Sportsbooks That Accept Western Union Wires

Depositing into an online sportsbook is a very important process for both the player and the sportsbook. The player wants to make sure that they can make a deposit swiftly and easily, while the online sportsbook wants to make sure that they offer safe and convenient deposit methods so that players can fund their accounts.

You will find a variety of deposit methods at each online sportsbook where USA players are accepted, though not every method can be used by bettors from the United States. However, there are some that are, one of which is a Western Union. A Western Union has the ability to directly deposit into your account at the sportsbook.

A Western Union transfer is one of the more popular ways to deposit into a sportsbook outside of credit cards. This financial services company is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. Specializing in person-to-person and other transfers of payments, Western Union is a great option to deposit into an online sportsbook for USA players.

Find out the specifics behind a Western Union deposit option on this page, where we break down the advantages, disadvantages, and hopefully answer all of your questions about this type of deposit.

Benefits Of Using Western Union To Deposit

High Acceptance Rate - Rather than having to use a credit card where USA players could be denied, a Western Union transfer has a high acceptance rate to deposit.

Very Convenient - Players can deposit through a Western Union by visiting one of thousands of hubs across the country, or now there is even the ability to do it online.

Can Deposit High Amounts - Wire transfers like Western Union at online sportsbooks typically have the highest maximum amount that can be deposited, which is a great method for big bankroll players.

Drawbacks Of Using Western Union

High Transfer Fees - You will encounter various fees when using a Western Union to deposit, which vary by sportsbook, and the amount being deposited. They can jump up there depending on the amount being transfered but some books do waive fees for deposits over a certain amount.

Above Average Minimum Deposit Amounts - If you are a player who doesn't wish to deposit a high amount, a wire transfer like Western Union could have a higher minimum deposit requirement than other methods, like a credit card. This is not always the case, but it can happen.

How Do I Make A Western Union Transaction?

If you choose to do a Western Union transfer, the process is quite simple. Once your account at the sportsbook has been created, you inform the sportsbook about your intent to deposit via Western Union, so that you can get all of the necessary information. This mainly means the sending information to the customer service department at the sportsbook.

If you choose to send money through Western Union online, you can do it from your account there to the sportsbook. Once you send the deposit, you will receive a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). This is your tracking number for the transfer that you just completed. When doing the transfer online, you will pay with your credit card or debit card, but at a station it can be done in cash.

Once the funds are verified that they have been sent, you inform the sportsbook of the tracking number so that they will be ready for it. They will let you know that it has been received, and you account will be funded.

How To Pay For Western Union Transfers & Why They Work Great

A wire transfer service like Western Union can be paid for entirely in cash which would not go through a bank that would restrict it or it can also be done with a credit card. Going the credit card route is similar to using an e-wallet however you will not actually setup an account with Western Union however the intermediary is sent credit (money) which is then transferred to the recipient (sportsbook).

What Do I Do If My Western Union Deposit Is Declined?

This is very unlikely because Western Union deposits are some of the most reliable forms of depositing for American players. Unlike credit cards that can be rejected from time to time because banks banning gambling transactions, Western Union is a sportsbook deposit method that is 100% guaranteed to work.

Top 3 Sportsbooks That Take Western Union Deposits

Below are our top three Western Union sports betting sites all of which can be trusted for wagers of any amount. Check out what these bookmakers can offer players in the U.S. that have decided to go with the tried and true deposit method known as Western Union.

Bovada - Accepts Western Union Transfers When Other Deposit Methods Fail

While they don't advertise deposits specifically with Western Union, Bovada does accept the method specifically as well as other methods for sending wire transfer. And even though this method should be used a last-choice, there are several reasons which making using Western Union at Bovada better than others books like shorter transfer times, reduced fees, etc... As for the actual sportsbook, Bovada is an industry leader which has all the sports one would expect to be available for wagering but you're going to need to make a deposit first in order to bet for real-money which is where Western Union comes in. When you do decide to step up to the plate and make that deposit, know that you are entitled to a 50% match worth as much as $250 in freeplay which can be turned into cash. - Use Bonus Code When Making Deposit To Grab Bonus

Western Union deposits are made easy at as they accept this method of deposit for easy transfer of funds into your sportsbook account. When a player deposits into with a Western Union transfer, they are eligible to receive a Bonus For Life; 50% to $500 on all deposits made.

Bettors simply need to enter the bonus code SBCASH to receive this 25% offer. has odds on major sports and leagues that you could ask for as a U.S. player, so check them out and see if it's the right fit for you.

BetOnline - Western Union Deposits Qualify For Full 25% Match Bonus Offer

BetOnline accepts Western Union transfers, and allows USA players to deposit safely and easily. BetOnline is one of our highest rated online sportsbooks and provides bettors with the chance to wager on any of the hundreds of sports odds available.

A great bonus option of 25% up to $1,000 on every deposit made into BetOnline with a Western Union deposit awaits all bettors. Simply input the right bonus code when selecting the bonus that you want to receive as you make the deposit. If you want to decline this bonus, simply forget about using the bonus code and you're good to go!

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Western Union

Western Union Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
BetDSI SportsbookReview100% Up To $500 NEW!
Dimes SportsbookReview50% Up To $520

More About Western Union Sportsbook Deposits

We already know that this is a great option for when other methods fail however there are other key pieces of info you need to know. We've briefly touched on these areas in other parts of this page but here they are broken down by what it is important to show you why you may or may not want to use Western Union.

Western Union Sportsbook Deposit Fees

This is an important section to take note of for those prospective players looking at a Western Union deposit because there will be some fees attached both when depositing and when receiving a payout. There is not a set fee across the board for each online sportsbook, but it can be upwards of $50 for some. One of the nice things about Western Union though is the high maximum deposits and withdrawals that can be made, so in perspective, the fees can be minimal which is why big players like to use this method.

Western Union Sportsbook Withdrawals

Just like a player can deposit with Western Union, they can also receive money through it as well. In the cashier section of the online sportsbook, it will stipulate whether or not this option is available. If you can deposit this way then it should be available to get paid out. Also in the details will be the minimum and maximum payout amounts, along with any of the fees that may be attached. The time it takes to receive a Western Union payout can be anywhere from a couple of days up to 10.

While sportsbooks do offer this method, it would probably be better to try a check or bank draft first because fees can be steep and sites use it as a last-option of sorts.

Transaction Time For Western Union Sportsbook Transfers

Sending a Western Union transfer takes just minutes to get to the sportsbook, and once it is processed, your account is funded. In total, it typically takes just a few minutes to have your account funded through Western Union so that you can move on to making the wagers you want.

Then on the flip side coming back, you can receive your payout through a Western Union transfer as well. This takes longer, because the payout needs to be processed by the sportsbook after your withdrawal request. Most online sportsbooks say that it doesn't take more than 10 days to have your payout from the time you made the initial request.

Security Of Using Western Union To Deposit Into Sportsbooks

Western Union deposits from the start to the finish are very safe and secure. Your Money Transfer Control Number is essentially your protection under Western Union, and something you want to hold onto until it has been verified. From there, the online sportsbook has their own security measures that they take to ensure that your information on your account is secure on site as you move forward in the process with them to place wagers.

Western Union Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

Online sportsbooks often reward players for depositing into their sportsbook with a deposit bonus. And actually, depositing with a Western Union transfer can sometimes get your more money. This is shown at both BetOnline and with the 25 percent bonus. If a player were to deposit with a credit card like VISA, it would only be a 15 percent bonus, meaning more would be required to deposit to receive the maximum bonus amount.