Sports Betting Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency

Sportsbooks Accepting CryptocurrencyIf you like using cryptos such as Bitcoin, then you are probably looking for a sports betting site that accepts cryptocurrency. Luckily for you, there are plenty of websites that do so. Sports betting is becoming more widely accepted in the United States and it is becoming more available. Every day, someone new decides to open their own sports betting account and bet on their favorite games. But payment is always tricky. Some people like to keep their privacy intact so they want to use cryptocurrencies. That is why cryptocurrencies are often the best options for online payments.

Thankfully, there are plenty of sites to bet on sports that accept cryptocurrencies. Not only that, but these websites actively encourage users to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin because these are the easiest way to put money in and out of your sports betting account. Throughout this page, we are going to walk you through the ins and outs of using cryptocurrencies to bet on sports. We will explain why using cryptos is the best way to fund your account and point you in the direction of which sportsbooks that accept cryptocurrencies.

Betting On March Madness With Cryptocurrency

As March Madness draws closer and closer, the odds to win the championship will continue to shift. Some of the top teams to make a run at the championship include Gonzaga, Duke, Kentucky, and Auburn. Those who use cryptocurrency to bet on college basketball have a ton of options from Bovada to MyBookie to BetOnline and beyond. Each of these online sportsbooks accepts Bitcoin and other crypto payments and even offers bonuses for them including risk-free bets.

Using Cryptocurrency To Bet On Major Sporting Events

With the sports betting world finally back to normal, bettors can get back to betting on all of their favorite sports using bitcoin and any other form of cryptocurrency that is allowed. One thing that the pandemic has changed is the way that people place their bets as there will be fewer and fewer hand-to-hand transactions at retail sportsbooks. With that being said, using cryptocurrency is a more efficient and quicker way to place these bets and cash out winnings as well.

All of the major online sportsbooks already do offer payment and withdrawal through cryptocurrency, so those that are already familiar with it should have a leg up when betting. You can use Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and the many other forms of cryptocurrency in 2022 to bet on all of the major sports.

Which Types Of Cryptocurrency Do Sportsbooks Accept?

There are plenty of different types of cryptocurrencies each sportsbook accepts. Typically, Bitcoin is the standard for all sportsbooks, but that is not the only cryptos that are accepted. Some websites accept other cryptos such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash. Each online sportsbook is different and we definitely recommend you check out the list of accepted cryptos provided by the sportsbooks of your choice. Typically, our recommended sportsbooks deal mostly with well-known cryptocurrencies. Newer ones have a more volatile market and are not often accepted.

There are also crypto retailers that work with online sportsbooks, like Zelle. These are not cryptocurrencies in themselves, but instead are retailers that purchase and send the crypto for you to save time and effort. Using a service like Zelle has you pay a certain amount to Zelle, which they then use to purchase Bitcoin. That amount is then sent to your betting bankroll through the Zelle system of sellers. These retailers are only becoming more and more popular as cryptocurrency continues to grow in both value and applicable usage.

The online offshore sportsbooks that we recommend all accept cryptocurrencies. But if you are looking to bet on sports using cryptocurrencies at a brick and motor sportsbook, you will be out of luck. Retail sportsbooks that are state-licensed will not accept cryptocurrencies as payment. The reason for this is that nearly all transactions in the United States are done with USD. Not only that, but sportsbooks do not want to have to deal with the value of cryptocurrencies going up or down. It makes things more complicated for the sportsbook. That is why instead of going to a retail sportsbook to be rejected, head to our recommended online sportsbooks to spend your cryptos.

Sportsbooks That Accept Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

There are plenty of online sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Best of all, these online sportsbooks encourage bettors to use cryptocurrencies by providing various bonuses for using cryptos instead of any other payment method. These bonuses are a great way to reload and fuel your account with more cash than you normally would have been able to use. Read our list of reviews down below to find out which sportsbooks accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

Bovada Sportsbook  - Best Sportsbook For Bitcoin Betting

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada Sports Betting

State Restrictions: ALL STATES - ex. DE, MD, NJ, NV, NY
Welcome Bonus: 50% to $250
Minimum Deposit: $20
Banking Methods:

Bitcoin users love using Bovada to bet on sports. Bovada is one of the most trusted online offshore sportsbooks in the entire world which makes Bitcoin users trust the site with their cryptos. Using Bitcoin is the fastest way to get money in and out of your Bovada account and there are bonuses to boot as well. The only downside is Bovada is Bitcoin only. The 75% welcome bonus is exclusive for Bitcoin users. On your first Bitcoin deposit, you will receive a 75% matching bonus. This bonus is good for up to $750. Jut enter the promo code BTCSWB750 when you make that first deposit and you should be good to go.

BetOnline Sportsbook  - Top Crypto Sportsbook!

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline Logo

State Restrictions: ALL STATES - ex. NJ
Welcome Bonus: 50% to $1,000
Minimum Deposit: $50
Banking Methods:

BetOnline is without a doubt, the best online offshore sportsbook you can use cryptocurrencies on. BetOnline accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple. This site provides users with a large number of bonuses that are exclusive for cryptocurrency users. If you like using cryptos, you need to check out BetOnline. Sign up for your free account and then on your first crypto deposit, you will receive a 100% matching bonus. This bonus is good for up to $1,000 and it is an amazing way to fuel your new BetOnline sports betting account. Just make sure you enter the promo code CRYPTO100 when you make your first deposit.

