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Betting on sporting events is a time-honored pastime that continues to appeal to gamers all over the country—despite the fact that, in most corners of the United States, wagering on sporting events is complicated by nebulous laws. This is true in the state of North Dakota, sadly enough; the state is hardly known as an epicenter of legalized gambling, so it ought to come as no great surprise that North Dakota sports betting opportunities are tough to come by.

Does that mean that residents looking for safe sports betting in North Dakota are simply out of luck? By no means! While there may not be any legal avenues for sports betting via street-level North Dakota bookies, there are some avenues by which North Dakota residents can find safe, legal ways to wager.

This page will seek to address some of the questions related to sports betting in North Dakota. In particular, the page will examine the specific nature of North Dakota’s laws and regulations regarding sports wagering. Additionally, the page will show North Dakota residents how they can place bets on athletic events, without fear of legal complications. More than anything, this page is set up as an educational resource, and it even provides some specific tips for wagering at safe and reputable sportsbooks that North Dakota residents can seek out.

Betting On The NFL In North Dakota

NFL Logo

Even though North Dakota does not have an NFL team, it does not mean NFL betting odds in ND aren’t available. The Minnesota Vikings are a local favorite and have 30 playoffs appearances to their name. While they have not been able to turn any of them into Super Bowl wins, it might be wise to stay away from their +4000 Super Bowl odds. That said, there are still plenty of other Vikings betting odds out there like the NFC North odds, which have Minnesota at +250.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in North Dakota?

The first topic to address is that of sports betting’s legality in the state of North Dakota. We have already indicated that it is not, strictly speaking, legal. But in truth, this is far from a black and white question. While it may be true that North Dakota’s lawmakers have criminalized sports betting operators, it is also important to note that individual sports bettors are not criminalized. In other words, only sportsbooks and bookmaking services are outlawed in ND.

As such, there are some safe ways for North Dakota gamers to bet on sporting events, without any risk of legal complications. This may sound contradictory, but the secret lies in the distinction between legal betting and legal bookmaking. For the applicable laws themselves, you can view the North Dakota Century Code, Chapter 12.1-28 et seq., here.

You see, while North Dakota does frown on sports betting, criminal liability falls not to players, but to those who run online gambling sites. As such, players can stay out of trouble simply by seeking out some reputable and above-board sportsbooks—offshore gambling sites, in particular. These online sportsbooks represent the best avenues for North Dakota residents seeking safe and secure ways to bet on sports.

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Will North Dakota Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

All of that may be well and good, but what North Dakota residents really want to know is simply this: Will they get into trouble for placing bets via online sportsbooks? The short answer is no; while there could potentially be trouble for bets placed through street-level bookmakers, those who bet via respectable online sportsbooks have nothing to worry about.

Again, the important thing to remember is that North Dakota’s laws concerning gambling tend to target gambling proprietors. And so, once more, betting through a street-level bookie is probably less than prudent, but North Dakota residents can avoid even the hint of legal trouble by seeking out offshore, fully-licensed and respectable bookmakers.

Where Can North Dakota Residents Bet Sports Online?

There is an obvious follow-up question, and that is the question of which online sportsbooks North Dakota residents can trust. While there are many online sportsbooks out there, not all of them are created equal—and sadly, not all of them can be fully trusted. The best ones are the ones that are run by legitimate companies and licensed by overseas governments. We have rounded up several such sportsbooks and reviewed them below; all of them are highly recommended to North Dakota gaming enthusiasts.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept North Dakota Residents

Bovada Sportsbook Bovada Sportsbook – $250 Welcome Bonus To Start Betting Now!

The first one on our list is Bovada Sportsbook. This is a long-time favorite among gamblers in North Dakota and beyond. There are several reasons why it stands out as so appealing and so wholly recommendable, beginning with the fact that it is truly reputable and trustworthy. Indeed, this is a sportsbook run by a legitimate and above-board gambling company, and it is licensed through Canada. As such, North Dakota residents can gamble here without any worries or concerns over legal issues.

What’s more, Bovada Sportsbook is simply a fun place to gamble, offering terrific odds on all of the major sporting events that North Dakota residents care about—including both pro sports and college ball, basketball, hockey, football, and more. Players can bet via their mobile phones, and Bovada offers both live and in-play betting. They also offer great promotions as well for their new users including the $250 Welcome bonus. In this bonus, they will match your initial deposit by 50%. All told, this is a fun and exciting online gambling site, and one at which North Dakota residents can feel totally comfortable betting on their favorite athletic events.

BetOnline Sportsbook BetOnline Sportsbook – Top Banking Options For ND Residents

Next on our list is BetOnline Sportsbook. This is another reputable and widely-recognized online gaming site. In fact, it has been an established presence in the gambling world since 1991! As such, North Dakota gamblers can absolutely feel safe betting on sports through this superior online sportsbook.

