SB 54 Props: Betting A Fourth-And-Twenty For +420

  • The Super Bowl is one of the largest betting events in the world.
  • The size of the event allows for sportsbooks to offer all kinds of interesting odds.
  • This column focuses on the odds that are designed to make you laugh as you place your bet.

MIAMI – The Super Bowl is, well, the Super Bowl of the gambling world. The number of eyes on the game means that sportsbooks are incentivized to offer a lot of different types of bets, with the goal of attracting players to their sportsbook.

This leads to a sort of arms race between online sportsbooks to see who can post the weirdest, most outlandish, or flat-out entertaining lines in a bid to drive new sports bettors to their books to place a bet. The topics range from memes and jokes but also find ways to bet on the games as well.

However, some of these odds are genuinely entertaining, and deserve coverage due to that.

Up In Smoke

If you’ve been on the internet in the past few years, or if you’ve spent any time around anyone from age 12-70, you’ve heard people making “hey look its 4:20” jokes. One sportsbook is looking to capitalize on this, by offering the following odds.

420 Odds

The interesting thing here is that although the odds are mostly a joke, with a 4th and 20 conversion getting +420 odds to happen, you can actually take “No”, at -920.

The probability of converting a 4th and 20 has been estimated at below 10%. Keep in mind that this doesn’t even factor in how rare it is to actually get to the point in the game that a team is in a situation where they would be in a 4th and 20, let alone go for it on 4th and 20.

The Chiefs only attempted 10 fourth-down conversions during the entire season, and the 49ers only attempted 12. Going for it on fourth down is a once-in-a-game occurrence, and going for it on 4th and 20 is dramatically rarer.

From 420 To 69

Similar to 420 jokes is another brand of humor, jokes based around the number 69. Once again, sportsbooks are looking to lure first time players and what better way than to offer an easy to understand bet with odds that make you laugh.

69 Odds

Obviously here, the odds are similarly jokey – the prop is on whether or not a player will finish with exactly 69 yards in the  Super Bowl, and the odds for “yes” are +690. Nice.

It is slightly unclear whether this refers to total yards or one category of yards such as rushing or receiving, but either way, it seems relatively unlikely to happen. Kudos to the sportsbooks for putting odds like this up as the Super Bowl betting season is truly upon us.

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