How The Carson Wentz Trade Has Shaken Up NFL Betting Odds

  • Carson Wentz was favored to be traded to the Indianapolis Colts with +150 odds.
  • The Indianapolis Colts have +110 odds to win the AFC South Division.
  • The Colts also have +1200 odds to win the AFC Championship.

INDIANAPOLIS —The Carson Wentz sweepstakes has officially come to an end as the Philadelphia Eagles have traded Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second-round pick that could turn into a first-rounder.

It is not surprising that Wentz actually ended up with the Colts as online sportsbooks actually had the Colts listed as the favorites to land Wentz back when news broke that he had requested a trade.

Carson Wentz Next Team Odds

  • Indianapolis Colts +150
  • Denver Broncos +250
  • Chicago Bears +300
  • New England Patriots +400
  • Philadelphia Eagles +500

Aside from Wentz being favored to go to the Colts prior to the trade, there are other NFL odds that have been directly affected by this trade such as the NFC East odds board, NFC South odds, AFC Championship odds and Super Bowl 56 odds.

Starting with the NFC East division championship odds, the Dallas Cowboys remain as the favorites. The odds for the Eagles to win the NFC East got longer on sportsbooks like DraftKings. Their odds went from +350 to +400. However, on other online sportsbooks, their odds remain unchanged since the Eagles already announced they were going to be moving forward with Jalen Hurts.

Moving on to the Super Bowl 56 odds, on BetOnline, the Indianapolis Colts opened up with +2800 odds to win and those have now slightly shifted down to +2500 with Wentz now under center.

As for the Colts AFC Championship odds, they have also shifted shorter from +1400 down to +1200 and their AFC South odds have done the same as they have dropped from +125 to +110 which is now tied with the Tennessee Titans for the shortest odds.

There is the reason behind the Colts odds shifting closer as Wentz has shown flashes of greatness in the past. His main issue is that he cannot stay healthy over the course of a season as he has only had two seasons in his five-year career where he has played all games in the season. However, with a change of scenery and a well-built offensive line, that could change.

Looking at Carson Wentz’s potential season props, those could shift from last season as well. Being that Wentz has played just two fully healthy seasons, they could potentially see a drop from where they were last season at 3,899.5 passing yards and 27.5 touchdowns or they could go in the opposite direction being that he now has many offensive weapons surrounding him that the Eagles did not.

It would all depend on if the sportsbooks are viewing Wentz and if they are expecting an injury or not.

Looking at the Colts as a whole now with Wentz starting at quarterback, their percentages have risen across the board as their win total has risen from 9.4 to 9.7 wins and their win percentage has gone from 58.8 to 60.6. Other categories that have seen a rise in their percentage are their percentage of winning the division, conference, Super Bowl and making the playoffs.

Not only will Wentz have to stay healthy, but he will also have to play better than he did last season. He went from being one of the best quarterbacks in the league during their 2017 run to the Super Bowl, to historically bad in 2020.

The odds shifting show just how much online sportsbooks value the supporting cast that Carson Wentz will now have.

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