And it is a fun one, as well, offering all manner of betting on all manner of sporting events. BetOnline is known for its quick payouts, varied and secure banking options (including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin), and excellent customer service, and it offers a variety of options for sports and race betting. Perhaps its most unique feature is a section called Betting Edge, which offers players free picks, match stats, and other useful and profitable information.

All told, BetOnline is a prime choice for any North Dakota gambling enthusiast, and new members who join today can score a sportsbook welcome bonus worth up to $1000 in valuable free-plays!

MyBookie Sportsbook MyBookie Sportsbook – Best NFL Betting Lines For North Dakota Bettors

MyBookie is home to some of the best betting lines throughout the NFL season. Each week there will be betting lines for every game. There are also prop bets for players and teams, as well as NFL futures odds like who will win MVP or make it to the Super Bowl. Betting on the NFL at MyBookie is one of the best options for North Dakota bettors. No matter what betting action you are looking for, you will find betting lines available with a slew of options.

The online sportsbook also offers live in-game betting as well. This turns every down, field goal attempt, and punt return into a win-loss scenario. Betting on games live is one of the best ways to wager at MyBookie, The betting lines will come and go fast so sports bettors will want to act quickly to capitalize. This increases the winning potential of every individual game. Betting at MyBookie is made easy for North Dakota sports bettors. Sportsbook Sportsbook – All Bettors In North Dakota Allowed At is another tremendous sports betting option for those who live in North Dakota. Here again, we have an offshore, online sportsbook that is above-board and totally reputable. The sportsbook is licensed outside of the jurisdiction of the US, meaning it is perfectly legal to use in North Dakota. All told, it is a trustworthy and reliable option, and they’ve been in business for years, serving millions of satisfied customers.

Likewise, offers some great options for gamers. It provides terrific odds on all kinds of sporting events both nationally and internationally, and it allows players to make all kinds of traditional and exotic bets. North Dakota gamblers will certainly want to take this one into consideration when picking their selection of go-to books.

To that end,’ bonuses might put you over the edge and convince you to sign up. New North Dakota bettors who join the site today can get a welcome bonus that puts free betting money straight into your account from the start.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept North Dakota Residents

North Dakota Sportsbooks New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
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North Dakota Sports Betting Laws

With those comments about online sportsbooks made, it might be helpful to look once again at North Dakota’s laws regulating sports wagering. The state government is prohibitive of sports wagers, and many federal regulations also apply, including laws that penalized banking or telecommunication companies that assist players in placing bets. With all of that said, note once more that these laws place the liability on those who operate online gaming sites. North Dakota residents can safely gamble, and avoid any legal entanglements, simply by looking for some offshore gambling sites—including those we have listed on this page.

After taking a look at the current legal code in the state, we’ve come to the conclusion that there are no North Dakota sports betting laws in particular. There’s nothing in the legislation that promotes or prevents the act of gambling on sporting events. Without state laws on the matter, residents must rely solely on federal laws. Of these, there are a few that restrict how and where sports betting can be done.

The first is – or rather was – PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This law prevented sports betting from occurring in 46 states. Under this law, North Dakota was for decades one of the 46 states that could not regulate its own sports betting operations, which is what prevented casinos or racetracks in the state from providing sportsbooks. Fortunately, with PASPA gone, North Dakota is now free to implement its own sports betting laws as it sees fit, though there are currently no short-term legislative plans to do so.

The second federal law of concern is the Interstate Wire Act (1961), which prevents bookmakers from accepting bets placed over a line of communication from outside state borders. That’s why it’s not legal – even with PASPA eliminated – to phone in your bet from North Dakota to Nevada, for example. The third law, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA, 2006), is a restriction on banks and financial institutions and does nothing to criminalize individuals for placing sports bets.v

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting North Dakota Residents Regulated?

A final question to address is that of the North Dakota government’s role in regulating and monitoring online gambling. Because legal sports betting is not actually recognized in the state, it ought come as no great surprise to learn that the state does not actively regulate or monitor gambling. This may give some players pause, but it shouldn’t. Again, players are safe so long as they use trusted and reputable gambling sites like the ones we have reviewed.

Current State Of Online Sports Betting In North Dakota

So, what does this mean for you, the prospective North Dakota sports bettor? At the end of the day, sports betting in North Dakota is a bit of a complicated topic, but despite some of the legal complexities, there are numerous opportunities for the state’s residents to bet on sports. The best strategy for North Dakota sports betting enthusiasts is to seek out reputable, licensed online gambling sites. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top players in the industry, so that you can use the same websites we use. The sportsbooks listed on this page are all highly recommended to North Dakota residents.

North Dakota Online Sportsbooks FAQ’s

What sports can I bet on?

At an online sportsbook, you can bet on whatever sport you’d like. These sites will usually have a selection of the most popular professional and college sports, like football, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc. If you can’t find the sport you’d like to bet on at one sportsbook, hop over to another one. You’re sure to find it online.

