Best Sportsbooks For US Players

There have never been more great online sportsbooks that accept United States players. When using the best online sports betting sites, bettors can easily place bets on thousands of different sporting events from anywhere in the country, including their own homes. Now there are a lot of great USA online sportsbooks, but through our own experiences, we have learned what separates the top online sportsbooks from their contemporaries.

Sites Recommended For USA Online Sports Betting

Sportsbooks Review New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReviewExclusive 50% Bonus Code up to $1000!
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
Xbet SportsbookReview100% Up To $300
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!

Bovada Sportsbook

Available in Every State Except Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Nevada

Bovada Sports Betting

The best online sportsbook for United States players is Bovada. Their combination of customer service, betting odds, and bonuses is unmatched throughout the sports betting industry. They operate under Costa Rica’s jurisdiction and have proven trustworthy ever since their inception back in 2011.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Available In Every State Except New Jersey

BetOnline Sports Betting

Sports betting options are incredible when using the BetOnline sportsbook. No online sportsbook can come close to matching the wide variety, speed, and uniqueness of their lines. If you can't find your bet on BetOnline, it is probably not offered by any sportsbook.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Available In Every State Except Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Nevada

MyBookie Sports Betting

When it comes to the easiest online sportsbooks for new sports bettors to use, MyBookie is the right choice. The layout and easy banking options keep things simple. Take advantage of free weekly tournaments and excellent rewards when you sign up for MyBookie.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Available In All States Other Than New Jersey

SportsBetting Sports Betting

The top live betting suite available is SportsBetting. SportsBetting offers hundreds, if not thousands, of different live betting options. Some of their live betting options even have links that allow users to watch their event while they are betting on it, all through the SportsBetting website!

Xbet Sportsbook

Is Available In all States Other Than Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Nevada

Xbet Sports Betting

User safety is the top priority at XBet. With 256-bit encryption used to protect all payment and user information, there is no sportsbook that offers security like XBet.

Best Online NFL Sportsbooks For US Players

NFLThe best online NFL sportsbooks are those that come through on more than just betting lines. Of course, you will want the latest NFL betting odds posted as early as possible, but you also want NFL betting sites that offer the best value and a wide range of options. The best NFL sportsbooks online have huge bonuses that allow you to instantly increase your bankroll, along with banking options that are expedient and dependable. Some of the deposit options that we look out for are bitcoin for its reliability, and Visa for its convenience. All in all, the best online NFL sportsbooks that accept US players are Bovada and BetOnline.

Best Online NBA Sportsbooks For US Players

NBA FinalsSo, what are you looking for when you look for in an online NBA sportsbook? Well, the main thing you want to see is constant game lines and constant betting opportunities. However, some of the major international online sportsbooks take this a lot farther and offer custom betting slips with various player parlays, which is a really interesting way to gamble. For example, you can parlay a Miami Heat victory with the odds for Jimmy Butler to get over 5 assists or something along those lines. There are a lot of great ways to bet on the NBA, so the thing you should look for in an NBA betting site is whether they provide you with all of those ways to place bets. Flexibility is so useful at the best NBA sportsbooks for US players, with that flexibility often the difference between profit and loss - so focus on expanding your options, maybe even using multiple sportsbooks to shop lines so you can find the best and most profitable angles.

Best Online MLB Sportsbooks For US Players

MLB LogoMajor League Baseball is many people’s first love as a sport and is one of the sports that generate a lot of revenue for online gambling companies. The internationally regulated MLB betting sites are trustworthy and useful, and you can bet on nearly every aspect of every game of the season. Want to bet on the Reds as they play the Mariners? Sure, you got it. Want to bet on Aaron Judge’s MVP odds? You got that too. You can place a ton of different bets at the online MLB sportsbooks, with the 162-game MLB season and hundreds of prop bets for each game meaning US players have a wide-open betting canvas.

