Friday Night Russia Liga Pro Table Tennis Matches To Bet On

  • Aleksey Ermilov (-151) is favored over Ilya Novikov (+104).
  • Roman Pavlenko has an easy opponent in Valery Ivanov (+104).

RUSSIA – With normally an MLB game to bet on at the moment, bettors are still forging for live sports. However, Friday offers plenty of action, with table tennis odds from across the globe.

There a couple of opportunities for bettors to take advantage of these odds, as the Russia Liga Pro continues with some of the most intense action.

With many table tennis betting lines, most offer a close battle, where the oddsmakers see things rather even.

Novikov vs. Ermilov @ 6:30 p.m. ET

Novikov vs. Ermilov:

  • Ilya Novikov +104
  • Aleksey Ermilov -151

Winner: Aleksey Ermilov(-151)

Ermilov is currently riding a two-match winning streak and look for that success to carry over into this matchup against Novikov.

Novikov is the underdog at +104 odds but will be one of the tougher matches in the tournament for Ermilov.

The difference in the match will be Ermilov’s serves, as they put pressure on players to have a good return.

Ivanov vs. Pavlenko @ 6:30 p.m. ET

Ivanov vs. Pavlenko:

  • Roman Pavlenko -149
  • Valery Ivanov +104

Winner: Roman Pavlenko (-149)

Pavlenko has won his last five matches in the Russian Pro League.

Since Ivanov (+104) has struggled recently, the best bet for this matchup lies with the Pavlenko.

He should get out to an early lead and cause problems for Ivanov trying to get back into the game.

Merzlikin vs. Petrov @ 6:30 p.m. ET

Merzlikin vs. Petrov:

  • Dmitry Merzlikin -178
  • Vladimir Petrov +122

Winner: Dmitry Merzlikin (-178)

Both players have struggled as of late but Merzkilin should be the player that uses this matchup to get back on track.

Petrov has only won one match in his last eight games. Even though his underdog odds are listed at +122, they should be avoided at all costs for this matchup.

These are just a few of the Russian table tennis matches playing on Friday. Be sure to check out all of the action at your online sportsbook.

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