Should I have more than one sports betting account?

Having more than one sports betting account is very advantageous. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a single book, there are things that can be done only if you have multiple accounts. First, being able to find all of the sports you want to bet on. While each book covers a ton of games, there’s no guarantee they’ll have exactly the one you’re looking for. If you have multiple accounts, you have more of a chance of getting coverage on the games you want to bet.

You also have the ability to shop lines, accept more welcome and deposit bonuses, and have your funds transferred between books. This comes in useful when one site has faster payouts than the other, or if you win big on one site and want to use those winnings to bet with on another site. There are many advantages to having multiple accounts, which is why we recommend that you have more than just one.

Why was my credit card deposit declined?

Occasionally, North Dakota residents might find that they have a declined credit card payment. This is because of the federal banking regulation UIGEA. This law prevents banks from being able to process transactions between US bettors and online gambling sites. While most of the time, banks do not enforce this regulation, they will occasionally decline your credit card. This doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. It just means that you’ll have to find a different way to fund your account. To continue using a card, we recommend prepaid cards. They operate in the same fashion, but because the funds have already been paid for, banks don’t have to process the transaction, meaning they’ll never get declined. Just make sure that the prepaid card you use is valid for international purchases, as not all of them are.

Does PASPA Make Sports Betting Illegal?

No, PASPA did not make sports betting illegal. This now-defunct law just limited where sports betting could be regulated in the US. PASPA prevented 46 states from regulating their own sports betting operations. The four states where sports betting was able to be regulated were Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. Only Delaware and Nevada offered sports betting under PASPA, but only Nevada was the only state that could offer wagering on every single game with every bet type. Delaware could only offer parlay cards on three or more teams during NFL season, and these were essentially football-themed lotteries.

So, PASPA did not make sports betting illegal, because it only focused on domestic sportsbook operators. Thus, ND residents have for years been able to make the use of online, offshore sportsbooks mentioned above, and doing so remains 100% legal to this day. Now that PASPA is gone, however, all states in the US – including North Dakota – can legally implement their own sports betting industries as they see fit.

If I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ, what should I do?

If there is a question that hasn’t been answered in the FAQ at your sportsbook of choice, we recommend you contact the sportsbook’s customer service department. Most books will have an email for you to use as well as a toll-free phone number. Some even have a live chat feature, which acts like an instant messaging platform between you and the customer service rep. The online sportsbooks we recommend have someone available to you 24/7/365.

Are there any bills to legalize sports betting being discussed in North Dakota?

Yes, there are currently two bills on the floor for North Dakota’s 2019 legislative session. These include HB 1254  and HB 1295, both of which would legalize local land-based sports betting in the state. Oddly, neither of these bills have online/Internet-based sports wagering listed in their purview, which is a curious oversight given how spread out the ND population is. Of course, because ND only has tribal casinos that bear exclusivity compacts with the state, this could be a nod to funneling action to those tribes’ brick-and-mortar venues.

When will North Dakota have legal sports betting?

This is a pretty pressing question for the state, and there is only lukewarm support for the two bills currently being considered. Sports betting legalization is thought to be a longshot for 2019, though it’s not totally impossible. Most analysts think that ND will have legalized land-based sports wagering in place sometime before the end of 2021 at the latest, though online legalization of domestic books could take longer. In the meantime, of course, you can always wager safely and legally at any of several top offshore books.

What are the most popular teams to bet on in North Dakota?

North Dakota doesn’t have much in the way of collegiate or professional athletics of its own, but that doesn’t mean that ND residents aren’t avid fans of teams in surrounding areas. The most popular local NCAA teams to wager on are the state’s two Division I clubs, the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks and the North Dakota State University Bison. On the pro level is where most ND bettors spend their cash, of course. The most popular team to wager on is the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, and bettors also turn a big handle on the NBA’s Timberwolves, the NHL’s Wild, and the MLB’s Twins. Indeed, ND’s betting base is a lot like Minnesota’s, with the latter state being the surrogate for pro sports in the Rough Rider State.

How many people bet on sports in North Dakota?

North Dakota’s population is listed at roughly 760,000 people. Of these, more than 100,000 are estimated to wager on sports annually. Even as limited as the action seems, North Dakota – and its yearly sports wagering handle of over $2 billion – shows that the pastime is a financial winner for the state and its tax coffers no matter how sparsely populated ND seems to be.

What are the best banking methods to use for online North Dakota sports betting?

The best banking methods available for ND residents who wish to use offshore sportsbooks are going to be cryptocurrencies. It is possible to deposit with credit or debit cards, though you cannot withdraw via these methods. Crypto (like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar, Ripple, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, etc.), however, allows you to deposit and withdraw, and the method carries high limits and no added fees of any kind. Plus, cryptocurrency deposits and payouts are fundamentally more secure and private than any other kind of financial transfer.