2024 Nevada Online Sportsbooks + Sports Betting Sites

Although Nevada is the oldest sports betting state there is, online sports betting in Nevada did not go live until much later. There are tons of different Nevada online sportsbooks to choose from such as BetOnline. Each of them caters to the gambling lifestyle that Nevada has with endless benefits, incredible bonuses, and quick processing times to get you betting in moments. If you are looking to learn more about sports betting in Nevada, you will come across everything you need to know. That includes things like what sportsbooks in Nevada are available and the promotions they have to offer new users, the financial methods used to fund your accounts, and even the sports that are offered with the types of bets you can make on them.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Fast Sportsbook Payouts For US Players

BetOnline Sports Betting

One thing that sets BetOnline far ahead of the rest of the online sportsbooks in Nevada is that they know that payout out your winnings to you is priority number one. They have the fastest payout times as 11 of the 15 payout methods that they deal with take less than 48 hours. Even if you are requesting a payout through a check, or wire transfer, the processing times are not terrible at a week or less time frame.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Bet On The Raiders With Bitcoin

SportsBetting Sports Betting

With the Raiders arguably the hottest professional sports team in Nevada, it only makes sense that you are able to bet on them with the hottest form of currency on the market, Bitcoin. SportsBetting allows you to function on their platform with Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, meaning you can deposit, withdraw, and even take advantage of bonuses all with Bitcoin. Also, if you use Bitcoin, you’ll find that there are no fees associated with their transactions on SportsBetting either.

Xbet Sportsbook

Quality Safety Measures Taken

Xbet Sports Betting

Safety is one of the top priorities at XBet and they’ve made it known with all that they have in place. They have backend encryptions that work to protect both their servers that protect your financial information as well as your web browser that holds all of your personal information such as name, location, and contact info. Other than their safety, the overall quality of their odds is up to par and competitive with the rest of the betting sites in Nevada.

Wynn Sportsbook

Wynn Sportsbook

Sign Up and bet on the App

While signing up requires visiting the Wynn Las Vegas Race & Sports Book at 3131 Las Vegas Blvd, after that, you can bet on sports online with their app anywhere. Starting with a $100 minimum to open, players must use cash or chips to fund their account. Getting through this can be a pain, but their app is decent and works on iOS and Android OS.

Westgate SuperBook

Westgate SuperBook

Mobile Sports Betting for NV Residents

This mobile app can also be used from anywhere in Nevada but requires signing up in person. To activate your account, one must visit Westgate SuperBook to register and verify themselves with ID. Afterward, you can live bet and enter contests - you don't even have to be a Nevada resident.

Signing Up For A Nevada Online Sportsbook

When looking to get in on the action in Nevada, online sportsbooks are not hard to come by and when you do come across them, they are even easier to sign up for. All you have to do is inform them of your full name, confirm your age and location, and make a password. Once you do all that, there will be other features that you can take advantage of such as bonuses, and all of the odds that they have to offer.

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Confirm Date of Birth
  3. Location (Zip Code)
  4. Create Password
  5. Select Deposit Bonus
  6. Select Deposit Method

2024 Online Sportsbook Bonuses In Nevada

Bonuses are what makes betting on sports online all the more enjoyable being that you are given tons of risk-free credits just for signing up and making one deposit into your account. The great thing about the many online sportsbook bonuses that can be found in Nevada is that the promotions start at $1,000 in credit and can reach up to $2,500. You can also take advantage of any promotion that they have to offer with whatever payment methods are available on their sites.

Sportsbook Percent Bonus Maximum Bonus Rollover
BetOnline Sportsbook 100% $1,000 14
MyBookie Sportsbook 100% $1,000 10
XbetSportsbook 50% $500 7
Sportsbetting Sportsbook 100% $1,000 10

Depositing Into An Online Sportsbook In Nevada

After finding the perfect site, online sportsbook deposits are easy to make, with many options for fast and secure transactions. You can fund your account with your everyday payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and other big-name credit card companies. Where things get interesting though are with the cryptocurrencies that you can deposit with. All you have to do is link your crypto wallet to your online sportsbook and you can transfer the funds like that. It should be noted that there are minimums, maximums, deposit fees, and processing times associated with certain payments. Cryptos are always free and quick though.

