BetOnline Sportsbook Review - USA Players Accepted

Welcome to our review of BetOnline sportsbook here at BetOnline offers a wide range of lines, but the real strength of this sportsbook comes from its spread of NFL action. Based out of Panama City, Panama, BetOnline is one of the first books to offer game lines for NFL events, including week 1 of the regular season. Football is not all the book offers, as you will find markets for basketball, hockey, baseball, entertainment, politics, and more. BetOnline offers endless opportunities to win big and boost your bankroll. Along with the great bonuses this site has, it also offers the “Sports Betting Edge” for news and analysis that keeps you up-to-date with your favorite teams or players.

Learn more about all the other great stuff found at this sportsbook by reading further down this review of BetOnline's online sports betting website.

BetOnline Basics:

BetOnline Website:
BetOnline Location: Panama City, Panama
Where is BetOnline Legal? All US States
BetOnline Deposits:
Deposit Options: Minimum Maximum
CREDIT CARDS: $50 $5,000
BITCOIN: $20 $25,000
ETHEREUM: $20 $25,000
LITECOIN: $20 $25,000
BANK WIRE: $500 No Max
CASHIERS CHECK: $1,500 $15,000
PERSON to PERSON: $100 $600
BetOnline Payouts:
Payout Options Minimum Maximum
BITCOIN: $20 $5,000
ETHEREUM: $20 $5,000
LITECOIN: $20 $5,000
CASHIERS CHECK: $500 $2,5000
BANK WIRE: $500 $24,900
MONEY ORDERS: $500 $9,000
MONEYGRAM: $50 $400
BetOnline Bonuses: 50% up to $1,000
BetOnline CS:
BetOnline Telephone: 1-888-426-3661

Are US players accepted at BetOnline?

Yes, all USA players are welcome to wager on their favorite sports and teams as long as they meet BetOnline's age requirement. For those who qualify, BetOnline's stance is to leave it up to the player to decide whether they feel comfortable with the sports betting laws in their state to use their service. This includes all 50 U.S. states and territories. The bottom line is that there are no cases of anyone going to jail for betting at any online sportsbook, let alone this one. Read more about legal sports betting in the U.S. here.

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Is it legal to bet sports at BetOnline?

We can tell you that it is safe to wager sports at BetOnline as there are no federal laws that say otherwise, but we cannot speak for the laws in your state. A handful of states have legislation which forbids online gambling, but rather than enforce it on a consumer level, they go after anyone who is an owner/operator of one of these sites. Even then, any site outside of the U.S. is beyond their jurisdiction and therefore it is a safe betting site for Americans of any state to use.

Sports Betting Age At BetOnline Sportsbook

Again, BetOnline leaves this up to the discretion of the player. It will be up to you to find the gambling age for the state that you live in. This is going to be 21 in most cases, however, there are a few states which require citizens be at least 18 years to gamble.

BetOnline Sportsbook Bonuses, Bonus Codes, And Other Promotions

BetOnline's bonuses for online sports betting are amongst the best found at any sportsbook in terms of rewards and long-term value because it offers reload bonuses on every deposit, not just the first deposit like other sportsbooks. Anytime you deposit funds, you are eligible for a matching bonus of 50% for up to $1,000. Every bonus you take helps reduce the risk of your investment, while also allowing you to bump up your bet on events you are really feeling strong on. The current reload codes are KICKOFF18 and TD2018, but check the “Promotions” page as coupons change frequently.

New players also get exclusive bonus offers just for registering their account. Right now, there is a 50% Crypto Bonus that will match a Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, DASH, or Litecoin deposit by 50% for up to $500. You can enter code CRYPTOBET when you make your first-ever deposit at BetOnline. Those depositing with other payments can redeem a similar offer with promo BOL1000 for up to $1,000 in free plays.

