BetOnline Sportsbook Review - US Players Accepted

BetOnline LogoBetOnline has proven to be a safe and secure online sportsbook that takes US players. Since its inception in 2004, using BetOnline in the US has gained popularity as an industry leader within the online sports betting community due to its reliability, speed of payout, and range of betting odds. With all those great aspects to focus on, many bettors wonder if BetOnline is too good to be true. Throughout our BetOnline sportsbook review, we’ll show you all of the great features that they have to offer in 2024.

BetOnline Basics:

BetOnline Website:
BetOnline Location: Panama City, Panama
Where is BetOnline Legal? Every US State Except For New Jersey
BetOnline Bonuses: 55% up to $1,000 with Credit Card (Code: BET55) or 100% up to $1,000 with Crypto (opt-in)
BetOnline Deposits: 17 Cryptos ($20-$500,000), 4 Credit Card Brands ($25-$5,000), Wire Transfer ($500-$25,000), Money Order ($500-$4,500), and Person to Person ($50-$400)
BetOnline Payouts: 17 Cryptos ($20-$100,000), Check by Courier ($500-$2,500), Wire Transfer ($500-$25,000), Money Order ($500-$4,500), and Person to Person ($50-$400)
BetOnline Customer Service:
BetOnline Telephone: 1-888-426-3661

BetOnline BET55 Bonus Code

How To Open A BetOnline Account?

Creating a BetOnline account is simple with just seven easy steps to run through. The entire process consists of:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Email address
  3. Creating a password
  4. Choose which country you live in
  5. Enter your zip code
  6. Date of birth
  7. Create account

Does BetOnline Take US Players?

Yes, BetOnline Sportsbook accepts players from the US except New Jersey. In the states that it is accepted, it is one of the best online sportsbooks that accepts US players.

Is BetOnline Legit?

BetOnline is a legit sportsbook that takes US players from around the country. Residents from states like California, Texas, and Florida will find that this BetOnline review is specifically important to them in their quest for legal sportsbook options. BetOnline has been a premier sports betting destination site since its inception in 2004, with that history confirming that it is a legit sportsbook for Americans.

Bet on Super Bowl 58 at BetOnline

How Old Do I Need To Be To Use BetOnline?

Generally speaking, you’d need to be between 18 and 21 to use BetOnline depending on where you are located. If you are in a state that does not offer a regulated US online sports betting market, you’ll need to be 18. In a state that does offer a regulated market, you’ll need to abide by the sports betting age requirement of the state which is 21 in most states.

BetOnline Sportsbook Bonuses

BetOnline offers some of the best online sportsbook bonuses for US players, no matter if they are signing up for the first time or are veterans of the popular sportsbook who just want to reload their account. Everyone is eligible for BetOnline sportsbook bonuses whether you are a new player or an existing one.

Sign Up Bonuses At BetOnline

  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Wire Transfer/Crypto Bonus: 55% Match up to $1,000 with code BET55 (10X Rollover)
  • Crypto Exclusive Bonus: 100% Match Up to $1,000 (14X Rollover)

Pro Tip For Sign Up Bonuses at BetOnline

  • To claim the sign up bonus for credit, debit, wire transfer, and crypto deposits, you must enter the bonus code BET55. That sportsbook bonus code bumps up the standard credit card bonus at BetOnline which is on a 50% match up to $1,000 with a 10X rollover.

Reload Bonuses At BetOnline

  • Non-Crypto Reload Bonus: 25% Match Up to $250 (6X Rollover)
  • Crypto Exclusive Bonus: 35% Match Up to $350 (6X Rollover)

Betting Types At BetOnline

BetOnline Super Bowl Betting

There are endless possibilities when it comes to betting on sports here and our BetOnline sportsbook review will cover them all. There are a ton of sports that you can bet on and many different ways to make bets. Some of the most popular betting types at BetOnline are moneyline odds, futures betting, and betting on the spread to name a few. Right here you’ll see all of the BetOnline betting types that you could bet on.

  • Moneyline
  • Spread
  • Totals
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Pleasers
  • Game Props
  • Player Props
  • First/Second Half Lines
  • Futures
  • Live Odds
  • Quarter Lines

BetOnline Parlay Payouts

For players looking to grow their bankroll quickly or for those looking to take advantage of BetOnline's high payout limits, parlay betting at the popular online sportsbook is an extremely common method. Parlays are a combination of multiple bets that all must be correct for a parlay to be deemed a success and payout. The payouts on parlays essentially grow exponentially, because the added risk of each bet makes the parlay less likely to hit. For exact payouts per unit bet at BetOnline via parlay, players can check the table below which dictates the payout of a parlay made up of bets with -110 odds.

