable addition to betting slates not just for the volume, but for the timing. It provides something for bettors to examine during the day.

The two matches with the longest odds in them both involve Radek Skala, and he occupies the position of underdog in one, and favorite in the other.

In the first of the matches, Skala faces off against Martin Koblizek, and is an underdog with +175 odds, while Koblizek clocks in with -250 odds.

The Over/Under line for this match is set at 73.5, and both the Over and the Under have -120 odds.

In the second match, Skala is favored heavily against Vlastimil Buben. In this match, Skala has -230 odds, and Buben has +160 odds.

The Over/Under line for this match is set at 74.5, and there are odds of -120 on both sides of the bet.

NFL Sim Saints vs. Ravens Betting

The world of NFL sim betting has exploded recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

Even though the NFL would not normally be running during this time frame, the fact remains that it is the most popular sport in America.

This meant that when the world turned to simulated sports, the NFL was first on the list, even though it wouldn’t normally be running anyway.

Today’s featured NFL simulated matchup is between the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints.

This match features updated rosters as of the end of the 2019-2020 season, so it will not include free-agent acquisitions.

In this match, the Saints are favored by a field goal, and both teams have -115 odds on the spread of Saints -3.

On the moneyline, the Saints are -150 while the Ravens are +115.

The Over/Under line for total points in the game is set at 58.5 points, and both sides of the bet have -115 odds.

Of the eight NFL sim games scheduled for today and tomorrow, this is the highest Over/Under line.

These teams were both offensive powerhouses in the real world, but will the fact that the simulation is played on Rookie difficulty with 15 minute quarters help or hurt their scoring abilities?

NFL virtual sports bettors can find out at 10:00 p.m. EST tonight, when the simulated match airs live on Twitch.tv.

Happy Betting!

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