Method Minimum Maximum Fee
Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express/ Discover $25 $5,000 7.50%
Bitcoin $20 $500,000 0%
Bitcoin Cash $20 $100,000 0%
Cardano $20 $100,000 0%
Chainlink $20 $100,000 0%
Dogecoin $20 $100,000 0%
Litecoin $20 $100,000 0%
Ethereum $50 $100,000 0%
Ripple $20 $100,000 0%
Solana $20 $100,000 0%
Stellar $20 $100,000 0%
Tether $20 $100,000 0%
USD Coin $20 $100,000 0%
Money Order $300 $9,000 N/A
Wire Transfer $500 $10,000 N/A
Person to Person $100 $600 N/A

Best Nevada Online Sportsbook Payouts

Familiarizing yourself with the sportsbook payout methods at an online sportsbook in Nevada is something that every bettor both new and seasoned should do. The reason being is that some methods could take longer than others to process back to your accounts while others could be instant. Like depositing as well, there are minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts that you need to follow in order to request your winnings.

Method Minimum Maximum Fees
Bitcoin $50 $100,000 0.00%
Bitcoin Cash $20 $100,000 0%
Cardano $20 $100,000 0%
Chainlink $20 $100,000 0%
Litecoin $20 $100,000 0%
Ethereum $200 $100,000 0%
Ripple $20 $100,000 0%
Solana $20 $100,000 0%
Stellar $20 $100,000 0%
USD Coin $20 $100,000 0%
Player Transfer $10 $15,000 0%
Money Order $500 $4,500 $80
Wire Transfer $500 $25,000 $45 Flat fee or 3%
Person to Person $50 $400 $26-$51
Check by Courier $500 $2,500 $50 Fee on payouts below $1500, 3% fee on payouts of at least $1500

Pro Tip For Making Sportsbook Withdrawals In Nevada

Bet on the Las Vegas Raiders at BetOnline Sportsbook

Betting From Your Phone In Nevada

As one of the prime ways to get in on the action, mobile sportsbooks allow you to place bets from anywhere in Nevada with any smartphone. This comes as the online sportsbooks that are available in Nevada are all compatible with all of the top smartphones that are on the market. As long as you have access to the internet and a web browser on the device that you are using, you can place bets from anywhere whether it’s the Vegas Strip, Lake Tahoe, or in Reno cheering on the Wolfpack.

Nevada Mobile Betting Devices

  • Samsung Galaxy
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Amazon Fire
  • Sony Xperia
  • LG Wing
  • Blackberry
  • iPad
  • Galaxy Tab
  • Goggle Pixel

Types Of Bets To Make At A Nevada Online Sportsbook

Having all of the different sports betting odds explained is vital to having a full betting experience in Nevada. From the standard gamelines to futures odds and prop bets, there is value to be found in odds across the board.

Moneyline: These are arguably the easiest odds to understand in all of sports betting as it is just choosing the winner of a game.
Spread: With point spreads, you are betting on the margin of victory between the winner and loser. Betting sites will set a number and you can either bet on the favorite to win by more than the projected margin or bet on the loser to win outright or lose within that number.
Over/Under: This is when you are betting on the total combined points by both teams in a game where you can bet on if both teams will score a combined over or under the set amount of points.
Player Props: Here you are betting on the overall performance of a single player in a game. Looking at the NFL for example, you can bet on if Josh Jacobs will run for over or under 66.5 yards in a specific game.
Game Props: Game props are where you are betting on different aspects of the game such as a certain team's total points in a half, first-quarter game lines, if a game will go to overtime or not, and much more.
Futures Odds: with these odds, you are betting on the outcome of something throughout the season. This includes player awards such as league MVPs and championships like the NBA Finals and Super Bowls.
Parlays: Here you are betting on the outcome of at least two things. It could be on two teams to win their games, to cover the spreads, or go over or under the point totals. When betting parlays, it is worth noting that all things you select must happen in order for you to cash your bet. If one thing does not hit, the bet is lost.

Bet on the NFL at Xbet

Permitted Sports To Bet On In Nevada

You will never be left without anything to bet on as the online sportsbooks in Nevada are known for offering odds on all of the top-rated sports as well as the smaller market ones as well. At BetOnline for example, they have 22 total sports that you can choose from, but within those sports are different leagues in those sports which means hundreds of different betting lines to look through.

Nevada Sports Teams To Bet On

There are a total of five sports teams to bet on in Nevada including three professional teams and two Division I collegiate athletic programs. One collegiate team that has shown up consistently each year are the Nevada Wolfpack football team.