# of Teams: Payout:
2 teams: 2.64 to 1
3 teams: 6 to 1
4 teams: 12.28 to 1
5 teams: 24.35 to 1
6 teams: 47.41 to 1
7 teams: 91.42 to 1
8 teams: 175 to 1
9 teams: 335 to 1
10 teams: 642 to 1
11 teams: 1226 to 1
12 teams: 2342 to 1
13 teams: 4473 to 1
14 teams: 8541 to 1
15 teams: 16306 to 1

Sports To Bet On At BetOnline

  • NFL
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NCAA Men’s Basketball
  • NCAA Baseball
  • NCAA Softball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Esports
  • Darts
  • Motorsports
  • Aussie Rules
  • Rugby
  • Martial Arts
  • Horse Racing

BetOnline Deposits And Payouts

Understanding the deposit and payout methods at BetOnline is extremely important and they are aware of this which is why they offer such as wide range in both. Not all online sportsbooks can offer crypto as a deposit and withdrawal method, but BetOnline makes it easy to use cryptos and they even have bonuses for using the popular currencies.

BetOnline Deposit Methods

One of the things that BetOnline is best known for is it's wide-ranging and constantly expanding list of accepted sports betting deposit methods. Many use cryptocurrencies at BetOnline because they have the highest transaction limits and no deposit fees, but BetOnline works perfectly for non-cryptocurrency players as well. An updated list of both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency deposit methods can be found below along with their depositing limits.

Credit card (visa, Mastercard, America Express, Discover) This method is one of the most popular and has a $25 minimum and $5,000 maximum. There is a 7.50% depositing fee.
Bitcoin Being the most popular crypto, Bitcoin is a great way to deposit funds and has a $20 minimum and a $500,000 maximum, with no fees. The processing time is usually within minutes but could take up to two hours.
Bitcoin Cash With $20 minimum and $100,000 maximum, Bitcoin Cash offers great opportunities for deposit methods. The processing time is no more than two hours.
Cardano This crypto has a $20 minimum and $100,00 maximum, with a processing time up to 2 hours.
Chainlink With a $20 minimum and $100,00 maximum, Chainlink can be very efficient and only takes 2 hours or less to process.
Dogecoin This crypto may have started off as a joke, but can help you deposit real funds into your account. It has a $20 minimum and $100,00 maximum, with a 2-hour processing fee.
Litecoin This crypto is kwon for having one of the fastest processing times. Even though it has a max time of two hours, Litecoin can be processed in a matter of seconds. The crypto has $20 minimum and $100,00 maximum.
Ethereum This crypto is one of the most well-known cryptos in the game and has a $20 minimum and $100,00 maximum,
Ripple With a processing time of max t hours, this crypto gets the job done with a $20 minimum and $100,00 maximum.
Solana This crypto has a $20 minimum and $100,00 maximum, and can take up to two hours to process.
Stellar Stellar has a $20 minimum and $100,00 maximum, with a processing time up to 2 hours.
Tether As one of the newer cryptos in the market, Tether has a $20 minimum and $100,00 maximum, with a processing time up to 2 hours.
USD Coin As a stable cryptocurrency, USD coin can be used for deposits and has a $20 minimum and a $100,000 maximum. The processing time could take up to two hours.
Player Transfer This deposit method does not have as much room in how much can be deposited with a $100 minimum and a $600 maximum. The transfer takes one business day and there are no fees if over $300 is deposited.
Direct Bank Transfer With little to no processing time, this deposit method has a $50 minimum and $450 maximum.
Money Order This deposit method has a hefty $300 minimum and a $9,000 maximum.
Wire Transfer This age-old method has a $500 minimum and a $10,000 maximum.

BetOnline Withdrawal Methods

The most important part of sports betting is the ability to withdraw, and BetOnline makes that extremely easy with their wide selection of fast sportsbook payout options. Cryptocurrencies are the most popular method, although they offer many other top options including Money Orders and Wire Transfers. The cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency payout methods at BetOnline are separated below.

