SB LIV Gatorade Shower Odds Favor Purple, Best Payout Is Blue

  • The Gatorade Shower is one of the most wagered on prop bets for the Super Bowl.
  • Over 50% of the action has been on one specific color, with “red” gaining the second most support (19%).
  • Other colors like “blue” and “clear” have collectively totaled less than 10% of the Super Bowl Gatorade shower handle.

MIAMI – Noted as one of the most famous Super Bowl prop bets behind betting the coin toss or picking the Super Bowl MVP, the Gatorade shower has become a staple for sports bettors.

For those unaware, the Gatorade shower is the last moment of the Super Bowl, . Whether the coach welcomes the dousing with rejoice or irritation does not matter, the fact remains that the soaked coach is officially a champion.

At many online sports betting sites, Super Bowl bettors are given the ability to choose which color the liquid will be that gets poured on the coach. While red is commonly given the shortest odds – especially with both Super Bowl LIV teams having red as their primary color, bettors have been taking a different route.

Red has garnered the second-most in terms of the betting handle, but Super Bowl 54 bettors are leaning more toward purple.

The Color Purple

Across the sportsbook operated by FanDuel in the United States, 52% of the handle is on the last color of the rainbow.

Whether bettors want to fade the public or join in on the fun is up for discussion. However, regardless of the choice, bettors would be wise to shop lines on this popular Super Bowl prop bet.

While FanDuel only offers a product in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Indiana, bettors in those states can access betting on purple for odds of +140. Meanwhile, at Bovada, the odds for the color purple are set at -150 and the prop is listed at -135 at MyBookie.

For BetOnline, the Gatorade shower being purple is even.

Finding The Best Odds On The Super Bowl Gatorade Shower

While the land-based book offers the best odds on purple, the ability to undertake one of the most popular sports betting strategies (fading the public) provides excellent opportunities.

For those looking to take “Green/Yellow”, Bovada takes the top spot, offering odds of +450. No other book between Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie, or FanDuel offers anything above +350.

The site of Bovada also takes the cake for a few other colors as well. “Red/Pink” (+400), “Clear/Water” (+900), and “Orange” (+650) are the best odds at Super Bowl betting sites.

The only color Bovada doesn’t offer the biggest payout is “Blue”, which BetOnline lists as an incredible +1200.

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