MyBookie Sportsbook  - Accepts Multiple Forms Of Crypto

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie Logo

State Restrictions: ALL STATES - ex. NJ, NV, NY
Welcome Bonus: 50% to $1,000
Minimum Deposit: $50
Banking Methods:

MyBookie is one of the very best casual sports betting websites around. It’s built for the person who just wants to have some fun and bet on some sports while doing so - the normal guy’s betting website. There’s a lot to like about MyBookie, from the well-designed website to the great odds to the variety of bets that you can place. It’s a sportsbook built for leisure - you won’t run into some common problems when you use MyBookie. MyBookie is also set apart by its focus on putting odds on all sorts of off the wall bets. If you want to bet on whether or not Will and Jada will get divorced, you can do that at MyBookie. Whatever you want to bet on, MyBookie has odds on it. Overall, they’re a great online sportsbook, and cryptocurrency lets you use them to the fullest extent.

Cryptocurrency Betting Sites For US Players

Crypto Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
BetUS Sportsbook125% Up To $3,125
XbetSportsbookReview100% Up To $300
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!

The Benefits Of Betting On Sports With Cryptocurrency

There are plenty of benefits of betting on sports with cryptocurrencies. From the complete lack of fees to the speed of withdrawing your winnings, there are many different benefits from using cryptos. There is a good reason why so many sportsbooks have promotions just for cryptocurrency users. Down below is a list of different benefits available for those who use cryptocurrencies to fuel their sportsbook account.

Fast Deposits And Withdrawals

One of the main benefits of using cryptocurrencies is how fast you can get money in and out of your account. Most payment methods take a while to process for one reason or another. This means that during that processing time, you could end up potentially missing your bets. This is not the case with cryptocurrencies. Your cryptos are processed almost instantly at online sportsbooks. This is especially true with withdrawal. Most other methods have you waiting for days for your payouts. But cryptocurrency withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. If you need to move money in and out of your sportsbook account fast, cryptos are the way to go.

No Extra Fees

When it comes to depositing or withdrawing money from your sportsbook account, you will often face a fee. Most of the time, the fee is only a couple of dollars. But some withdrawal methods require upward to $50 to $100 in fees. That is a lot of money to be lost and never be seen again. If you want to avoid these fees altogether, cryptocurrencies are the way to go. With cryptocurrencies, you will never receive a fee when you deposit money or withdraw cash from your sportsbook account. By using cryptos, you are actually saving money due to the lack of fees.

No Worries Of Federal Laws

There is one federal law that makes depositing money and withdrawing money a bit frustrating. The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) prevents financial institutions such as banks from processing payments from online offshore sportsbooks. Thankfully, there is a completely legal workaround and it is cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are not monitored by the United States because they are a global currency. Thanks to that, the UIGEA has no domain over cryptocurrencies. If you were to use a credit card, you might receive a rejection for your payments because of the UIGEA. But if you use cryptos, you will not face any rejections and you will have an easier time betting on sports.

The Anonymity Of Cryptocurrency

One of the most appealing aspects of cryptocurrencies is the anonymity of it. The fact of the matter is if you use any banking method, there is a lot of personal details attached to them. Although our recommended Bitcoin sportsbooks do not abuse these personal details, some customers are known to be uncomfortable handing out this information to a website. Cryptocurrencies are the perfect workaround for this. You can easily change your crypto wallet address at any time to make sure that you are an anonymous user always. If you value your privacy, you will definitely want to use cryptocurrencies for your sportsbook transactions.

Cryptocurrency Betting Bonuses

Many online sportsbooks prefer using cryptocurrencies to many other forms of monetary transfers. They prefer to have their funds in a relatively untraceable format, and they hold vast sums of cryptocurrencies themselves. Their incentives are such that they want as many people as possible using cryptocurrencies. This means that they provide bettors with similar incentives. Many of the online sportsbooks offer exclusive bonuses for using cryptocurrencies to deposit into your online sportsbook account, as a way of rewarding you for doing so and incentivizing you to do so again. Before you deposit into your account with cryptocurrency, make sure you check the available bonuses and take advantage of the ones that can help you out.

Cryptocurrency Sportsbooks FAQs

What sports can I bet on with cryptocurrency?

All of them, as long as the sportsbook you are using accepts it. Cryptocurrencies are simply a payment method, just like using cash. Think of them like using Canadian Dollars or Mexican Pesos. It would not make too much sense if a sportsbook restricted which sport you can bet on if you used cryptos. Rest easy and know if you like using cryptos, you can bet on all of your favorite teams easily.

Why should I deposit cryptocurrency into my online sportsbook account?

You should deposit cryptocurrencies into your online sportsbook account due to the convenience. As listed above, using cryptos allows you to make deposits and withdrawals faster than any other payment method. If you want speed and more bonus options, then using cryptocurrencies is without a doubt your best bet.

What makes a Bitcoin sportsbook reliable and safe?

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are completely reliable and safe. So long as you have a secure wallet, you are completely okay. Plus, the anonymity of having cryptocurrencies means that your information is not being shared with anyone. If you are looking for a deposit and withdrawal method that is safe and secure, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the absolute best bet for you.

How do I buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin can be intimidating, but the fundamentals are simple. The first step is acquiring a digital bitcoin wallet, to keep your coins secure in the wide world of the internet. Then, you'll want to navigate to a Bitcoin exchange or trader that will allow you to purchase Bitcoin with your currency and payment method of choice. Most will accept large varieties of payment methods. Once you have done these things, it's as simple as buying them, keeping them secure, and using them at the online offshore sportsbook of your choice.

Why Do People Use Cryptocurrency For Sports Betting?

There are a couple main reasons why people like to use cryptocurrencies for sports betting. First, it’s a relatively anonymous currency, which is a stark difference from things like debit and credit cards, which are associated heavily with your name. Second, a lot of major sportsbooks provide bonuses to people that use cryptocurrency when betting on sports. Third, it has low transaction times and no fees at many of the major online sportsbooks. When put together, this paints a picture of a great method of betting on sports.