Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/20/2020: CS:GO, Boxing, and Serie A

  • FaZe Clan has -245 odds in their matchup against ENCE in the CS Summit EU.
  • Alex Saucedo is a heavy -550 favorite against Sonny Fredrickson in tonight’s ESPN fight.
  • Juventus has -245 odds on the moneyline to defeat Genoa today in Serie A action.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview starts with some esports and then transitions into traditional sports.

First, in the Counter-Strike world, the CS Summit EU pits ENCE against FaZe Clan, in a matchup sure to excite bettors and fans alike.

Then, in boxing, Alex Saucedo is set to take on Sonny Fredrickson, and boxing bettors are raring to go.

Finally, in the Serie A, Genoa face off against Juventus. Juventus are looking to lock up the league, and are heavily favored to win today.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

CS Summit 6 EU Betting

The CS Summit 6 EU pits some of the best teams in the world against each other in high stakes Counter-Strike matches.

Esports bettors often pay close attention to events like these, as they provide both high-level Counter-Strike gameplay and great betting opportunities.

One excellent betting opportunity to arise out of this event is the match between ENCE and FaZe Clan.

The group stage for the tournament wrapped up, which means that it is well into the playoff portion of the bracket.

Matches in the playoff portion of this tournament are best of three, and the bracket is a double-elimination bracket.

ENCE are underdogs in the match, with +180 odds going into it, while FaZe boasts -245 odds to take the win.

On the spread, ENCE +1.5 has -185 odds, while FaZe -1.5 has +140 odds.

It is important to remember that the spread of 1.5 refers to the maps played within a set. Effectively, this means that betting on FaZe -1.5 is betting on FaZe to win 2-0.

Similarly, betting on ENCE +1.5 is betting on ENCE to win at least one of the maps within the match.

The Over/Under of 2.5 also refers to the number of maps to be played within the match. Effectively, this is a bet on whether the match will go three maps or end with a 2-0 victory.

The Over has +100 odds, while the Under has -135 odds, demonstrating that there is a bit of shading that indicates that a 2-0 victory could be in the cards.

Saucedo vs. Fredrickson Odds

Boxing bettors have had to subsist on scraps during this pandemic, but tonight’s match between Alex Saucedo and Sonny Fredrickson should be a good one for fans of the sport.

This match is part of an ESPN boxing card, through their partnership with Top Rank Boxing.

Saucedo is 29-1 in his career, with the one loss coming at the hands of junior welterweight champion Maurice Hooker, in a title match for that belt.

This will be Saucedo’s first fight in 2020.

Sonny Fredrickson, meanwhile, is 21-2, with 14 knockouts to his name. Fredrickson is definitely the underdog in this fight, given Saucedo’s previous achievements.

Saucedo boasts -550 odds to take the win here, which demonstrates two things. First, it shows that he is a favorite, but second, it shows that he is not an overwhelming one - this could be a close fight.

Fredrickson has +375 odds, and while those might seem fairly long for people who are not familiar with boxing betting, many of the previous Top Rank cards have had fights with much longer odds involved.

There are a ton of prop betting opportunities available on this match as well - too many to cover here.

One of the most interesting, however, is betting on the manner of the finish:

Method of Victory

  • Saucedo By KO, TKO Or DQ -135
  • Saucedo By Decision Or Technical Decision +140
  • Fredrickson By KO, TKO Or DQ +900
  • Fredrickson By Decision Or Technical Decision +1400
  • Draw Or Technical Draw +2000

The most likely outcome appears to be a knockout or DQ victory by Saucedo, which is followed on the odds board by a decision win by Saucedo.

Fredrickson has +900 odds to win by KO, TKO or DQ, and +1400 odds to win by decision - the major online sportsbooks do not think that Fredrickson can outbox Saucedo over the course of the entire fight.

There are a ton of great bets available on this fight, and boxing bettors are sure to take advantage.

Juventus vs. Genoa Betting

Juventus are four points clear of Lazio in Serie A right now, and have played the same number of matches as their chief rivals.

Today’s match against Genoa represents a chance for them to go seven points ahead of Lazio, at least temporarily.

Juventus are heavy favorites in this match, obviously, as they are likely the best team in Italy, and Genoa is 17th in Serie A.

On the moneyline, Juventus have -245 odds to take the win in this match, while Genoa clock in with +750 odds.

There are two spreads that are worth looking at for this match - a spread of 1 goal, and a spread of 1.5 goals.

Juventus -1 has -145 odds, meaning they are still significantly favored at that handicap. Juventus -1.5 has +125 odds, which puts them as underdogs.

Meanwhile, Genoa +1 has +120 odds, while Genoa +1.5 has -155 odds.

Overall, it seems fairly clear that the spread for this match should be somewhere in between Juventus -1 and Juventus -1.5.

Several sports betting outfits are offering split odds, wherein half the bet goes on Juventus -1, and half the bet goes on Juventus -1.5.

This is an interesting way to approach betting on games like this. Of course, there are also alternate lines available at the best soccer sportsbooks, so there should be ways to bet on whatever line one wants to bet on.

Overall, this is an interesting match and a great betting opportunity.

Happy Betting!

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