2024 New York Sportsbooks + Sports Betting Apps

Whether watching Danny Dimes at MetLife, or cheering on Aaron Rodgers from Victory Sports Bar, New York online sportsbooks are available all throughout the state. Online sportsbooks have odds for future bets on the NFC or the AFC East, or even the Super Bowl for the young NFL teams in New York. Online state regulated betting is also offered in the Big Apple as of 2021. With all of these different options for picking an online NY sportsbook, this review will help narrow down the options and explain the pros and cons to all of the available online sportsbooks for New York players. These books can be accessed from a computer or a mobile device, anytime of the day or night and none of the 62 counties are restricted.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Betting On The Orange

BetOnline Sports Betting

With no restrictions on in state college betting, BetOnline is the perfect online book to wager on the Syracuse Orange basketball program. Between prop bets, game lines, and future bets, there are many different ways to put your money on the Orange, and all of it can happen form the convenience of your mobile device.

BookMaker Sportsbook

The Best Place For All Money Lines

BookMaker Sports Betting

From where the line originates, BookMaker has game lines for the Nets in the regular season, and each Rangers game that they fight for the Stanley Cup. They have the best game lines with everything from the Yankees to the Mets, leaving die hard fans to decide which side to root for/bet on every time they meet at Citi Filed, Yankee stadium, or even during the postseason.

Registering For An Online Sportsbook Account

When it comes to signing up for an account, the process is pretty universal for all USA online sportsbooks. One difference, however, is that state regulated books need to know your exact location because they will not allow betting once you leave New York. Once you create an account, deposit money into the account, and you'll have an option for claiming a deposit bonus.

General Information Needed For Sportsbook

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Zip Code / Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Date of Birth

Bet on the New York Giants at BetOnline Sportsbook

Deposit Options At BetOnline For NY Players

As BetOnline is one of the most trusted betting site available in New York, their deposit process is simple and they have one of the largest lists of sportsbook deposit methods, with 19 and counting. Most of the main payment methods will be available all across the board, except there are no state regulated books in New York that accept cryptocurrencies.

Method: Minimum: Maximum: Fees:
Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express/ Discover $25 $5,000 7.50%
Bitcoin $20 $500,000 0%
Bitcoin Cash $20 $100,000 0%
Cardano $20 $100,000 0%
Chainlink $20 $100,000 0%
Dogecoin $20 $100,000 0%
Litecoin $20 $100,000 0%
Ethereum $50 $100,000 0%
Ripple $20 $100,000 0%
Solana $20 $100,000 0%
Stellar $20 $100,000 0%
Tether $20 $100,000 0%
USD Coin $20 $100,000 0%
Money Order $300 $9,000 N/A
Wire Transfer $500 $10,000 N/A
Person to Person $100 $600 N/A

Pro Tip For Making Online Sportsbook Deposits In New York

  • Before making a deposit, check out the many online sportsbook bonuses that can be claimed in New York, with up to $2,000 combined up for grabs at BetOnline and SportsBetting on your first deposits.

Withdrawal Methods For NY Players At BetOnline

Just like with the deposits, BetOnline has a vast range of online sportsbook withdrawal methods, and is the perfect site to use as an example for New York bettors. When using online sportsbooks like BetOnline, bettors have the chance to withdrawal with their favorite cryptocurrency, and receive almost instant payouts, with no fees whatsoever.

Method: Minimum: Maximum: Fees:
Bitcoin $50 $100,000.00 0%
Bitcoin Cash $20 $100,000.00 0%
Cardano $20 $100,000.00 0%
Chainlink $20 $100,000.00 0%
Litecoin $20 $100,000.00 0%
Ethereum $200 $100,000.00 0%
Ripple $20 $100,000.00 0%
Solana $20 $100,000.00 0%
Stellar $20 $100,000.00 0%
USD Coin $20 $100,000.00 0%
Player Transfer $10 $15,000.00 0%
Money Order $500 $4,500.00 $80
Wire Transfer $500 $25,000.00 $45 Flat fee or 3%
Person to Person $50 $400.00 $26-$51
Check by Courier $500 $2,500.00 $50 Fee on payouts below $1500, 3% fee on payouts of at least $1500

