Xbet Sportsbook Review – Accepting Action From US Bettors

XBet Online Sportsbook

When it comes to online sports betting, you will need to look no further than this XBet sportsbook review. XBet accepts players from the United States, giving local US bettors an outlet to safely and legally bet on sports. XBet has been one of the most reliable and safest online sportsbooks since 2013 when they opened. XBet is based out of Costa Rica, so their site is completely regulated by the laws of that country – not the United States.

Having the site based out of Costa Rica, XBet can legally accept action from US players even if they don’t live in a state with legal sports betting. Between their legality, the betting options, and various information such as the deposit and withdrawal methods, you should be able to leave this page with a complete understanding of what XBet has to offer.

NFL Betting At XBet

NFL Football BettingXBet is one of the premier online sportsbooks on the internet and it’s shown in the NFL betting lines available. Whether wanting to bet on what team will win the Super Bowl, an individual game, or players props, organization is the key for why betting on the NFL at XBet is so amazing to use. The easy-to-use tabs make XBet quick to navigate cutting out the time it takes you to find your best NFL bet. Even if you were late to bet Super Bowl Sunday, that doesn’t have to be... just use the live betting suite.

Super Bowl LVI Odds At XBet

  • Green Bay Packers +310
  • Kansas City Chiefs +430
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650
  • Buffalo Bills +680
  • Los Angeles Rams +740
  • Dallas Cowboys +1025

Xbet Basics

Xbet Website: Xbet.ag
Xbet Location: Costa Rica
Where is Xbet Legal? All US States
Xbet Deposit Methods:
Deposit Options: Minimum Maximum
CREDIT CARDS: $45 $2,500
eCHECK: $100 $2,500
PERSON to PERSON: $100 $500
Xbet Payout Methods:
Payout Options Minimum Maximum
BITCOIN: $25 $5,000
eCHECK: $50 $3,000
BANK WIRE: $500 $5,000

Will Xbet Accept Action From US Bettors?

You bet it does – all puns intended. Xbet is legal within the United States, as there are no laws against using a business that operates outside of the country. While some states may have not legalized sports betting in their jurisdiction, the lack of laws negating offshore sports betting sites and the inability to regulate a business overseas allow for US players to safely and legally join Xbet. Costa Rica regulates the sportsbook so have no fear that you are entering into a rogue sports betting site. Instead, understand that the book must follow specific regulations to keep their license within Costa Rica.

Registration – Signing Up For An Xbet Sports Betting Account

Signing up with any offshore site is always extremely easy and the same is true for Xbet. All it takes is clicking the join button on the top right of the site’s homepage. Once the next webpage opens, it will ask you if you have a promotional code to use, what your date of birth, address, and full name are. Fill in all of this information and click on to the next page. These actions can be completed from both a desktop, laptop, or mobile device making signing up with Xbet a breeze.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports With Xbet In The US?

As long as you are old enough to sign up for Xbet’s sports betting services, there are now laws that restrict using their sportsbook. You may have heard of certain laws such as UIGEA or the Wire Act that often come with a negative connotation surrounding online sports betting. However, neither of these laws directly affects Xbet in 2021 or you the bettor, so there is nothing to worry about. In short, UIGEA – the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act – prevent banks from knowingly processing payments to online gambling sites, which causes a hassle when using a credit card to deposit. The Wire Act just look to ensure each state-licensed sportsbook only accepts action from their own jurisdiction – something that Xbet has no worry about since they accept players from all 50 states.

Are Xbet and MyBookie the same?

Xbet and MyBookie aren’t necessarily the same sportsbook but rather XBet is like the younger brother to MyBookie. Xbet is curated to appeal to a different generation of sports bettors as the site is laid out similarly to MyBookie but features some notable cosmetic upgrades. Xbet is the smaller and less promoted sportsbook of the two but that doesn’t stop Xbet from still offering bettors a one of a kind experience. Xbet offers the same deposit and withdrawal methods as MyBookie which provides similar payout rates. Xbet has also not had any of the payments or odds issues that MyBookie has had. All things considered, Xbet and Mybookie sportsbooks are two separate entities operating under one umbrella, but bettors can have an account on both.

