Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sports BettingVirtual Sports Betting?” You ask, hesitantly clicking on this page. Look, we know why you’re here. Coronavirus AKA Covid-19 knocked out a ton of major sports, from the NBA to the NCAA to the MLS and the MLB. You’re here looking for something to fill that void, something to bet on, and something to take your mind off of the pandemic, or your workday, or whatever it is that you’re doing that you’d rather be gambling. So what is virtual sports betting? Well, basically, a lot of the online offshore sportsbooks evolved out of horseracing, and horseracing is a thing that doesn’t happen constantly.

To compensate for this, they invented virtual horse racing, which is simulated horseraces with odds posted before they start, and the real odds to win for each horse are similar to their posted odds you can bet on. Then, the horses would race, in animated form, and you could watch your preferred horse win. With the COVID-19 pandemic canceling many sports, sportsbooks have leaned heavily into virtual betting to fill that time. For example, there are full virtual basketball games happening on Bovada and other online betting sites right now. The future is wild.

Is It Legal To Bet On Virtual Sports?

Of course! They’re wholly virtual and tend to take place via online sportsbooks anyway, so it’s not like they’re specifically regulated by the US, as state-sanctioned sportsbooks do not offer virtual sports. As long as you’re allowed to use the offshore sportsbooks, you are good to go. While many are unsure of how to bet on virtual sports, the legality of doing so is not in question.

How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

Virtual sports betting is a simulated game between several parties. Let’s use the example of a basketball game because it’s easier to understand. Let’s say you have two teams, Team A and Team B. Team A has +200 odds to win, while Team B is -240. These odds that are given to you will approximately reflect the actual likelihood of each of the teams winning. You can then place bets on either Team A or Team B at those given odds.

This is the same way it works on down the line. The odds each horse in a virtual horserace has, for example, correlated with their actual odds of winning the virtual race. The field gets bigger, but the rules stay the same. One other thing worth noting is that the type of bets you can make match up with the sport you’re betting on. If you’re betting on virtual horseracing from your phone, you still get to bet on which horse will win, place, or show, for example.

What Virtual Sports Can You Bet On?

There’s a ton of them. Right now, on many of the online sportsbooks you can find virtual sports betting on the following sports, although it is not limited to these sports only:

Virtual Camel Racing

  • Soccer
  • Horseracing
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Car Racing
  • Basketball
  • Camel Racing
  • Basketball Leagues
  • Soccer Leagues

You’ll notice the “league” descriptors there. Some of these have full simulated seasons that run over short periods of time. These leagues will have multiple games on a given “day”, where a “day” takes about three minutes, and you can bet on each of the matches.

Are Virtual Betting And Sports Betting The Same?

Yes and no. In the sense that virtual sports betting is betting on virtual events, not real ones, it is not the same as sports betting. In the sense that wager types remain unchanged from each type of real sports betting to virtual sports betting, they are actually very similar. If you’re used to betting on horseracing, you’ll be great at betting on virtual horseracing. If you’re used to understanding where the value is in NBA lines and spreads, you’ll be able to do the same in virtual basketball betting. Basically, it’s not real sports, but it is real money.

Betting On Madden Simulations

Madden 2K20There are so many ways to bet on sports in the year 2020, but very few that have made it through the COVID-19 outbreak unscathed. This drastic shift in the sports landscape has brought to prominence many types of sports adjacent betting and sports style betting that would not otherwise have reached the mainstream. Madden simulations are one of these things. Basically, for those who are unaware, every year, a new Madden NFL video game comes out. Now, with the real NFL’s season up in the air, sportsbooks are simulating games between teams using this software. If you’re looking for something quick and entertaining, this is a good way to fill that space. Similarly, we all know it’s not football, but it is something sort of similar, and it might help scratch that itch.

Best Sportsbooks for Virtual Betting

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