Last Minute Wagering On Patrick Mahomes

  • Patrick Mahomes has +225 odds to throw for over 406 yards against the Browns.
  • However, bettors can get +750 odds on the bet by adding in Chiefs -6.5.
  • Chiefs starting RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire will be out for the game.

LAS VEGAS - Patrick Mahomes is going to be the focus of the matchup between the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mahomes, as always, is projected to put up ridiculous yardage in the passing game by the USA online sportsbooks.

Passing Yard Odds For Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes Over 336 Passing Yards -102
Patrick Mahomes Over 346 Passing Yards +108
Patrick Mahomes Over 356 Passing Yards +118
Patrick Mahomes Over 366 Passing Yards +127
Patrick Mahomes Over 376 Passing Yards +138

However, some bettors might want to wager on Mahomes in a stronger way, and they should consider the following: Patrick Mahomes Over 400 Passing Yards AND Chiefs -6.5 +750

At first glance, this prop bet might seem a bit outlandish, as it requires Mahomes to drop 400 yards on a solid Browns defense. However, it might be a decent value play for anyone considering taking Mahomes over 400 passing yards anyway.

Let’s look at the components. As solo bets, Patrick Mahomes getting over 406 Passing Yards is +225 odds and the Chiefs -6.5 is -155 as well.

Combined, those two wagers would generate a payout of +435 on a parlay, which means that taking the special bet provides incredible value. It also means that if one were to bet on Mahomes over 400 passing yards to begin with, this prop would be a solid supplement or replacement.

With starting RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire out for the game, the pass game might end up being important for the Chiefs, giving added incentive to those wagering on a big game from Mahomes.

Bettors should always keep their eyes open for potential value in wagers like this, and any NFL betting enthusiast who is big on Mahomes should take a look at this one.

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