How Safe Is Xbet Sportsbook For USA Players?

Xbet is known to be one of the safest online sportsbooks available today. It may not have the name or notoriety of other international sports betting sites, but sometimes that is a good thing. XBet has never had any news of ripping people off or failing to pay out winners and is a safe sportsbook that looks forward to hosting new customers from the USA. Even with all of the information they collect from you, they do not offer to sell the data or personal information to outside parties. Overall, Xbet should give sports bettors no worries when signing up, depositing, making a wager, or withdrawing from either their phone or computer.

What Is The Sports Betting Age Requirement For Xbet?

This is a simple question that must be answered in a slightly long-winded response. In Xbet’s terms and conditions, it states that users must be 18 years of age or older. However, this is just the minimum standard to sign up at their site. In some states, bettors can instantly begin wagering; however, in the majority of states, bettors should wait until they are 21. This is because the site requests that bettors follow local sports betting rules from their states. Most states have set their gambling age at 21. Xbet will still allow you to wager as long as you are 18; however, they make it so it is your responsibility to ensure you are not underage gambling.

Can I Bet At XBet If I Am Under 18?

Unequivocally, the answer here is no. You must be at least above the age of 18 in order to use XBet’s services, as far as they are concerned. In addition, several US states restrict certain types of betting to those who are older than the age of 21, and if you are in one of those states, you will want to obey those laws, regardless of the XBet minimum age.

Bonuses, Promotions, And Sportsbook Promo Codes At Xbet

Near the top of XBet's webpage, a section entitled bonuses allow bettors to see what benefits XBet gives to their users. They have an excellent selection of (* promotions which range from the sportsbook to the online casino and more. The most popular promotion at XBet is their sports sign up bonus. This welcoming bonus gives bettors up to $300 in extra free money when they make their very first deposit.

Bonus Code: Bonus:
XB100 100% Sportsbook Match On First Deposit Up To $500
XBC200 100% Casino Match On First Deposit Up To $500
XB25 25% Sportsbook Match On Second Deposit Up To $250
XB50 50% Casino Match On Second Deposit Up To $500

How Do Rollover Requirements Work?

Xbet Sports bettingWhile some sites hide their rollover requirements deep in the terms and conditions, Xbet wants to ensure you are up to speed on their requirements. A rollover requirement is a system that sportsbooks use to ensure bettors will not take advantage of a promotion, only to withdraw the free money that went unearned. Xbet explains rollover requirements on the bottom of their bonuses’ webpage, however, it is really simple to explain and understand using the sportsbook welcome bonus – which has a rollover requirement of 7 times. Say a bettor deposits $100, they will receive $100 in free play with the aforementioned bonus. With the $200 in the bettors’ account, said bettor would be required to wager their account balance ($200) multiplied by the rollover requirement (7). After $1400 is risked (not won or lost, but wagered), all stipulations are removed, allowing a bettor to withdraw the money with no issues.

Sports Betting Lines And Odds Offered At Xbet

With any local sportsbook, bettors will be required to choose from a small selection of available betting options. However, this is not the case at XBet, as the sports betting operator allows bettors to entertain themselves with over two-dozen sports. Between the major professional leagues NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and MLB), bettors will have plenty of action to take. But XBet also offers betting lines and odds on eSports, entertainment as well as political events, tennis, golf, MMA, horse racing, cricket, and even religious issues. Best of all is that XBet offers plenty of leagues inside each sport as well – college included.

Sports To Bet On At XBet

Ways To Wager At XBet

There are a lot of different ways to wager at XBet, and that means that there are a large variety of types of bets. You can bet on spreads and moneylines, just like any other sportsbook, but you can also wager on various futures bets, specific half spreads, or even take advantage of live betting! We’ve listed the major ways you can wager at Xbet below.