Best Online Tennis Sportsbooks For US Players

US Open LogoMany USA-based sports bettors enjoy betting on Tennis, as the game provides a lot of action for sports bettors to get in on. The best online tennis sportsbooks for US players offer bets on all kinds of tennis occurrences, such as the traditional spread and moneyline bets, as well as more esoteric prop betting opportunities. Tennis betting also lends itself heavily to live betting. To be honest, live betting on tennis is the best kind of tennis betting. It lets you keep up with the action in real-time, and respond to trends in the match with wagers as the action happens. When it comes to betting on tennis, the best place to do it is online, usually on one of the internationally regulated sportsbooks. These online tennis sportsbooks have great odds and lines on all of the biggest matches, from the French Open to the US Open to the rest of the Grand Slams. Whatever the occasion, you can find great tennis odds at online sportsbooks.

Best Online NHL Sportsbooks For US Players

NHL LogoHockey is a game of skill and violence, and there are rabid fans of the sport just waiting for a chance to bet on their favorite teams. The best online NHL sportsbooks tend to be the ones that are located outside of the United States. These sportsbooks are fully realized online betting experiences, and they have great odds and lines for hockey bettors to take advantage of. When it comes to NHL betting, it’s hard to find better.

Best Online Political Sportsbooks For US Players

Political Betting OddsBetting at the top online political sportsbooks for US players such as Bovada and BetOnline is a great way to get involved, and have some fun while you do it. The ability of online sportsbooks to offer political betting is a great advantage of using them. US-based sportsbooks, even those sanctioned by the states, are not allowed to offer odds on politics - and they’ve tried! In order to bet on political events like the Presidential election, various senatorial elections, or even who will be the Democratic VP nominee, you’ll want to check out one of the online sportsbooks that are located outside of the United States.

Best Online Racebooks For US Players

Horse Racing BettingBelieve it or not, most of the best online horse racing websites are also online sportsbooks. The biggest online sportsbooks double as racebooks for US players and allow their users to place wagers on all sorts of bets, from win/place/show bets to handicapped futures lines on big races to trifectas and superfectas. All of the major online sportsbooks for horse racing are a dual threat - they offer sports betting and horse race betting. Make sure to check them out the next time you’re placing a wager on the ponies.

Best Online Rugby Sportsbooks For US Players

Bet On RugbyThe best online rugby sportsbooks for US players tend to be located outside of the United States - not for any legal reason in this case, but simply because they pay more attention to rugby outside of the states. Rugby is a sport that is most popular in the former British colonies, and yet it has not caught on in the most famous of those former colonies. Whether you want to bet on Rugby League action or Rugby Union action, you can find it at online sportsbooks. Rugby is a great game and deserves to be wagered on with the full attention of a sportsbook, so take a look at the international sportsbooks the next time you want to bet on rugby.

What Makes An Great Online Sportsbook?

Trustworthy Online Sportsbooks

Reading reviews about the top online sportsbooks is probably the best way to get a true grasp of which sports betting sites are trustworthy. The sportsbooks that we cover are the ones that we believe in the most because we have used them. These sportsbooks have proven to be some of the best sports betting sites for Americans largely because of their trustworthy nature. Sportsbooks gain trust through years of providing top-notch customer service, payouts, and betting lines.

Live Betting At US Sportsbooks

If you are signing up for a sportsbook that does not offer a premium live betting suite, then you are not doing yourself any favors. Live betting has become a staple of online sportsbooks, and any sportsbook that doesn't offer it is either way behind the times or not interested in providing the best possible experience for their bettors. Live betting sportsbooks will have odds listed out the same way that they are before the game (i.e. spread/moneyline/total). Live betting is a great way to gain a leg up on the book because it gives you the ability to watch and understand how a game is going, which may give your bets a better chance of success.

Mobile US Sportsbooks

Having a tried and true mobile sportsbook that accepts US players has never been more important, as mobile sports betting has overtaken past top options such as sports betting online, in-person, and over the phone. US players can access online sportsbooks through web browsers and instantly have their entire site at their fingertips. Those online sports betting sites have mobile-optimized versions of their websites that require no downloads and do not require any geo-location apps or trackers. Bovada particularly has a highly used and well-liked mobile sportsbook, with other top mobile betting sites including BetOnline, MyBookie, and SportsBetting.