Pro Tip For Making Sportsbook Withdrawals In New York

Mobile Sportsbooks In New York

No matter if watching the Nets from a watch party outside of the stadium, or inside Barclays Center mesmerized as Mikal Bridges hits another step back three, there are mobile betting options that allow fans to place wagers on their phones. Whether using offshore or state sanctioned avenues, there are mobile sportsbooks that can be downloaded and used to bet in New York.

Mobile Browser Betting Advantages

  • All online sportsbooks are easily accessible from the mobile browser of any smart phone, and do not require downloading an app, because they do not have any.
  • This online betting method makes it very simple to line shop, and switch through different online sportsbooks in different tabs.
  • When using mobile betting, there is no way to miss great odds on the New York Knicks, because a prop bet or game line wager is only a few clicks away.
  • Live betting is available for all mobile sportsbooks, allowing bettors to wager on Kemba Walkers points total, as the game is playing out in real time.

Best Betting Types For New York Online Sportsbooks

  • Spread Betting – This bet type is wagering on how much a team or person will win by. if the spread for the Knicks is -4.5, it is not enough for New York to win the game, they have to win by at least five points.
  • Moneyline – Betting on the moneyline is essentially picking the Giants over the Cowboys for the win, and wagering money on the odds that were set for the game.
  • Betting Totals – This bet has nothing to do with a winner of a game or match, but how many total points were scored. Online sportsbooks will set points total for a Rangers game at say 6.5, and for the bet to hit, at least 7 total goals have to be scored.
  • Prop Bets – These bets can take many forms and consist of betting on specific outcomes and player statistics. For example, a prop bet found on an online sportsbook might ask if Corey Davis will haul in over three touchdowns, and if yes, there will be odds with it.

Bet on the NFL at Xbet

Professional Sports Teams To Bet On

New York Giants After not hitting the over for the win total since 2016, Daniel Jones and the Giants turned things around during the 2022-23 season by hitting the over of 7 wins by finishing 9-7-1.
New York Jets The Jets had a 5.5 win total during the 2022-23 season and ended up being successful, finishing the season at 7-10.
Buffalo Bills The Bills did not hit the 11.5 win total in the 2021 season. They had -110 odds to hit the over and under, but missed by a single game.
New York Knicks Julius Randle went off and the Knicks nearly doubled their 21.5 projected 2020–2021-win total that they had -110 odds for.
Brooklyn Nets The 2021-2022 Nets were 12 games short of hitting their season win total, which they had +105 odds to cover, partly due to the injury of KD.
New York Yankees The 2019 Yankees had -130 odds to get their total wins at 96.6, and got the job done with 103 wins for the season.
New York Mets In 2017, the Mets had +105 odds to hit their 87.5 season win total and only ending up winning 70 wins over the season.
New York Rangers Over the course of the 2021-2022 regular season, the Rangers had -110 odds to hit their 96.5 point total, ending the season with 110.
New York Islanders With +105 odds to hit the under, the Islanders only accounted for 84 points during the 2021-2022 regular NHL season.

NFL Betting In New York

Online NFL sportsbooks have endless odds for both the New York Jets and the New York Giants for the 2024-25 season. Both teams were expected to have another bad year in 2022 but they both ended up hitting the over for their win total of 5.5 for the Jets and 7 for the Giants during the regular season. Both teams are expected to take a lot of SB58 future betting action before the season kicks off, and plenty of action live during the regular season as well.

Can I Bet On College Sports In New York?

With many professional sports teams to choose from in New York, there are also a number of colleges that have football programs that have betting value. When using licensed international sites, there are no betting restrictions, including on the player props at online college football sportsbooks. For anybody using a state regulated sportsbook app, they will not be able to partake in any betting on in state college teams or events.