Professional Nevada Sports Teams

Collegiate Nevada Sports Teams

Betting On The Raiders In Nevada

Betting on the Raiders in Las Vegas is extremely simple, with many NFL online sportsbooks offering odds on the team in the city of gambling. There are player/game props, future odds for SB58, the AFC, and the AFC West, and live game lines for every single week of action. Online bettors in Nevada can accept different welcome bonuses before betting on the Raiders, with BetOnline offering up to $1,000 for all new NFL bettors through crypto deposits.

Nevada Live Betting Odds

Live betting odds could be considered a bettors best friend depending on the circumstances. When using sportsbooks with live betting, you are getting in on a games odds while it is going on. The odds for the game though are constantly shifting depending on what is going on in the game and could even give you more value than where the opening odds were before the game started. Another crucial use of live betting odds is being able to use them to hedge your original bet on a game in the event that the first bet you placed is not turning out as you imagined.

Nevada Specialty Betting Markets

There are some betting markets in Nevada that you can only bet on with the licensed online sportsbooks. Those include political betting odds like elections, state elections, and presidential prop bets. Also, online entertainment sportsbooks offer odds on things that include celebrity marriages, stock market prices, and even reality television shows. When it comes to Esports though, you can find odds for them on regulated online sportsbooks, but only game lines, you won't be able to find any Esports prop bets or be able to live bet on them. Both live betting and prop bets could be way more profitable than gamelines in some cases, especially when betting on the Vegas Inferno whether they are playing outside of Nevada or at the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor.

Nevada Sports Betting Laws

Nevada paved the way for legal US sports betting, as it was the first state to legalize sports betting way back in 1949. However, the land-based locations inside of casinos did not launch until later on in 1974 while online sportsbooks in Nevada did not come to life until 2010. Being that it is the oldest sports betting state, the initial license fee for operators has stayed put at $500 with the tax rate on revenue at a low 6.75%.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Use A Nevada Online Sportsbook?

When trying to use one of the online sportsbooks in Nevada, the only thing that you must meet is their age requirement of 21 years old. That legal sports betting age is set by the Nevada Gaming Control Board who regulates sports betting in the state.

Do Other States Near Nevada Have Online Sportsbooks?

Nevada online sportsbooks have long been considered the best in the US, but the passing of legislation has greatly increased the number of states that have online sportsbooks. Despite more than half the country having launched an online sports betting market of their own, Nevada’s neighbors have largely fallen behind. As of now, California online sportsbooks, Utah online sportsbooks, and Idaho online sportsbooks are all based internationally. The only neighboring states that have comparative markets are Oregon online sportsbooks and Arizona online sportsbooks, but even each of those markets has substantial limits. All in all, online sportsbooks in Nevada are well ahead of their neighbors.

Nevada Online Sports Betting Customer Service

Customer service is key at Nevada online sportsbooks and they’ll do whatever they can to ensure an enjoyable experience on these sites. They each have 247 customer care representatives available to you to help you with any issues that might come up at any hours of the day. Aside from emailing and live chatting, they’ll even get on a phone call with you and walk you through any issues as well.

Can I Use Bovada In Nevada?

Sadly, you cannot use Bovada in Nevada as it is one of the few states that Bovada does not allow users in. You are not left in the dark though with the many other great online sportsbooks available. Those NV sportsbooks are headlined by BetOnline, which our experts rank as a top-two option throughout the US. That much is lucky, as some other states that are like Nevada in that Bovada does not accept their players also miss out on BetOnline. The most popular Bovada alternatives in the other states that sportsbook does not accept are:

Most Used Sports Betting Apps In Nevada

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is one of the more popular online sportsbooks given their state-of-the-art facilities at the MGM Grand in Vegas. As for the online sportsbook, it can be used from anywhere in Nevada as well, but the sign up process needs to be done in person which could take some time being that this is one of the hottest sportsbooks on the strip.

Caesars Sportsbook

The Caesars sportsbook is one of the most well known retail and online betting platforms given that it is affiliated with arguably the most popular hotel on the Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace. They run their online sportsbook through the William Hill server after they bought out William Hill in 2020.

Superbook Sportsbook

The Westgate Superbook was known as the largest retail sportsbook in the world for many decades as it stands at over 30,000 square feet. They do offer an online and mobile sports betting platform that you can sign up for. However, their registration process is in-person meaning you cannot use the app until you register for it in person.