2024 Sportsbooks With Entertainment Betting – Celebrities And Events

Entertainmnet BettingSportsbooks with entertainment betting odds are available and accepting players in all 50 states. The Grammys, the Oscars, and the Golden Globes are three of the most common events that will be found at entertainment sportsbooks that take US players. These are some of the most prestigious events in entertainment, and, like anything popular, people around the world love to place wagers on them.

Entertainment betting consists of a lot more than just betting on awards shows, however. You can bet on whether your favorite character will live another season on your favorite TV show, or you can bet on who gets eliminated next on American Idol. We set up this page to answer all of your questions about betting on entertainment at online sportsbooks in the US. Note, of course, that entertainment events are a relatively large category. Players that use online sportsbooks can bet celebrities through relationship odds or death pools or bet on outcomes of widely popular shows like which contestants will get the rose this week on The Bachelor.

Best Entertainment Betting Sites

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Where To Find Betting Odds For TV Shows And Award Shows

Popular online sportsbooks that accept entertainment bets include BetOnline, MyBookie, and Bovada. All of these sites are home to odds for all major competition TV shows and award shows like the GRAMMYs or the Academy Awards . Whether fans are looking to bet on Survivor, Big Brother, or The Masked Singer, these sites offer odds for all. Top-rated entertainment betting sites are available at all states with online sports betting. Odds are available all year long with futures odds available as well following the previous season’s finales.

Bovada Sportsbook

The Best Entertainment Sportsbook

Bovada Sports Betting

The best sportsbook to bet on celebrities, awards, and really all things entertainment is Bovada. The betting site has odds on practically all things Hollywood, is extremely easy to use, and takes players from practically everywhere in the US. Whether you want to bet on Taylor Swift, the Razzies, Big Brother or anything else, Bovada is the place to do it.

Who Can Bet On Entertainment At Bovada?

All users who are at least 18 years old and not located in Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, and Maryland can bet on entertainment at Bovada.

How Can I Sign Up At Bovada To Bet On Entertainment?

Bovada accepts real money deposits from entertainment bettors using credit and debit card brands like Visa and Mastercard or cryptocurrency users with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or four other cryptos. Bovada also accepts PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and other peer-to-peer apps through their exclusive MatchPay program.

What Entertainment Can I Bet On At Bovada?

Bovada is all inclusive when it comes to their entertainment betting odds. The online sportsbook has odds on all major award shows like the Academy Awards, Oscars, and the Grammys as well as betting opportunities on celebrities, TV shows, and movies. With so much going on at all times in pop culture, it is best to check out what Bovada has to offer for yourself under their “Entertainment” betting tab.

BetOnline Sportsbook

The Most Entertainment Betting Odds

BetOnline Sports Betting

Entertainment is an incredibly large category of online betting, but somehow BetOnline has odds for everything going on. These odds can change rapidly, but provide huge value. Some of the subcategories under the entertainment tab at BetOnline have been on Snoop Dogg, Stranger Things, and a Friends Reunion. To bet on any of the celebrities, shows, or movies at BetOnline, players can deposit easily. The site takes credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and wire transfers.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Great Entertainment Betting

MyBookie Sports Betting

While there are many reasons US residents sign up for MyBookie, TV show betting has become one of the sportsbook’s main sources of business. MyBookie routinely has odds on upcoming TV shows, recently released movies, and many more entertainment betting categories. To bet on TV shows, celebrities, or any other entertainment at MyBookie, users must be 18 years old, depositing with a crypto or debit/credit card, and located anywhere in the US other than PA, NJ, NV, or NY.

Betting On Awards Contests

Betting On The Grammy Awards

Grammy AwardsThe Grammy’s are the premier event for the music industry. During the course of the star-studded event, awards are handed out, such as Best New Artist, Best Song, and, of course, Album of the Year. Betting on the Grammy Awards is as simple as navigating to a site that offers odds on them, signing up, and placing your bet on whoever it is you think will win the award in question. The Grammy’s tend to happen in January, and the betting for them tends to ramp up around that time.

Betting On The Golden Globes

Golden GlobesSimilarly, the Golden Globes are one of the premier events in film and television awards shows. Stars from around the globe congregate to see who will be awarded such famous awards as Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor, and of course, Best Picture. Golden Globes sportsbooks are easy to use as well. All you have to do is go to a site that offers them, sign up, and place your bet. The Golden Globes happen in early January, meaning that December is often when betting starts ramping up on them.