Now let’s talk about special promotions. BetOnline is one of the only sportsbooks that offers free bets all year long, regardless of the season. If you want to bet on your favorite player, take advantage of the $25 Risk-Free Player Props Wager. Those who plan on making bets on the go should claim the Mobile Betting $50 Free Play, just place a wager from your smartphone or tablet. The $25 Live Betting Free Play is available when placing a wager on BetOnline’s live betting platform. Again, BetOnline is constantly adding new promos so make sure to check their website for the latest offers.

Sports To Bet On - BetOnline's Sports Wager Lines

As any manager or patron of an online sportsbook knows, you have got to have a wide array of betting lines available. You can't cut your audience/user-base down just because you don't have what they want to bet on. For that reason, BetOnline really goes above and beyond to scout events that users want to bet on.

Of course, users are going to be able to bet on the Super Bowl and other huge sporting events like betting on college football or the odds to win the National Championship, but there are those other sports that have clique followings that generally aren't covered at other betting sites Americans typically use. That is not the case at BetOnline as you can find just about any sport you want to wager on in their oddsboard. Here is a current list of their sports betting markets:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Darts
  • Motorsports
  • Entertainment
  • Politics
  • Aussie Rules
  • Rugby
  • Martial Arts

BetOnline NFL & College Football Wagering

If they had it their way, the National Football League and college football seasons would go year-round. But since they don't BetOnline does everything it can to make those 5 months of preseason - regular season - postseason action the best they possibly can.

One of the ways they do this is by making sure they have all the NCAA football and NFL betting lines available by Monday morning except for teams playing on Monday Night Football or against MNF teams the next week. This usually only encompasses the spread and total, but moneyline wagers soon follow, then props, etc...

Different Ways To Place A Bet - BetOnline's Wager Types

Users that are looking for different options to wager will find BetOnline more than satisfactory. There are many different types of wagers offered. The choices will depend on which sports the player is looking to bet. The two sports that will feature the most options will be football and basketball. This is because a teaser + pleaser option of shifting the point spread is available. But in other sports, there are bets that can be made as well.

One of the most popular bets outside of the standard straight wager is making parlay wagers. This linked bet allows users to combine bets for one mega payout. It's tougher to win, but the risk vs. reward can definitely be worth it.

Live Sports Betting At BetOnline - Make Wagers During The Game!

The opportunity to place bets in real-time is expanding at BetOnline. The sportsbook offers a live betting section where a wide variety of matchups have wagers formed in the middle of the action. Some sports have more betting lines than others. Additionally, not every game of the day has live wagering available. But each season, BetOnline offers more live opportunities.

The majority of betting odds found include revised game lines + player, team, and game props. The profit margin for each live betting line varies, but the advantage of having knowledge of the game after it starts certainly helps!

BetOnline Sportsbook Deposit Methods For U.S. Players

BetOnline accepts VISA as a primary method to deposit funds into sports betting accounts, but it is also one of the rare websites that accept both MasterCard and American Express as well. This makes it much easier for the typical, average gambler to get in on the action. Furthermore, BetOnline has several payment processors so there is generally a high success rate when attempting to deposit.

Also, another BetOnline deposit method is ezVoucher, a third-party company that allows gamblers to buy a “voucher” that can be redeemed at the site. Just purchase a voucher for the amount you choose, and then use it to deposit without leaving a trail to your bank. Think of it essentially as a prepaid card. Going this route still allows you to use your credit card (in case declined for whatever reason) to make deposits into BetOnline.

Finally, BetOnline has one last deposit method for USA residents which is the traditional wire transfer. Basically you can do it online or go to a local retailer and wire money. This is another way to not leave a trail if you want plus you can send cash. BetOnline wire transfers can be done over the phone, or in person at a retailer. BetOnline takes wire transfers from several popular companies so you won't have to go further than the convenience store down the street to make this happen.

BetOnline Payouts + Withdrawal Options

BetOnline deposit and withdrawal options come with different minimums, maximums, and processing speeds. The one commonality between all of the methods is that they are secure and reliable. Many deposit options will see your funds credited the same day, and there are payouts that can be processed just as quickly. BetOnline also offers a payout program where you get one free withdrawal per month, which can be beneficial when using methods such as checks and money orders that carry fees. Choosing the right banking methods are completely up to your personal preference, and we will walk you through some of the options currently offered.

