Options Are Limited For Texans Looking To Bet On Super Bowl 54

  • Texas has everything except legalized sports betting in their district.
  • While the state does not offer anything themselves, this does not mean that residents cannot make legal wagers on SB LIV.
  • Neighboring states have sports betting lounges as well as the option of internet sportsbooks for gamblers to use for the game.

AUSTIN, Texas – All those exes live in Texas and these exes are sports betting bills that failed to make any traction. But Texans still have plenty of options for placing bets on SB 54, just not within their state. Bills to legalize the pastime have tried and failed and currently, no new proposals have been made on the subject.

With no in-state sportsbooks for SB LIV, sports bettors will have to look elsewhere. Luckily, online internet websites are available for residents to join. These sports betting sites have a wide variety of wagers, promotions, odds, stats, and data listed for the Super Bowl.

It’s no secret that Texans have some of the biggest football fans in the nation. Football and barbeque are the lifeblood of the Lone Star State and what spells Super Bowl if not football and barbeque? It would stand to reason that plenty of fans want to get wagers in on the game.

The best part about joining these sportsbooks is the ability to place bets with the use of a mobile device. This allows the good people of Texas to be at a great Super Bowl party with a big plate of barbeque and place bets on the game with the one hand not covered in BBQ sauce. Bettors do not need to be tied down to any one location to get their bets in.

For those gamblers that are looking for a sports betting lounge atmosphere for their Super Bowl Sunday, there are establishments only a drive away with neighboring states. Three states open to Texas sports bettors are New Mexico, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Each one of these states has legalized sports betting with sports betting lounges spread throughout them; however, none of them offer a mobile product, meaning bettors will have to visit the actual casino/racetrack for betting on Super Bowl LIV.

Texans should find the sports betting facilities closest to their area if they want to take a drive on Super Bowl Sunday. The game begins at 6:30 p.m. EST on February 2 in Miami. It will be televised by the FOX network. The San Francisco 49ers (+105) will be walking onto the field as the underdogs to take on the Kansas City Chiefs (-125), which is presumed to be a game as big as the state of Texas itself.

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