Betting On The Academy Awards

The OscarsThe Academy Awards are perhaps more commonly known as the Oscars. An incredibly prestigious awards show, perhaps the most prestigious of all, the Academy Awards are similarly easy to bet on. Odds will be offered on various online Academy Awards betting sites, and all you have to do is sign up and bet. One thing to keep in mind is the effect that other, earlier award shows tend to have on the odds to win an Oscar. Winning awards at the Golden Globes, for example, doesn’t guarantee an Oscar win, but it does shift the odds a little bit. The Oscars take place in early February.

Betting On The Emmys

Emmy AwardsThe Emmy Awards are some of the most prestigious awards in television. The 2024 edition took place on January 15, 2024 after being delayed by the various writer strikes in Hollywood. Nominees for the different awards will not be announced until about a month out which is also when odds come out. There are a lot of ways to bet on the Los Angeles-based Emmys, as odds are not limited to just California online sportsbooks. Players can bet on them from everywhere because the states with legal sports betting are practically all of the with the sportsbooks we review on this page.

Betting On Reality TV And Television Contests

Betting on reality TV and television generally is a little bit different than betting on awards shows, but fundamentally similar in the actions you have to take. The main difference is that it is to some degree likely that when betting on a television show, the oddsmakers know better than you do what will happen. This is because they are directly invested in it – they cannot be wrong, and leaks do occur. This is something to be aware of. As far as the actual technical details, you should be fine simply navigating to a website that offers wagers on the specific thing you’d like to bet on, signing up, and placing your bet – the vast majority of the websites that we review will allow you to bet on reality tv and television contests.

Everyone knows that you can bet amongst your friends at low stakes regarding shows like this. I’m sure we have all placed friendly money on the results of a game show or something before this. However, betting on reality TV can be much more than that. It can range from bracket-style betting with shows like The Bachelor to prop betting with shows like Jeopardy! and winners/futures style betting with shows like American Idol. The possibilities are endless with Reality TV betting!

Betting On Big Brother

Big BrotherBetting on Big Brother can be a rewarding and interesting pastime when it comes to betting on TV and entertainment betting as a whole. It is a reality show competition wherein many contestants are stuck in a house together and compete to be the last person remaining in the house, which comes with a huge cash prize. There are many ways to bet on Big Brother, but it generally involves betting on which person will come out of the house the winner, and who will be eliminated on the week’s episode.

Betting On Survivor

SurvivorSurvivor is one of the oldest American reality shows. The basic premise of the show is that various contestants are dumped on an island, and they then compete in various challenges as members of teams or tribes. The losers of challenges tend to be forced to vote out a member of their tribe, and this is what weekly Survivor betting tends to be based on. Similarly, there is also futures betting with Survivor – betting on the eventual winner, of course.

Betting On American Idol

American IdolAmerican Idol is one of the prototypical talent competition reality shows. The show works such that it recruits various singers to compete in a competition judged by several celebrity judges, and people are eliminated from the competition upon poor performances. Betting on American Idol can take the form of many different bets, but the main one is, of course, futures betting on the eventual winner. The next most common type of American Idol betting is betting on the person eliminated each week.

Betting On The Voice

The VoiceThe Voice is very similar in concept and execution to American Idol. A panel of celebrity judges judge the entries, and the public votes on who should remain on the show, and who should get kicked off of the show. Betting on The Voice tends to take two main forms. First, people bet on which person will be kicked off of The Voice this week. Second, people bet on who will be the eventual winner of the competition overall.

Betting On The Bachelor

The BachelorThe Bachelor is one of the most popular TV shows in this genre. The basic premise of the show is that there is an eligible bachelor who has multiple women compete for his affection in a game show-style. There are many spinoffs, including The Bachelorette, which works much the same way, just with one eligible bachelorette, and many men who compete in a game show style for her affections. Betting on The Bachelor is similar to other reality show betting: you bet based on who you think will be eliminated weekly, and who you think will win overall. One last thing that distinguishes the different ways to bet on The Bachelor from other shows is the way in which the fandom has integrated with sports fandom. For example, there are Fantasy Bachelor competitions, and bracket-based competitions as well.

Betting on The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a hit reality TV show hosted by Nick Cannon. The premise is that celebrities dress up in costumes and compete in an American Idol-style competition. The twist is that they never take the costume off until their identity is revealed. This creates a combination of guessing games and reality shows. You can bet on a lot of things when it comes to The Masked Singer, but the main one people bet on is who will win. Instead of betting on the names of celebrities, as those are not known, they bet on the costume they are wearing, and how they are referred to in the show. Last season wrapped up with LeAnn Rimes winning the show, costumed as the Sun.

Betting On Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Logo

Game of Thrones has been one of, if not the top, television shows since first airing back in 2011. With it being such a popular show, it only makes sense that online betting sites offer different odds on it. Those odds include which characters will sit on the throne in season one of House of Dragons, who will be the Hand of the King at the end of season one of House of Dragon, and if any of the characters will die at the end of the season amongst others.

