Bank Wire Sportsbooks For US Players

When looking to bet on sports online, finding a bank wire sportsbook for US players is honestly pretty easy to do. Most sportsbooks do accept bank wire transfers as a method of deposit into your account. Depositing funds into an online betting site is an essential step to wagering on sports for real cash and bank wiring is the classic method of sportsbook deposit. You have the money, you wire it to the sportsbook, you place your bets, you collect your winnings! Of course, like with most financial transactions, it’s easier said than done, as every website has its own rules and unique deposit systems.

For that reason, we here at USAOnlineSportsbooks have created this page, where you can find the answer to any question you have about using wire transfers to deposit money in your sportsbook account. We cover everything from deposit bonuses to account security to fees, transfer limits, and wait times. If you need to know it, it’s here, so be sure to take in as much information about bank wire sportsbooks below in our exhaustive guide. In addition, you can also use the search function to find the answers to specific questions, if that is what you prefer. Overall, Bank Wires are a common method of sportsbook account funding, and you should be aware of how they work, and what they can do. Enjoy!

Benefits Of Using Bank Wires To Deposit

Every sports betting site has different benefits and rules, especially when it comes to deposit methods. In this section, we will talk about the pros and cons of using bank wire transfers to load up your account:

Safest Way to Transfer Money - Transferring via bank wire is one of the safest ways to move money from one place to another. The money moves directly from your bank account to another’s and you can monitor the movement the entire way. If all else fails, you can always tell your bank to stop the transfer too, if you catch it early enough.

Quickest Transfers - Bank wire transfers are also quick, meaning you could start using your funds to bet on sports within a few days. In addition, you can request a payout and cash in your winnings in the same amount of time.

Most Convenient - Bank wire transfers are convenient because you can make them from your hometown bank. As long as you have the funds ready to go, there is nothing stopping you from telling your local bank to send money to your offshore account.

Sportsbook: Minimum Deposit: Maximum Deposit: Fee: Processing Time:
BetOnline Sportsbook $500 $10,000 3% 3-5 Days
Sportsbetting Sportsbook $500 $10,000 3% 3-5 Days

Drawbacks Of Using Bank Wires

Service Charges - The worst part about bank wires is the cost. Most banks will have a bank wire fee unless you have a certain amount of funds in your account. The fee isn’t generally too much but you will also have to pay a fee for the sportsbook to receive your wire to cover their processing.

Time - Bank wire transfers are not the fastest way to get your money into and out of an online sportsbook. This is because banks have various processes that must be completed before the money gets to you. Withdrawing your money tends to be where this shows up - deposits into sportsbooks are completed fairly quickly.

Sportsbooks That Accept Bank Wires

Almost every sportsbook worth mentioning on the Internet accepts bank wire transfers from the U.S. This is because they are safe and accessible to almost any player. (Note: Bovada doesn’t advertise that it accepts bank wires, but if you are an established player at the site, you can request bank wire support from the site’s Cashier portal. Bovada makes case-by-case determinations about whether or not to accept customer bank wire payments. The same is true for newcomer MyBookie.) Among the top-rated sportsbooks that take bank wire deposits, the following pair immediately stands out:

BetOnline – Low Bank Wire Transfers Fees For Big Payouts

BetOnlineBetOnline offers among the most deposit options of any world-class Internet sportsbook, including bank wires. Of course, as with most books, there are tradeoffs with using bank wire transfers to fund your BetOnline account. The main thing to consider is that you cannot make small deposits with bank wires at BetOnline. The minimum amount that BetOnline will accept via this method is $1000. However, there is no maximum limit, so bank wires remain the choice for the highest of high rollers.

When it comes to bank wire withdrawals at BetOnline, you can request as little as $500 and as much as $24,900. The withdrawal fees for bank wires at BetOnline are about what you’d expect per the industry standard, with $45 being the minimum fee and larger amounts carrying fees of up to 3%. Again, long-term customers can negotiate better rates, so just contact Customer Service if you have any questions.

SportsBetting – Bank Wire Support With High Limits!

SportsBettingSportsBetting is the number-one online sportsbook for those who want to have the most banking options possible. While there are over a dozen different deposit methods supported by the site, SportsBetting’s bank wire service is best suited for those who wish to make large deposits and request large payouts. SportsBetting’s bank wire minimums and maximums mirror those of BetOnline’s ($1000 – unlimited deposits, $500 - $24,900 withdrawals).

