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Betting on Cycling is a fairly common thing to do in the United States, especially in the years after it became significantly popular. A lot of people remember the boom in cycling’s popularity around the turn of the century, as Lance Armstrong represented perhaps the first superstar cycler of the 21st century. Of course, we also remember how that story ended, and the diminished popularity that followed it.

Online sportsbooks with cycling odds have followed similar trendlines. Cycling is a great sport to bet on, though, with each leg of major races providing betting opportunities. This makes betting on cycling feel like a more intimate style of betting, where you get familiar with all the participants in a race over the course of the entire event.

Betting at online cycling betting sites can feel a lot like a marathon, or it can feel like a sprint. For example, you can also just bet on the winner of a long race, like the Tour De France. This is a much quicker, less involved bet, that plays out similar to a futures bet. We’ll breakdown all the ways you can place wagers on Cycling.

Online Sportsbooks For Betting On Cycling

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How To Bet On Cycling

There are a couple of big ways you can bet on cycling, and a couple forms that these bets tend to take. Cycling, of course, is a type of racing and has a lot of similar bets to other racing-style sports. For example, perhaps the most common type of bet is a futures style bet. For this bet type you’re simply choosing who you believe will win the race. As an illustration, let’s take a look at the odds for the 2020 Tour De France, the most famous race in cycling. One note before we jump in: the biggest cycling races have enormous fields, and so this section will limit discussion to those racers with +20000 odds or shorter.

Current Cycling Odds

Tour de France LogoRight now, the odds on the Tour de France are already open. We don’t want to belabor them too much, so we’ll just put the top ten people with the best chances to win the Tour de France in this section. This section will be continually updated, so you can always check back to see what the odds look like closer to the event.

2024 Tour De France Odds:

This is generally how a cycling betting field tends to shape up. There are a couple significant favorites, and then it starts to fall off. Once the odds hit +10000, they start to really fall off reaching double that in short order. If you can believe it, this is only about 35% of the total field for the Tour de France - there are an astounding number of racers with longer odds that +20000.

As the race gets closer, betting will start to open up on individual legs. The Tour de France is a Grand Tour, of multiple stages of racing, that takes place over 21 separate stages. Each of these stages will have similar odds on a daily basis. For example, you could bet on Egan Bernal to win the entire thing, or you could bet on Egan Bernal to win an individual stage on the day that stage takes place.

This is what makes cycling betting so unique - you can place a bet on the big races, sure, but you can also follow them throughout cycle, if you’ll pardon the pun. You can bet on your chosen racer throughout each stage of the race, you can switch up racers depending on terrain, you can stick with one racer, you can do anything you want when it comes to cycling betting.

Cycling Online Betting Sites

But, now that you know how to bet on cycling, where can you find good odds for cycling betting? There are a lot of great websites on the internet that are focused on providing sports bettors with the chance to bet on cycling. This is a great thing for you, the prospective cycling bettor, because it means you have the ability to shop lines and find the best value for your bet.

By and large, these websites for sports betting tend to be located outside of the United States. This is in order for them to reach a larger audience, as many cycling bettors are located outside the States as well. These websites are internationally regulated in their countries of origin, such as Costa Rica and Canada, and they tend to be excellent places to bet. If you’re looking for our thoughts on these websites, you can check out the sportsbook reviews section of our website.

How To Deposit Into A Cycling Betting Account?

When you are depositing into an online sportsbook, you have a lot of options. Credit or debit card, bank wire transfer, check, moneygram, and digital wallets like Netteller or Skrill are all popular options to deposit into a cycling betting account. One of the most notable deposit options is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which holds its own valuation as a currency. This can make using Bitcoin an interesting proposition, but it’s not that hard to do.

Basically, all you have to do is purchase Bitcoin from an exchange, and put it in your digital wallet. Once you link that to your online sportsbook account, you can use that Bitcoin to fund your betting. This also works for many other cryptocurrencies, which many online sportsbooks tend to accept. You can even check for bonuses available to bettors who use cryptocurrency, which tend to be for both reloading your account and depositing money in the first place. This is one of the major upsides of using cryptocurrency at an online sportsbook.

Online Sportsbooks With Live Cycling Odds

Online available for the biggest races of the year, online sportsbooks with live cycling odds will often let players bet on the individual states of some events. That is especially true for the Tour De France. Sportsbooks with live Tour De France odds are constantly updating their boards for each stage. This means you could possibly use online sportsbooks with Tour De France odds to live bet all 21 stages!

Withdrawing Winnings From Cycling Betting Website

Withdrawing funds from a cycling betting website can be pretty simple. It really depends on what withdrawal method you would like to use. Those that use services such as Netteller or Skrill can have funds sent back to those accounts. Traditional methods like receiving checks and bank wire transfers are also valid forms of withdrawing funds.

The quickest and easiest in terms of the withdrawal is using cryptocurrency, which is a very fast-moving form of transaction. You can also receive your winnings in several other forms, from vouchers to sportsbook transfers to certain kinds of money transfers. Overall, there are a lot of options to choose from, so you can take a look at all of them and weigh the pros and cons for yourself. If you’d like to learn more you can check out our page on withdrawal methods, where we discuss each method in greater detail.