Deposit Methods


Bitcoin has become the #1 way for USA players to bank at an online sportsbook. Your transaction is 100% guaranteed to be processed without interference from your bank or a third-party processor. Bitcoin is also the fastest way to get money into your account, and there are never any fees. Just send your bitcoins to the wallet address provided by the cashier and you can start wagering within minutes.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $20 $25,000 Instant

Credit Cards (Visa, MC,)

Credit cards have always been considered the most convenient deposit method, though from time to time your card issuer may decline the transaction. BetOnline has a high credit card success rate, so if you prefer plastic this is the best sportsbook to use. This is an instant deposit method, meaning your cash will be credited to your account immediately. While the sportsbook does not apply any fees, your bank may charge an international purchases fee.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $50 $5,000 Instant

Person to Person

Person to person options include MoneyGram, Western Union, and Ria, though service providers can change. You can handle person to person deposits by visiting a physical retailer or by completing it online. You will be given transfer instructions that include providing the cashier with a reference number. When you do your person to person transfer entirely online, the process can take less than 48 hours.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
Fees will be reimbursed if over $600 $100 $600 24 to 72 hours

Cashier’s Check

You can get a cashier’s check from your bank and use it to fund your BetOnline account. Just send the funds via FedEx, UPS, or another next-day delivery service. You will need to contact customer support to get the address information.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
Varies $1,500 $15,000 3 business days

Bank Wire Transfer

We suggest bank wires for high roller sports bettors and those looking to make large deposits in a single transaction. You can send cash from your personal checking or savings account directly to the online cashier. There is no other deposit method that allows you to transfer an unlimited amount of money. Your bank will charge a nominal fee to submit the transfer but it will vary depending on your particular bank.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
Varies $1,000 No Limit Within 72 hours

Withdrawal Methods


If you want your money quickly, then bitcoin withdrawals are the way to go. It is the fastest payout method and just as reliable as a BTC deposit. You do not have to worry about any routing or account numbers when you request a BTC payout. Just provide the cashier with your bitcoin wallet address along with the amount that you would like to request. Within a few hours, you will receive your bitcoins without fail.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $20 $10,000 Within 24 hours

Bank Wire

Bank wires have extremely high withdrawal limits compared to other methods. You do not have to visit a retailer or go to your local bank because your funds are sent directly to your banking account. The speed at which you receive your cash greatly depends on your individual bank and how long it takes them to accept the transfer. There are special instructions for bank wires, and the cashier will be able to let you know the exact fees.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
$45 - $75 $500 $24,900 Within 15 business days

Check by Courier

Checks are one of the most reliable payout methods, and BetOnline is known for fast delivery. The cashier will send a check to your home address that can be cashed at your preferred banking institution.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
$50 $500 $2,500 Within 1 week

Person to Person

With a person to person withdrawal, BetOnline will transfer your funds via Western Union, MoneyGram, or similar wire transfer service. You will be provided with a reference number and can visit a retail location to pick up your cash within a few days.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
$50 $50 $400 Within 5 business days

Other Cryptocurrencies

With the success of bitcoin, BetOnline is now accepting even more cryptocurrencies for sports betting. The online sportsbook will payout your winnings in Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, or Bitcoin Cash depending on your personal preference. Digital currencies offer the fastest sportsbook payouts and do not carry fees.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $20 $10,000 Within 24 hours

BetOnline Phone Numbers, Email, And Live Support

Any BetOnline review should show you the customer service options that are offered. If they don't they are doing a disservice to the uneducated. Any questions you have or if there is something you think we did not cover, this is where you want to go to find out. To do so, there are multiple options including toll-free telephone and email. Also, BetOnline makes live chat available so you can get someone online in a matter of moments. Chat operators are usually assisting other customers as well but do a good job responding to all queries in a timely manner... seconds not minutes like other books. Do not hesitate to contact them if you need assistance - that is what they are there for.

Toll Free from U.S.: 1-888-426-3661


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