Bank Wire Sportsbooks For US Players

Bank wire sportsbooks for US players are widely available online. Most sportsbooks do accept bank wire transfers as a method of deposit into your account. Depositing funds into an online betting site is an essential step to wagering on sports for real cash and bank wiring is the classic method of sportsbook deposit. You have the money, you wire it to the book, you place your bets, you collect your winnings! Of course, like with most financial transactions, it’s easier said than done, as every website has its own rules and unique deposit systems.

We cover everything from deposit bonuses to account security to fees, transfer limits, and wait times. In addition, you can also use the search function to find the answers to specific questions, if that is what you prefer. Overall, Bank Wires are a common method of sportsbook account funding, and you should be aware of how they work, and what they can do. Enjoy!

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Bank Wires

Bank Wire Sportsbooks New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
Xbet SportsbookReview100% Up To $300
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!

Benefits Of Using Bank Wires At Sportsbooks

Safety: Bank Wires are one of the safest deposit and withdrawal methods you can access at any online sportsbook.

Relative Speed: Bank Wires are faster than many other traditional finance options, although not nearly as fast as cryptocurrencies.

Convenience At Offshores: You can access Bank Wires easily, and you won’t need to learn about crypto, even if crypto is a bit faster with better bonuses.

Drawbacks Of Bank Wire Sportsbooks

Slower Than Crypto: Bank wire transfers are slower than cryptocurrency transfers at any offshore sportsbook.

Fees: Bank wire transfers have fees applied to them, while other transaction methods do not.

Sportsbooks That Offer Bank Wires In All States

Only a few sportsbooks offer bank wire betting in the majority of states, and all of them are located offshore. Bank wires are not the top option for betting at any of these sportsbooks, but they are quite usable, and if you’re looking for convenience, it’s hard to beat them.

Bovada Sportsbook

Trusted Bank Wire Sportsbook

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada accepts wire transfers in the amount of $50-$450. You are not able to withdraw via wire transfer at Bovada. When you deposit via wire transfer, you are effectively locking yourself into using a courier’s check as your withdrawal option. This is because you cannot access crypto withdrawals without using crypto deposits.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Low Bank Wire Transfers Fees For Big Payouts

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline requires you to be something of a high-roller if you want to wager with bank wires at their online sportsbook. The minimum deposit is $500, with no maximums, and that does price many people out of their bank wire betting market. Withdrawals can be processed with as similar premium, with a $500 min and a $25,000 max.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Bank Wire Support With High Limits!

SportsBetting Sports Betting

Operating in a similar vein to BetOnline, SportsBetting also has high minimum deposit limits with bank wires, sitting at $500. Their withdrawals are also the same, with a $500 withdrawal minimum and a $25,000 withdrawal maximum. This means that for most sports bettors, it’s easier to use cryptocurrency with SportsBetting than bank wires.

Bank Wire Sportsbooks Deposit + Withdrawal Times

Bank wire transfer deposit and withdrawal times vary from sportsbook to sportsbook as well as bank to bank. Most sportsbooks state processing times see around 3-5 business days for deposits and 5-7 business days for a withdrawal. Some, however, can take as long as one week for deposits and 18 business days to withdraw. These deposit and withdrawal times are stated on each sportsbook so bettors will know exactly how long it takes when betting with bank wire transfers.

Mobile Betting At Bank Wire Sportsbooks

Mobile betting is available from sportsbooks that take bank wires. Online sportsbooks like Bovada can be used on smartphones through mobile browsers and the state-regulated books have apps that can be downloaded. No matter which route is chosen, online sportsbooks offer bank wire deposits, withdrawals, and bonus redemptions with the payment method through the convenience of a mobile device.

