XFL Week 3 Betting Preview: Guardians vs. Battlehawks, Defenders vs. Wildcats

  • The XFL is entering Week 3 and there are two games on Sunday.
  • The New York Guardians are massive underdogs away at St. Louis.
  • The DC Defenders are large road favorites in Los Angeles.

St. Louis, Mo. – The XFL is roaring back into action for Week 3 and the Sunday games kick off with the Saint Louis Battlehawks hosting the New York Guardians. The action continues with the DC Defenders traveling across the country to battle the Los Angeles Wildcats.

New York Guardians @ St. Louis Battlehawks Betting Preview

The BattleHawks have been one of the feel-good stories of the XFL so far, with Jordan Ta’amu breaking out to join PJ Walker and Cardale Jones as one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. Ta’amu is second in the league in passing and third in the league in rushing, and people are taking notice in a big way.

The Guardians, on the other hand, are having the opposite problem.

Starting quarterback Matt McGloin was benched during Week 2 after he spent a halftime interview complaining that his poor performance was due to poor offensive playcalling from head coach Kevin Gilbride.

McGloin will likely be the starting quarterback, but, if he’s right about his coaching, he might not have much success. The Guardians are 10-point underdogs on the road, and are +305 on the moneyline, while the Battlehawks are -475.

The over/under line for the game is set at 40 points.

DC Defenders @ Los Angeles Wildcats Betting Preview

The DC Defenders feature what looks like an elite defense to go along with an elite quarterback in Cardale Jones. They are one of the  favorites to win the XFL championship at many sportsbooks.

The Wildcats are decidedly not that.

For example, on Bovada, the Defenders are tied for the shortest odds to win the championship, with +200. The Wildcats are trailing the pack, with a pat-on-the-head +1500 odds to win the title.

The Wildcats were, however, the first team in the XFL to convert a three-point conversion attempt, and their fans do seem to appreciate them.

Interestingly, the spread for this game is a little bit closer than the spread for the previous one. This is notable because this discrepancy is not reflected in the futures odds.

New York is closer to St. Louis in terms of likelihood to win the championship (and thus implied quality of team), than LA is to DC, but New York is a 10 point underdog, while LA is + 8.5.

Basically, in this game, the best team in the league is playing the worst team in the league, and yet New York vs. St. Louis has a larger spread at online sportsbooks.

Some of this is likely explained by assumed home field advantage and McGloin’s very public meltdown, but this is just something to keep in mind. LA is +270 on the moneyline, while DC is -385.

The over/under line for the game is set at 44.0.

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