Political Betting Odds - Betting On US Elections

Political Betting Odds

Betting on elections in the United States can be a profitable and fun endeavor, and an interesting way to get involved in the political process, if a little detached from the realities of what politics represent to the average person. United States political election odds are easy to find and bet on and can be rewarding betting practices. Generally, political odds take the form of bets on who will be a party’s nominee, and who will win in elections, but they can get more esoteric and out there – for example, sportsbooks sometimes offer bets on how many times Trump will tweet in one day, occasionally compared to other events.

Is It Legal To Bet On US Elections?

The way political betting works in the US is that it is generally not allowed at state-sanctioned sportsbooks, which are very specific to only betting on sports. This is also a phenomenon encountered when trying to bet on, for example, occurrences that happen during the Super Bowl like the amount of commercials. State-sanctioned sportsbooks are not allowed to offer odds on things that are not specifically defined within the laws of sports betting within their state as their status depends on a limited view of what sports betting is. Election betting falls outside of that, and so the best way to bet on elections in the United States, interestingly, is to go to sportsbooks outside of the United States: the online offshore sportsbooks. At these venues, betting on political events can happen regarding both US and international politics.

Political Betting Odds

Some examples of political betting odds that should be familiar to everyone are the odds-on which party will win the next presidential election. Currently, the odds are as follows:

Winner Of 2020 Presidential Election:

  • Democratic Party -115
  • Republican Party -115

You can even get a little bit more specific with your betting options and slate. For example:

2020 US Presidential Election Winner:

  • Joe Biden +135
  • Donald Trump -120

The favorite is President Donald Trump, trailed by presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden. After early momentum heavily favored Senator Bernie Sanders, Biden surged in the polls after other moderate candidates dropped out of the race to endorse him. Although there are still numerous primaries remaining, Sanders has suspended hs campaign. Trump’s odds slowly decreased as Biden surged - the polls briefly favored Biden over Trump - but have since moved in Trump’s favor of winning his reelection run.

Best Sportsbooks To Bet On Politics

There are many excellent online sportsbooks that you can use to bet on political events such as the 2020 US presidential election. We have reviewed several of them below, for your convenience. All of them are legal sportsbooks for political betting and offer prop bets that extend past the various options explained on this page. While some are serious and to the point, others are funny and ridiculous such as what color tie a candidate will wear.

Bovada - Offers US Political Betting Odds By The Dozens

Bovada SportsbookBovada is the industry standard in online sportsbooks, one of the largest fish in the sea, so to speak. The website is sleek and easy to understand, their online betting cart is simple and easily modifiable, their odds are quite good, and they cover a vast range of sports and political betting opportunities. On mobile, Bovada serves mobile bettors by providing a version of its website that is optimized for the use of mobile devices, without the need to download an app or anything else. Simply navigate to Bovada on your computer, tablet or smartphone, sign up, and start betting.

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MyBookie - Featuring Obscure Odds On US Politics And Elections
MyBookie is known for their off the wall bets, and that, of course, includes their political betting section. MyBookie has some truly incredible bets up right now, that range from the typical US presidential odds to bets on which terrorist will be captured or killed next, to which country will join Iran should they declare war against the United States. If you want to see weird lines and weird bets, check out MyBookie – they are unparalleled. Of course, they also have everything anyone could want from an online sportsbook, from good customer service to a well-built website and well-optimized sports betting mobile app. Make sure you check out MyBookie when placing your bets.

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Online Sportsbooks Accepting Political Wagering

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Using Polls To Help Bet On Elections

Polls are anything but predictive, but they can tell us some things about how results generally seem to look. When using polls to bet on presidential elections, it’s important to understand what they are – polls are, functionally, surveys. They don’t measure nuance well, and they don’t measure the effects of things that will happen in the future, they measure what is happening right now. They are limited tools, but they are the best we have. Some other things to take a look at include fundraising numbers and advertising expenditure.

US Election Events 2020

  • February 3rd: Iowa Caucus: The Iowa Caucus in 2020 was something of a debacle, with Pete Buttigieg winning the delegate count and state delegate equivalents, and Bernie Sanders winning the popular vote.
  • February 11th: New Hampshire Primary: The New Hampshire Primary was won by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, with Pete Buttigieg in second and Amy Klobuchar in third.
  • February 22: Nevada Caucus –The Nevada Caucus was won by Bernie Sanders by a large margin, vaulting him to the top of the delegate count.
  • February 29: South Carolina Primary – The fourth caucus or primary of the year, and especially important to the democratic electorate as many candidates have staked their claim on winning South Carolina, especially former Vice-President Joe Biden.
  • March 3rd: Super Tuesday – Biden rode a wave of consolidated moderate support to huge victories on Super Tuesday, transforming himself from a distant underdog to a party frontrunner overnight. Biden captured victories in key battleground states like Massachusetts, Texas and Minnesota.
  • June 7th: The last primary, in Puerto Rico.
  • July 13-16th: Democratic National Convention
  • August 24-27: Republican National Convention
  • September 29th: First Presidential Debate (South Bend, IN)
  • October 7th: Vice Presidential Debate (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • October 15th: Second Presidential Debate (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • October 22nd: Third Presidential Debate (Nashville, TN)
  • November 3rd: 2020 Presidential Election

Prop Betting On The 2020 Presidential Election

There are a vast amount of prop bets that you can get action on at various online sportsbooks, and we will highlight several of them here. At this point in the race, many are focused on the Democratic Party’s primary and betting on Super Tuesday.

Odds To Win Popular Vote In 2020:

  • Democrats -230
  • Republicans +170

Democratic Vice President 2020:

  • Amy Klobuchar +175
  • Kamala Harris +250
  • Elizabeth Warren +500
  • Stacey Abrams +600
  • Hillary Clinton +1000

President Trump Election Props:

  • To Lose Electoral College & Popular Vote +125
  • To Win Electoral College, Lose Popular Vote +200
  • To Win Electoral College & Popular Vote +300
  • To Lose Electoral College, Win Popular Vote +1400

Political Betting Odds FAQ's

Why can't I bet on US elections in my state?

Elections are not state-sanctioned betting, for a variety of reasons, the simplest of which is that the integrity of US elections is held sacred. Allowing gambling on such would cause conflicts of interest. All states set regulations that prevent this but bettors can find options at online sportsbooks.

How can I bet real money on the US elections?

You can use any of the online sportsbooks detailed in the article above to bet real money on politics. While we have selected several of our favorite sportsbooks to recommend, there are many, although we do not vouch for the quality of those not on our website. No matter the case, be sure to shop lines as a candidate's odds can be vastly different amongst sportsbooks.

How did the impeachment affect Trump's reelection odds?

It mostly didn’t, which is due to the fact that it was never going to get through the Senate. The Republicans would not allow a sitting president of their party to be impeached, and so it turned into a purely optical political battle, the kind of thing Trump is relatively good at managing. It remains to be seen whether it is a boon or a problem for him as far as optics go.