Sports Betting Contests

Sports Betting Contests

Sports betting contests are large scale competitions between sports bettors across the world, and they tend to not take the form of sports betting per se. Instead, they are seen as more of large scale predictive battles between people to guess the result of large competition, like the NCAA tournament, known as March Madness.

March Madness contests are unquestionably the most famous contest of this type. They are enormous bracket based guessing games, wherein competitors guess the results of each game in the NCAA tournament, which is a bracket-style competition between 128 teams. Guessing the results correctly in the first round means that your second round guesses will be that much more likely to be correct, and so on and so forth. However, sports betting contests are not limited to March Madness alone, as sportsbooks are very interested in making sure that bettors have access to all the types of betting they could possibly imagine.

Many of the major online sportsbooks run many contests of this type, as they are an excellent way to get players involved in betting on sports. This page is here as a guide to many of the contest style competitions that you might find on some online sportsbooks.

Sports Betting Contests Overall

Sports betting contests are some of the most useful entry-level sports betting wager types on the planet. While not traditionally regarded as sports betting, March Madness brackets and Squares definitely can fall into that category but NFL bracket contests hold the reigns as the leader. If you’re a bit more on the casual side of sports betting, you might enjoy getting involved in sports betting contests. They can be a great way to pass the time on a rainy Sunday, or simply just some fun low dollar wagering. Either way, 2021 NFL sports betting contests are a great addition to the online sportsbook world and encompass a lot of different sports.

NFL Football Contests

Contest: $500,000 MegaContest

  • Sportsbook: BetOnline + SportsBetting
  • Entry Fee: $100 (1st), $75 (2nd), $50 (3rd), $25 (4-5)
  • Max Entries: 5
  • Top Prize: $200,000

At the $500,000 MegaContest, NFL betting fans are given a way to bring home prizes from $300 up to $200,000. Though the first entry is $100, they get cheaper the more you buy in. With 200 participants taking home money for the final prize, there are also opportunities to win during the NFL season by having the most points after specific weeks. How do you earn points? Simply by picking five games against the spread - 1 point is given for a win while 0.5 points are given on a push.

$200,000 NFL Survivor Contest

  • Sportsbook: BetOnline + SportsBetting
  • Entry Fee: $30 (1st), $20 (2-5), $15 (6-10), $10 (11-25)
  • Max Entries: 25
  • Top Prize: $200,000 Pool Split

In the $200,000 NFL Survivor Contest at SportsBetting, entries are $30 but range down to $10 depending on the number of entries you sign up. Like any typical survivor challenge, players must pick one team that will win their game (straight up) for the week. If they win, you advance... but if they lose, you are out. Never being able to pick the same team again, the challenge comes late in the season when wins are hard to find. If nobody survives at 18 weeks, the contestant(s) with the longest streak win(share) the prize pool. The best part? No rollover is required after winning this NFL betting contest.

March Madness Contests

Contest: $100,000 Bracket Madness

  • Sportsbook: BetOnline
  • Entry Fee: $15 per bracket entry
  • Max Entries: 20
  • Top Prize: $15,000

We’re gonna start things off with a bang – A hundred thousand dollars are up for grabs, and the top prize is actually the highest of all the contests listed here due to the way BetOnline does their prizing distribution. All you need to do is make your bracket for March Madness, the NCAA tournament.

Contest: $10,000 MyBracket Contest

  • Sportsbook: MyBookie
  • Entry Fee: Free to all players who meet the conditions set by MyBookie
  • Max Entries: One
  • Top Prize: $500

This is basically a free contest for bettors in good standing at MyBookie. The prize pool is low compared to some other contests, but that is due to the free entry. There are three things that you need to do to have an entry into this contest. The first is that you have an account in good standing at MyBookie’s online sportsbook. Second, you need to have deposited money into your account at MyBookie before. Finally, you need to have placed a graded bet at MyBookie. If you have done all of these things, you should be good to go!

Contest: $25,000 MyBracket Invitational Contest

  • Sportsbook: MyBookie
  • Entry Fee: Free, but invitation only
  • Max Entries: One
  • Top Prize: $2,500

This contest is limited to those who are invited by MyBookie to participate, meaning that it is not open to the public without an invitation. The criteria for an invitation is not disclosed by MyBookie, but should you receive an invitation, this is one of the best value contests possible, with a high prize pool and no entry fee whatsoever.

Contest: MyBracket $100,000 Contest

  • Sportsbook: MyBookie
  • Entry Fee: $15
  • Max Entries: As many as you’d like
  • Top Prize: $10,000

This is the big kahuna, the large enchilada, the biggest of them all on MyBookie. For $15, you can compete in an enormous sitewide March Madness bracket competition, which will allow you to win up to $10,000 for first prize. The total prize pool is $100,000.

Sports Betting Squares Contests

Sports Betting with SquaresNot all contests are March Madness! Squares is an excellent contest that is running constantly over on MyBookie, on all kinds of games. You can play squares with college football, NFL football, college basketball and NBA basketball on MyBookie. The way squares works is it’s functionally a game where you guess what the last number of each teams' score will be at the end of certain time periods, whether those be halves or quarters. Then, on a grid, you will have purchased a square. The last number in each team's score is entered onto the grid, and the owner of the square at which those numbers intersect is the winner. Trust me, it’s a lot easier than it sounds. You’re just picking squares on a grid.

Contest: $15,000 Squares

  • Sportsbook: MyBookie
  • Entry Fee: Paid per square, relative to prize pool
  • Max Entries: As many as there are squares

Top Prize: For NFL, NBA and College Football, the payout is as follows:

  • 1st Quarter: 20% of the Prize Pool
  • 2nd Quarter: 20% of the Prize Pool
  • 3rd Quarter: 20% of the Prize Pool
  • Final Score: 40% of the Prize Pool

For College Basketball, since there are only halves, not quarters, it is divided as such:

  • 1st Half: 40% of the Prize Pool
  • 2nd Half: 60% of the Prize Pool