Xbet Bet Types

  • Spread
  • Totals
  • Moneyline
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Player Props
  • Game Props
  • First Half Totals
  • Second Half Totals
  • Player Futures
  • League Futures
  • First Half Spreads
  • Second Half Spreads
  • Quarter Lines
  • Live Betting
  • Exactas
  • Trifectas
  • Straight Bets

Xbet Parlay Payouts

Xbet does not publicly broadcast their parlay payout system in the way that other online sportsbooks do. While bettors can still put wagers into the system to see the final payout before submitting their action, there is not a listed standard off the board parlay payout at XBet. We do know a couple things, however:

  • Maximum payout on a parlay is $100,000
  • Maximum daily winnings for any account is $100,000

XBet Betting Limits

XBet has a flat betting limit for their internet based bets, and different rules for phone based bets. Whether looking to bet at XBet online or over the phone, no matter the sport, these will be the XBet betting limits.

  • Internet $2 - $1000
  • Phone $25 - N/A

Other Features Found At Xbet

Mobile Sports Betting At Xbet

Mobile betting on XBet is very simple being that you can log on to your XBet account from anywhere with any mobile device that has access to the internet. While XBet does not have a downloadable sportsbook app, all you have to do is access your mobile devices internet browser and log onto your XBet account as you would on a normal desktop or laptop computer.

XBet Mobile Betting Devices

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Galaxy Tab
  • Microsoft Touch
  • iPad

Live Betting And In-Game Wagering At Xbet

If you haven’t engaged in live betting yet, you have likely been missing out. This is a popular gaming and betting method that is extremely popular in Europe but has just started making its way to the United States. As it sounds, live betting allows for bettors to engage in betting action while a match is currently in progress. Xbet is no different, allowing bettors to submit action during commercial breaks, tv timeouts, game breaks, and more. The lines change quickly due to the changing nature of the game at hand, but bettors are able to place a bet with odds that sometimes come much higher than what was originally offered. Also, Xbet allows bettors to finalize their wager selection when the game is actually in progress, so be sure to submit the bet quickly, as the line may be taken off the board right after it is displayed.

Xbet Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

The battle of winning money should only come from selecting the correct line to bet on and not figuring out the requirements for depositing and withdrawing into your Xbet account. At this offshore sportsbook, Xbet offers a variety of methods to transfer money into and out of your sports betting account. While some methods will come with fees or a timetable to process, all of them are 100% safe, legal, and reliable. No matter which of the following methods you choose, understand that Xbet will send you an email confirmation in an effort to keep track of every transfer that occurs within your account.



Bitcoin is perhaps the premier method of depositing into sportsbooks, and Xbet is no exception. You can deposit into Xbet with bitcoin and get the best bonuses as well as the fastest processing time and the least fees. In addition, there are very few restrictions on what you can do, and the lowest minimum deposit required on the website. Xbet even offers a lot of bonuses for those who use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and this allows people who use bitcoin to get the most bang for their digital buck.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $20 N/A Instant

Credit Card

Sorry American Express cardholders, this sports betting site only accepts VISA and MasterCard deposits. This deposit method comes to bettors with the ability to deposit over the phone or online. It is up to you whether you want Xbet to save your information, but doing so allows bettors to make secondary deposits with ease. This is by far the most popular way to deposit money at Xbet, as nearly every bettor has one of these forms of a credit card. Also, international prepaid credit cards can generally be used for those who wish to have an additional security measure in between their account and their banking information, however, Xbet does not support this method.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $45 $2,500 Instant


Using an e-check is an easy method of depositing if a sports bettor has a checking account. All that is required is a submission of your account number and routing number of that bank. This method isn’t as quick methods to deposit as credit cards, but it is another safe and reliable way to fund your sports betting account at Xbet. Once Xbet has all of your information and the information passes through an ACH network, you will be able to wager in no time.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $100 $2,500 A few days

Person To Person

While this method isn’t physically visiting the sportsbook in Costa Rica, the name makes it appear as such. Instead, bettors at Xbet looking to deposit with a person to person transfer must contact the Xbet Customer Service Team to get all of the details. After figuring out the setup, the player will visit a local money transfer outlet and send the transfer. After receiving a confirmation number, the bettor will then call the sportsbook back and is good to go.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None, if depositing more than $300 $100 $500 In45 minutes



As the sole cryptocurrency withdrawal method for Xbet, Bitcoin has become the staple for sports betting money transfers. This instant transfer allows bettors to withdraw some of the largest sums of money for free. The best part about using Bitcoin is not that the money transfer is instant, but you can also add an extra security measure and change your wallet address after receiving the funds. There is no doubt this style of money transfer is the most beneficial to both the sports bettors and Xbet.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $25 $5,000 1-6 hours


Just as you sent money to the sportsbook with an e-check, the sportsbook will send money back to you. While it can be similar to a bank wire, an e-check does slightly differ in processing time and fees. Because of the ease of transferring, Xbet makes this one of the cheapest methods available to utilize. Keep in mind that the fees will vary based upon how much money is requested.