Wide Variety Of Banking Methods

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more

The number one depositing and withdrawal method at nearly every online sportsbook is cryptocurrency. No fees on the way in or out, the fastest times, and the highest maximums have made online sportsbooks that take cryptocurrency among the most popular in the US. Some sports betting sites like Bovada promote the fact that some of their cryptocurrency withdrawals (using Ethereum or Tether) are guaranteed to hit your account in 15 minutes or less, which is practically unheard of speed.

Credit/Debit Cards: American Express, Mastercard, and Visa

Credit and debit card depositing comes with fees that can range from 6%-16%, although some sportsbooks will waive that fee on your first deposit. The typical minimum deposit range at credit and debit card sportsbooks is between $20 (Bovada) and $50 (SportsBetting.) Maximum deposits via credit/debit cards range from $1,500 at Bovada to $5,000 at BetOnline.

Wire Transfers: Available As A Depositing Method At BetOnline And SportsBetting, As A Withdrawal Method At BetOnline, MyBookie, SportsBetting, and XBet

If you want to deposit or withdraw a large amount of money from an online sportsbook without using cryptocurrency, then a wire transfer transaction is the way to go. Wire Transfer deposits have high minimums ($500 at BetOnline/ $1,000 at SportsBetting), but maximums are also sky-high ($10,000 at BetOnline, no limit at SportsBetting). Withdrawing via Wire Transfer has similarly high minimums (MyBookie is the lowest at $100), but the maximums are incredible: $25,000 at BetOnline, $5,000 at MyBookie, $5,000 at MyBookie, and $25,000 at SportsBetting. Beware of at Wire Transfer sportsbooks, as some sites will charge flat fees while others charge percentage fees that look small but eat into your winnings.

Other Less Frequently Offered Methods

These online sportsbooks are considered the best in the United States because they are constantly evolving, and that is true for their accepted banking methods. Some may offer Person to Person, Money Orders, Player Transfers, or even Zelle-based transactions. For players looking to deposit or withdraw from an online sportsbook using PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App, Bovada is the best and only option through their site-specific MatchPay program. Any of those banking methods are considered to be safe and secure, but it is important to note that they are frequently charged fees, don't qualify for the larger crypto bonuses, and may not be as fast.

Largest Bonuses At Top Online Sportsbooks

The best bonuses at online sportsbooks that accept US players are available via cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the best deposit method available, and that proves true once again when looking at online sportsbook bonuses for Americans. Crypto deposit bonuses at sportsbooks have lower rollovers, lower minimums, and the highest limit on how much bonus you can receive. There are also plenty of great bonuses available for non-crypto deposits, but they don't pack the punch that some of the cryptocurrency bonuses that sportsbooks offer.

Sportsbook Largest Crypto Match Bonus Crypto Bonus Limit Largest Non-Crypto Match Bonus Non-Crypto Bonus Limit
Bovada 75% $750.00 50% $250.00
BetOnline 100% $1,000.00 50% $1,000.00
MyBookie 100% $1,000.00 100% $1,000.00
SportsBetting 100% $1,000.00 50% $1,000.00
Xbet 50% $500.00 50% $500.00

Do They Have What You Want To Bet On?

Outside of ensuring that the online sportsbook takes US players, this should probably be the first thing to look for when selecting a place to bet online. You will be able to see all of the betting lines for every sport beforehand - this is also important when line shopping, or comparing odds for the best value. For unique sports, check the alternate sports sections, or requested areas. If they have these, they are a top USA online sportsbook.

Best Sportsbooks For 18 Year Olds

Most of the sportsbooks we recommend stand by the same set of terms and conditions - you must be 18 years old to place a wager. MyBookie is the only online sportsbook that sets an online sports betting age of 21. While some state-regulated sportsbooks also require players to be 21, Bovada and BetOnline remain the best online betting sites for 18 year olds and anyone else under 21.