Popular Phones For Mobile Bank Wire Betting

  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Apple iPhone
  • Samsung Flip Z
  • Motorola Moto G
  • Google Pixel

Banks Accepting Bank Wire Transfers For Online Sportsbook Payouts

Finding a bank that takes wire transfers as online sportsbook payouts is easier than you think. If a player from an online betting site like Bovada or BetOnline wants to request a payout but does not want a check or Bitcoin, the banks below offer legal and reliable international bank wire transfers:

  • Ally
  • Bank of America
  • Wise
  • Capital One
  • Discover Bank
  • Navy Federal
  • PNC Bank
  • SunTrust
  • USAA Bank
  • Wells Fargo

State-Regulated Sportsbooks And Bank Wires

State regulated sportsbooks do accept bank wires, but they aren’t the top method of transfer by any means. This is because those sportsbooks are also able to simply accept debit and credit cards, and most people simply use those, similar to crypto on the offshore sportsbooks. However, many of these sportsbooks offer online banking integration, which is effectively just upgraded bank wires.These sportsbooks are available in far fewer states than the offshores, but they are still worth covering.

State Regulated Sportsbooks That Take Bank Wires In 10-20 States


Available in 16 states, FanDuel only accepts bank wires if you fill out a form manually at your bank. This makes them a highly unattractive option among the regulated books, as many of them are not so restrictive with their bank wire requirements.


DraftKings has integration with online banking that allows you to log in to your online banking account on DraftKings using your online banking login. In order to withdraw with this method, you will have had to deposit from that bank first.


BetMGM offers bank wire transfers in several states. You can only access it by either logging in via online banking or by visiting your bank in person. The former is far more easily doable than the latter, but it does involve using your banking credentials on BetMGM. That said, it’s usually integrated well so that there is no risk to you.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook lets you use bank transfers as a deposit method, since you can simply hook your online banking information up to their sportsbook and go from there. This isn’t exactly a bank wire, it’s more of a direct deposit available because Caesars is state regulated and easy to integrate.


Now open in ten states, PointsBet barely made this list! PointsBet offers bank transfers via online banking, and wire transfers via visiting your local bank. The online banking option is genuinely pretty solid, and will allow you to move your money around with ease as long as you deposit before withdrawing.

Sportsbooks With The Best Bank Wire Deposits

The best bank wire deposits can be found at the online sportsbooks rather than the state-regulated ones. This is because the online books are all available in 45+ states, while the top regulated books are all available in less than 20 states. This gap in availability makes using an online sportsbook the best option for more than half of Americans.

Site: Min: Max: Fees: Processing Time:
Bovada Sportsbook $50 $450 Variable 3-5 Days
BetOnline Sportsbook $500 $10,000 Variable 3-5 Days
BetUS Sportsbook $50 $2500 Variable 1 week
Sportsbetting Sportsbook $1,000.00 No Max Variable 5 Days

Sportsbooks With The Best Bank Wire Withdrawals

More sportsbooks offer bank wire withdrawals than bank write deposits, as you’ll note MyBookie and XBet being added to the list here. Keep an eye on the fees that can be assigned to you as well, as they vary depending on how much money you’re taking out.

Site: Min: Max: Fees: Time Frame:
BetOnline Sportsbook $500 $25,000.00 $45 or 3% Up to 15 Business Days
MyBookie Sportsbook $100 $5,000 $15-$35 5-7 Business Days
Xbet Sportsbook $500 $5,000 $75-$165 5-7 Business Days
Sportsbetting Sportsbook $500.00 $25,000.00 $45, $60 or 3% 18 Business Days

Bank Wire Deposit Bonuses

The two sportsbooks with the best bank wire deposit bonuses are BetOnline and SportsBetting. Both of them offer big bonuses on first deposit, but also good reload bonuses that can be accessed with bank wires in perpetuity. If you plan on sticking with BOL and SB over the long term, make sure you take advantage of these bonuses - but be aware of rollover requirements!