Fees: Min/Max Processing Time:
$15 $201 - $750 7-10 BD
$40 $751 – $1000 7-10 BD

Bank Wire

Similar to an e-check, bank wires are known as the sharps’ method for depositing and withdrawing. Due to the higher processing fees, many professionals and heavy rollers will use this method simply because of their knowledge of how everything works. Bank wires are extremely safe and both the bettor and sportsbook can tell exactly where the funds are headed before any information is processed or finalized.

Fees: Min/Max Processing Time:
$75 $500 – $1999 5-7 BD
$125 $2000 – $4000 5-7 BD
$160 $4001 – $5000 5-7 BD

Xbet Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, And Contact Information

Without the ability to get in touch with somebody at the sportsbook, there would be no reason to sign up for the site. However, Xbet gives bettors a handful of ways to contact them and has proven to be both reliable and helpful when it comes to their customer service team. Besides their social media outlets on Twitter and Instagram, bettors can receive more personalized information from an inquiry and email request, or through telephone. The phone number for Xbet Sportsbook is 1-855-219-5809 and is available 24-7.

Xbet Sportsbook FAQ's

Is Xbet regulated within the United States?

Xbet is a regulated sportsbook that must adhere to oversight and guidelines from a gaming commission. However, that gaming commission has no affiliation with the United States but rather Costa Rica. This doesn’t change the legality of Xbet Sportsbook, as bettors are welcomed to join.

What states does Xbet Sportsbook work with?

There are no location restrictions when it comes to Xbet Sportsbook. While they ban players from a rather long list of countries, there are no stipulations behind states. Some sportsbooks do not allow bettors to join if their state has legalized sports betting but Xbet is not of those sites – making it one of the best offshore sports betting sites for US players.

Is Xbet trustworthy?

Not only is your personal information safe but so is your money. The sportsbook uses methods that are industry-leading, as all transactions are protected with 256-bit encryption and secure socket layers certificates. Not only is their data encrypted, but they also allow bettors to a transparent connection with the support team available 24/7 for players.

Has Xbet ever scammed sports bettors?

If they have, we have zero record of its existence. Xbet is still in its infancy stages as far as internet sports betting sites go (about five years of operation) but there have been zero reports of suspicious activity. As long as the site is regulated by Costa Rica, bettors should feel completely safe in using their operations.

Does Xbet have a mobile betting app?

There isn’t a physical sports betting mobile app for Xbet, as the App Store and Google Play do permit offshore sports betting sites to be downloaded in their marketplace. However, bettors can still access mobile betting content by visiting the Xbet Sportsbook website from their phone. The screen will be optimized to fit the site in whatever mobile device you are using.

Does Xbet have proxy betting or wagering by phone?

Xbet does allow for betting to occur over the phone and they have a strict process to ensure that you and only you can submit wagers on your account. When calling, bettors will be required to give their account number and password. All conversations will be recorded and all bets will be read back to the player in order to confirm their validity. Once the bettor confirms the wager (which must be $25 or more), the action is finalized.

Does Xbet payout players who live in the US?

Yes. Xbet is fully legal and operational in the United States, meaning they have no problems receiving or sending money to player who lives in the US. Because of federal laws, Xbet will not be able to put a credit on your credit card nor return funds that were used on the card. However, between Bitcoin, bank wires, and e-checks, US players can access their winnings legally and with no issues.

Does Xbet accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, like most other sports betting sites, PayPal is not a listed method for depositing or withdrawing. While this method is convenient for many sports bettors, Xbet cannot accept through this method as PayPal has a policy that prevents transfers to offshore gambling sites. However, Xbet does a great job of making sure there are additional options to deposit and withdraw with.