When it comes to bonuses, bank wires are eligible to apply towards SportsBetting’s standard Welcome Bonus (50% match up to $1000, promo code “SB1000”), though these bonuses are capped at relatively low limits for those who have enough scratch to merit bank wire transfers. That said, such a big bankroll means you’ll meet your bonus rollover requirements almost immediately, so even though the bonus is comparatively small, it’s basically free money for high rollers.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Bank Wires

Bank Wire Sportsbooks New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
BetUS Sportsbook125% Up To $3,125
XbetSportsbookReview100% Up To $300
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!

Deposit Times When Using Bank Wires

In 2021, bank transfers are fast but not instant. Unlike credit cards, there is a lot more processing that goes into bank wire transfers and it may take a few days for your funds to show up in your sports betting account. This is expected, of course, though the added level of security (bank to bank transferring) is a good tradeoff.

Fees For Using Bank Wires To Deposit Into Online Sportsbooks

Compared to other deposit systems, bank wire transfers usually have a flat rate due to bank processing fees. This is around $25 but you also have to consider the $10 to $15 charge the recipient has to pay to claim the deposit. There may be other fees, too, so make sure to look them up before making a transfer.

Transfer Limits - Is there a limit on Bank Wire deposits?

There usually is not a limit on bank wire transfers, as high rollers will commonly use this method. You can send anywhere from a hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time. These transfers are incredibly safe, too, and if you plan accordingly, you only have to make one deposit instead of lots of smaller ones to really pad your bankroll.

Bank Wire Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. However, most of them have a standard 50% deposit bonus. This means that if you deposit $2000, you could get as much as $1000 in free play money! Each site has its own rules about deposits and claiming associated perks and free-plays. Just remember that bonuses come with rollover requirements, meaning you have to bet a certain amount (between 5 and 10 times the deposit amount) before withdrawing any associated winnings. Certain sportsbooks also have reload bonuses that you can take advantage of when depositing with bank wires.

Sportsbook Security - Keeping Your Bank Wire Account Safe

Bank wire transfers are from bank to bank, meaning they are one of the safest ways to place a deposit on an online sports betting site. These banks hide your identity and transferred amounts, too, which is very important when you transfer funds to a website that is hosted overseas. You shouldn’t have to worry about any security issues with a bank wire transfer. Perhaps the only funding method that is fundamentally safer than the bank wire is Bitcoin (and other crypto transfers).

Bank Wire Sportsbook Withdrawals - Using Bank Wires For Sports Betting Payouts

USA Online Sportsbooks allow you to place withdrawal orders via bank wire transfers. Fees apply like they do when making bank wire deposits, of course, though a payout through a bank transfer is expedient and safe. Make sure you read your sportsbook operator’s rules about withdrawals to make the most of their payout systems and to minimize the fees you owe in initializing the transaction. Some books have weekly or monthly limits on bank wire payouts, and if you’re an established customer, you can even earn points that allow you to get periodic fee-free payouts!

Sportsbook: Minimum Withdrawal: Maximum Withdrawal: Fee: Processing Time:
BetOnline Sportsbook $500 $25,000 3% 3-5 Days
MyBookie Sportsbook $500 $5,000 $35 5-7 Days
Sportsbetting Sportsbook $500 $25,000 3% 3-5 Days
XbetSportsbook $500 $5,000 $35 5-7 Days

Using Bank Wires For Sportsbooks – Conclusion

Overall, bank wires are a fairly solid method of putting money into your sportsbook account, as well as withdrawing it. They are not the most used method, nor are they the most advertised, but bank wires are just solid and reliable. While some sportsbooks may have flashier methods, such as Bitcoin that come with occasionally larger incentives, it’s hard to beat a good old fashioned bank wire when you’re taking into account the pure ease of use and the familiarity that most people have with the process.

Basically, when you deposit and withdraw using a bank wire transfer, you know what you’re getting into. Deposit and withdrawal times are fast, and the flat rate of fees makes them useful for larger amounts of money as well. In addition, most people are familiar with how they work, which is not necessarily true of flashier methods like Bitcoin. Generally speaking, this is a good method of deposit and withdrawal at your sportsbook of choice.