New York Sports Betting Market

New York regulated sports betting in 2019, and wasted no time by opening up retail sportsbook locations. By 2021, online sports betting was also regulated in New York, and big commercial sportsbook operators started to launch their betting apps in the state. State regulated sports betting was launched by the New York State Gaming Commission and all regulations, restrictions, and opportunities run through them. With nine different regulated apps available, New York bettors have to choose which operators they want to use to for legal sports betting in the state. On top of the state sanctioned options, NY residents still have the option to use the many online sportsbooks that are regulated internationally and have been serving the sports betting community for many years.

Why Can I Not Bet With Bovada In New York?

Bovada and the state of New York have always gone back and forth on if bettors will be accepted in New York. As of this current moment, the sportsbook is not available in the state. BetOnline and SportsBetting are very similar online sportsbooks in New York that are accepted. Both accept college sports bets and crypto transactions, which are some of the online state regulated book restrictions.

New York Senate Passes Bill To Create Problem Gambling Advisory Council

The New York Senate unanimously passed bill S409A on June 2nd to create the Problem Gambling Advisory Council. All that is left for the bill to become law is Governor Hochul's approval. The council would help provide NY's legislators with information regarding what resources their citizens need to help combat any gambling problems they have.

Do States Near New York Have Online Sportsbooks?

Whether you are commuting from out of state, traveling, or just curious, learning about the online sportsbooks in the states that surround New York can be very important for sports bettors. Simply put, each state near New York has a robust sportsbook market. In fact, many have access to Bovada. In our experts' eyes, that may even make Vermont online sportsbooks, Massachusetts online sportsbooks, Connecticut online sportsbooks, and Pennsylvania online sportsbooks slightly better than those in NY. New Jersey online sportsbooks do not include Bovada, much like New York.

Bet on the New York Jets at BetOnline Sportsbook

New York Sportsbook Apps

BetRivers Sportsbook

Betting Odds For Local Teams

For NY residents, BetRivers displays all of the locals’ games in the state, and presents the best odds for each game. From the Yankees to the Rangers, BetRivers has odds for every game line, and has future betting options.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Good For MLB Betting

This online sportsbook is very involved with the MLB, and currently has four partnerships with MLB franchises. They have odds and prop bets for the Yankees and the Mets, dividing the Big Apple sports fans.

Caesars Sportsbook

Best Place For All Jets Fans

Caesars sportsbook has all different types if bets for the New York Jets and there are is a lot of optimism for the team, drafting a bunch of talented players in the first round. Whether bettors want to wager on the money line for each game, or place future odds on the chances to claim the AFC East for the first time since 2002.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Lots Of Spread Bets

Spread betting is one of the bets forms of betting on the NBA, especially for those Brooklyn fans that are extra confident in Kevin Durant. Draft Kings offers spread betting for every NBA game and can help elevate the fun of the game.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Home Of The Same Game Parlay

With FanDuel, bettors can pick multiple legs for a Knicks game and bet on a combination of props like how many rebounds Julius Randel will have and how many threes Kemba Walker will drain in the same game. This online sportsbook helps bettors create their own bets that need all legs to hit, but could have a high payout in Madison Square Garden.


Quick Parlay Play

With a section on the sportsbook for just creating parlays, PointsBet makes it easy to create a three-way parlay with the Yankees, Knicks, and Bruins all winning over the weekend. If all legs hit, they come through with high potential payouts for betting on the best city of sports.

Resorts WorldBET

Never Miss A Single Bet

With Resorts WorldBET, bettors never miss upcoming bets or live betting opportunities. If the Islanders puck was about to drop, the online sportsbook would have their game on the next up section of the site, with all different odds to bet on. They have live betting.


Plenty Of Basketball Odds

Even though the sportsbook is not as easy to navigate as some of the other online books, WynnBet provides bettors with all different basketball odds. They have odds for the Knicks, the New York Liberty, and international basketball leagues.