Betting on Jeopardy!

Jeopardy!Jeopardy! and sports betting are already heavily linked through James Holzhauer. Holzhauer is one of the best Jeopardy! players of all time and he came in 2nd at the Jeopardy! GOAT tournament. Holzhauer revolutionized the game using his sports betting knowledge – he was a full-time sports bettor prior to his run on the show. Jeopardy! betting tends to take the form of prop bets – you bet on things like when the first daily double will show up, or how much money a given contestant will walk away from the show with. It’s a great way to spice up an already enjoyable show.

Bet on the NBA Playoffs at Bovada Sportsbook

Entertainment - Celebrity Boxing Odds

Many top online entertainment sportsbooks such as Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie now include betting odds on potential boxing matches among some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The boxers can range from athletes to actors to even social media influencers. It is unknown if these fights will ever come to fruition, but the top sportsbooks already have odds available on them. If no winner is announced or if the fight never happens, players get their wagers back after the given time frame that is specified by the sportsbook.

Betting On The Weather

US Temperature MapBetting on the weather is a fun pastime that many US-based sports bettors have adopted in this recent timeframe post-COVID-19 outbreak. However, weather betting has been around for a while – it’s just only taken on larger prominence recently after the outbreak. The basic gist of betting on the weather is that you bet on the maximum or minimum temperature in a given city. Most of the online sportsbooks offer about ten different lines per day, and each of these is treated as an over/under for the maximum or minimum temperature in a given city. You simply pick whether it will be over, or under – it’s easy as pie.

Betting On The Stock Market

You read that correctly. As if the stock market wasn’t enough of a gamble itself, bettors can now wager on the closing prices of certain stocks on Wall Street whether they are using New York online sportsbooks or books that take players from their state.. Odds can be found under the entertainment section on sports betting sites. Gamblers have their choice at picking the over or under on stock price results for the closing time of the stock market.

Bettors that choose correctly will win, and if they chose on the under, all those particular stockholders will have lost money in their market. It’s a real battle of the worlds, stock market versus gaming market. Both sides could stand to profit though if players choose the over and the stock price complies. There are a lot of different types of stock market based betting. Here are some examples:

Betting On Crude Oil

Crude Oil has been in the news a lot in recent days, after a general price crash made headlines in late April. When something is in the news, it usually ends up on sportsbooks sooner rather than later. The basic idea of online sportsbook-based crude oil betting is that every hour they will post odds on whether or not crude oil will be up or down by the end of that hour. Sites for betting on crude oil are not limited to Texas online sportsbooks or books in other states that are known for producing oil, as books around the country offer odds on oil. These odds tend to be even-ish, usually -115 odds on both sides of the bet. You simply pick a side, and go from there.

Betting On Individual Stock Prices

Some companies are popular and well known enough that sports betting websites will offer odds on their individual stocks. There are a few companies that fall into this category consistently: Tesla, Apple, Boeing and Chevron are common companies to see on the major online sportsbooks. The basic idea here is similar to betting on crude oil - you pick whether or not the stock price will be up or down in a given time period, usually an hour. The odds tend to be -115 on both sides of the bet, and all you have to do is pick which side you think will win.

Making Deposits At Online Entertainment Sportsbooks

Before utilizing any sportsbooks that take entertainment bets, you must first fund your account. A variety of sportsbook deposit methods can be found at different entertainment betting sites, making it easy to complete this crucial process. Credit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency are the most popular options at the sportsbooks recommended on this page. You can use either of these types of methods to fund your account almost instantly, with minimal fees involved.

Withdrawing From My Entertainment Sports Betting Site

When it comes to online sportsbooks taking entertainment bets in the US, you have many ways to receive payouts. Withdrawing your cash from wherever you placed a bet is, of course, a priority. While bank transfers and checks in the mail are commonly offered, the fastest sportsbook withdrawals take the form of Bitcoin and other types of crypto. There are also no fees when using crypto sportsbooks, making it the most well-rounded option for US players.

The Legality Of Betting On Television And Entertainment

For the most part, legal sports betting sites in the US will accept a wide variety of entertainment wagers, allowing players to bet celebrities, TV shows, and on awards. These odds are not universal, but most top betting sites should offer them. Some state regulated sportsbooks do not take wagers on any of these types of events. If you want to bet on any celebrity relationships or your favorite reality TV show, BetOnline and SportsBetting are some of the best sportsbooks that allow entertainment betting. All of the entertainment sportsbooks reviewed and recommended on this page can be accessed on your smartphones and laptops across the USA.

Entertainment Betting FAQ’s