Site: Section: Bonus: Code: Percent: Min Deposit: Up To: Rollover:
BetOnline Sportsbook Sportsbook Sports Welcome Bonus BOL1000 50% $55.00 $1,000.00 10
BetOnline Sportsbook Sportsbook Sports Reload Bonus LIFEBONUS 25% $50.00 $250.00 6
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Sportsbook Sports Welcome Bonus SB1000 50% $55.00 $1,000.00 10
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Sportsbook Sports Reload Bonus FORLIFE 25% $50.00 $250.00 6

Fees For Using Bank Wires To Deposit Into Online Sportsbooks

Most local banks in the US do charge fees for wire transfers but most online sportsbooks that accept the method will reimburse the players for the total fees involved. The process for depositing through a wire transfer differs depending on the sportsbook. BetOnline offers reimbursement on any deposit fees for a wire transfer for all transactions. In order to receive this imbuement, players must contact the BetOnline team and prove that they made the deposit.

Are There Any Payout Fees For Wire Transfers?

Bovada – Bovada charges a $50 fee for any wire transfer withdrawals that are returned to the sports betting site but no fees for the payout request.

BetOnline – This online sportsbook will reimburse their players for any wire transfer fees that are charged through their withdrawal. The player must send the BetOnline team proof that the fee was charged before the reimbursement will occur.

MyBookie – Wire transfer payouts have $15 fees for withdrawals from $100-$500 at MyBookie and $35 fees for withdrawals from $501 to $500,000.

Transfer Limits - Is there a limit on Bank Wire deposits?

There usually is not a limit on bank wire transfers, as high rollers will commonly use this method. You can send anywhere from a hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time. These transfers are incredibly safe, too, and if you plan accordingly, you only have to make one deposit instead of lots of smaller ones to really pad your bankroll.

Sportsbook Security - Keeping Your Bank Wire Account Safe

Bank wire transfers are from bank to bank, meaning they are one of the safest ways to place a deposit on an online sports betting site. These banks hide your identity and transferred amounts, too, which is very important when you transfer funds to a website that is hosted overseas. You shouldn’t have to worry about any security issues with a bank wire transfer. Perhaps the only funding method that is fundamentally safer than the bank wire is Bitcoin (and other crypto transfers).

Bank Wires Vs. Wire Transfers At Online Sportsbooks

Bank wires and wire transfers at online sportsbooks are not exactly the same. In terms of withdrawing from online sportsbooks, they’ll be pretty similar, but there are some functional differences. A Wire Transfer sends money from a bank account to another bank, with the bank acting as the middleman. A bank transfer sends money directly from one account to another account. Online sportsbooks located internationally tend to prefer wire transfers due to the strict financial rules on transferring money.

Using Sportsbooks That Accept Bank Wires

Using sportsbooks that accept bank wires is easy. Bank Wires are transfers from bank to bank that are backed by the banks themselves, and are thus a very reliable method of transfer. Some online sportsbooks call them Bank Wires, others call them Wire Transfers, and still more call them Bank Transfers, but they are fundamentally the same thing - a wire payment from the online book to you, or vice-versa. Visit your chosen sportsbook, and choose bank wire as your deposit method during the deposit process. From there, you enter the wire information, and you’re good to go!

Bank Wire Betting At NFL Sportsbooks

Bank wire transfers are a reliable method for using NFL sportsbooks, but do have a longer processing time than other methods like using Bitcoin. However, bank wire transfers are an efficient way to have funds waiting for any NFL regular season wagers or future prop bets. Online sportsbooks have odds for Super Bowl 58 all year long, and there are no NFL bet types that can be wagered through bank wire transfers.

Using Bank Wires For Sportsbooks – Conclusion

Overall, bank wires are a fairly solid method of putting money into your sportsbook account, as well as withdrawing it. They are not the most used method, nor are they the most advertised, but bank wires are just solid and reliable. While some sportsbooks may have flashier methods, such as Bitcoin that come with occasionally larger incentives, it’s hard to beat a good old fashioned bank wire when you’re taking into account the pure ease of use and the familiarity that most people have with the process.

Basically, when you deposit and withdraw using a bank wire transfer, you know what you’re getting into. Deposit and withdrawal times are fast, and the flat rate of fees makes them useful for larger amounts of money as well. In addition, most people are familiar with how they work, which is not necessarily true of flashier methods like Bitcoin. Generally speaking, this is a good method of deposit and withdrawal at your sportsbook of choice.