Bitcoin In less than 48 hours, a Bitcoin Withdrawal can be transferred from BetOnline. There is a $50 minimum and $100,000 maximum limit.
Bitcoin Cash BTC also has a 48-hour max withdrawal time but all of these typically takes around 30 minutes. For this method, there is a $20 minimum and a $100,000 maximum.
Cardano This crypto has a $20 minimum and $100,000 maximum withdrawal limit. The processing time is typically very quick but will not take longer than 48 hours.
Chainlink As with most cryptocurrencies, Chainlink has a 48-hour withdrawal window and has a $20 minimum and $100,000 maximum.
Litecoin just to be safe, BetOnline says that Litecoin has a 48-hour maximum withdrawal time but Litecoin is one of the fastest cryptos to process and usually takes only a matter of minutes. This crypto has a $20 minimum and $100,000 maximum.
Ethereum This crypto is good for any bettor looking to withdrawal and good amount of cash. The minimum withdrawal is $200 and the maximum is $100,000. The processing time is under 48 hours.
Ripple With a $20 minimum and $100,000 maximum, Ripple cam be withdrawn in under than 48 hours.
Solana This crypto will be processed under 48 hours and has a $20 minimum and $100,000 maximum.
Stellar This is a high-tech banking company that focuses on crypto. A minimum of $20 can be withdrawn, with a maximum of $100,000.
USD Coin This crypto is unique because the balance can never drop below $1 standard. The minimum withdrawal is $20 and the maximum is $100,000.
Player Transfer This method has a small minim of $10 and a high maximum of $15,000 and takes 15 means to process for withdrawal.
Money Order Money orders will take up to a week to process but have a minimum withdrawal of $500 and a maximum withdrawal of $4,500.
Wire Transfer When it comes to deposits, wire transfers require either a $45 flat fee, or 3% of the money being withdrawn. The minimum is $500 and the maximum is $25,000.
Check by Courier The fees for this method vary, depending on the amount withdrawn. If withdrawing less than$1,500, there is a $50 fee but if it is over $1,000, there is a 3% fee. The minimum withdrawal is $500 and the maximum is $2,500.

BetOnline Betting Limits

When it comes to how much you can bet on a specific wager, most online sportsbooks have a limit that prevents you from wagering too much on one bet. BetOnline breaks the limits down by each individual sport, and the limits are high enough to have the potential for great potential payouts.

How To Use BetOnline From Your Phone

Any BetOnline review that says the sportsbook has an app is wrong, with no downloadable option available or necessary. Mobile betting at BetOnline is easy, as the site can be accessed from the mobile browser of any smartphone device. Their online sportsbook runs smoothly from any cell phone with an internet connection, because it has been optimized to fit on the screen and function on those types of devices. Not having an app can be beneficial because you do not have to worry about having the app downloaded and taking up space on your device. It also makes line shopping extremely convenient. By having multiple sportsbooks open in your safari tabs, you can simply scroll through them without dealing and re-opening a bunch of different apps. BetOnline makes mobile online sports betting easy and enjoyable, with no strings attached.

Is There Live Betting At BetOnline?

Not only does BetOnline allow live in game betting, the online betting sites feature it on the platform, with a whole section dedicated to the popular pastime. They have options to bet on live college, professional and international sports. There is always an exciting live game to bet on, and the odds are constantly changing. Live betting helps bettors take advantage of comebacks or betting on the favorite, once they have more favorable odds. BetOnline makes watching any game more fun, with their live betting feature that offers endless hours of entertainment and betting opportunities.

Is It Legal To Bet Sports At BetOnline?

It is legal to use BetOnline to bet on sports in the US. The site has been a legal platform for sports bettors for many years, with the history of BetOnline as strong as nearly all other online sportsbooks in the US. Given the history and our use of the site that went into creating this BetOnline review, we can state with confidence that BetOnline is legal in the US and that no players will get arrested when using the highly-rated sportsbook.

Does BetOnline Have A Casino?

Yes, BetOnline does have a casino section that is home to hundreds of different online gambling options. BetOnline has more than 350 different slots, 50+ table games, and nearly 30 different iterations of video poker. On top of all those gambling options at BetOnline, the site also offers various forms of specialty games and other live casino options! This is a BetOnline sportsbook review page, but with such a strong casino section that seamlessly connects with the sportsbook, it just had to be included!

BetOnline FAQ's