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While online sports betting in California might not be regulated by the state, the laws in California do not criminalize the act of placing bets on sports events at the internationally regulated online sports betting sites. In fact, California laws don’t actually criminalize sports bettors in any way, instead of focusing on going after unlicensed, black market bookmakers. This is good news for the bettors in the great state of California.

That said, it is important to note that the state of California does not legalize, regulate, license, or authorize any online sports betting activity within its jurisdiction. California does not offer its residents any state-sanctioned sports betting facilities offline, either, though both offline and online betting were on track to be legalized in the state before the end of the 2020 calendar year, however, fell through due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That has been moved to 2022 now where voters will decide on the matter in the November 2022 ballot.

On this page, we will demonstrate how California residents can safely and legally bet on their favorite sports events at internationally licensed online sportsbooks. In addition to familiarizing California residents with the sports betting laws of their state, we have also presented a list of the most reputable and California-friendly online sports betting sites in the industry.

Betting On The Los Angeles Rams In California

Mobile Sports Betting

The Los Angeles Rams are considered as one of the top teams in the league and their +1400 Super Bowl odds back that up. They last made a Super Bowl appearance in the 2018-19 Super Bowl where they were defeated. They have one of the elite defenses, if not the most elite defense in the NFL that ranked number one in yards and points allowed per game in 2020

Betting On The Los Angeles Chargers In California

Mobile Sports Betting

The Los Angeles Chargers have turned a new leaf in the 2021 season as their chemistry has been building tremendously. While their division, the AFC West is usually on lock by the Kansas City Chiefs, they can still look to cap off their regular season with an appearance in the Wild Card round where they have +220 NFL odds of clinching a spot. Of the last four seasons that an AFC West team has made the Wild Card round, the Chargers have seen two appearances.

Betting On The San Francisco 49ers In California

Mobile Sports Betting

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the most historical teams in the NFL with 27 total playoff appearances in which they have won five out of seven Super Bowls. Their Super Bowl odds for the 2021-22 season opened up in great shape as well at +1400 and they certainly have the potential to cash those out. After all, they had an injury-riddled 2020 season after their 2019 Super Bowl run. Now that they are back to full strength, they could be looking to get back to the Super Bowl as soon as possible.

2021 Outlook For Legal California Sports Betting

While no sports betting bill managed to pass into law at all in 2020, there is still hope for sports betting launching in the future. California won't be able to vote on sports betting until 2022, however, as that is the next election year and there will need to be an amendment to the local constitution. With the shutdowns caused by COVID-19, as well as the damages brought on by massive wildfires, California is suffering from a major hole in its budget. Sports betting could very well be the answer to solving part of this issue. The reason why launching a sports betting bill is so difficult in California is due to the fact that the gambling in the state is run by the local tribes. The Maidu and Cahuilleno tribes have compacts with the state that would need to be altered in order to include sports wagering.

Local tribes did make a push to allow lawmakers to look at sports betting back in December 2020. The tribes collected the requisite signature required to have a sports betting bill presented, but the Golden State will have to wait until 2022 during the next election year. A constitutional overwrite would be required in order to approve sports betting. The native tribes are already on board, so a 2022 vote to approve sports betting is possible. Lawmakers may be more motivated to worth with the local tribes to agree to an updated compact. The only catch is that the tribes are pushing to have sportsbooks only located within their land-based casinos and are strongly against any online sportsbooks.

California is on the borders of Nevada and Las Vegas is only a road trip away for many residents, the Golden State loses out on a lot of potential revenue being sent to the neighboring state. This could be another talking point brought up should another bill be presented at a legislative session. Sports betting in California would be a major hit. The state is home to several professional teams including four basketball teams, three NFL teams, and three NHL teams. The state is a major market that would boom in legal sports betting was launched locally. The potential revenue annually could push the Golden State into the nation’s leaderboards for top sports betting state should it get approved.


Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in California?

Betting real money or anything of value on the outcomes of sports events is not legal in California. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. The correct interpretation of the law is that no entity is legally allowed to accept bets where real money or anything of value is staked. In other words, it is illegal in CA for bookies/bookmakers to offer and accept bets, not for individual CA residents to place them.

The state does not authorize, legalize, license, or permit any sports betting operator to run sports betting services on its premises. California also does not allow any online gambling company to operate online sportsbooks within the state (and federal law precludes any US-based online sportsbooks from accepting wagers across state lines, per the Wire Act of 1961). If residents find any bookie, bookmaking business, or online sportsbook based in California, they can take it for granted that these are illegal, unlicensed, and unsafe. For more information about CA’s gambling laws, you can check out the California Penal Code, Section 330 et seq.

The safest and only truly legal way for those who want to gamble on sports in California and place bets on their favorite sports teams or outcomes of sports matches is to sign up at offshore online sportsbooks that accept California residents like Bovada. Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie, and other international online sportsbooks do not violate California’s gambling laws in any way because they are not based in California. Although they are not licensed and regulated by the California government, they are licensed and regulated in offshore gambling jurisdictions. It is therefore safe and legal for California users to register at these offshore bookmaking sites.

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Will California Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

California’s sports betting laws do not specifically state that it is not legal for its residents to become real money members of offshore online sportsbooks. The state has so far not booked any of its residents for placing wagers on outcomes of sports events at offshore online sportsbooks. California players can, therefore, quit worrying about legalities and register at licensed and regulated online sports betting sites such as the ones we have listed on this website.

The only people who have to worry about getting into trouble with the law are operators of online sports betting services. Since California does not license or permit any online sports betting company, it is illegal for such companies to operate online sportsbooks in the state. But no law prevents players from betting at licensed offshore online sports betting sites. California residents only have to make sure that the online sportsbooks are licensed before registering an account.

Where Can California Residents Bet Sports Online?

California residents have a lot of options when it comes to betting on their favorite sporting events online. Generally, the first place most California bettors look when searching for online sports betting is the international online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks like Bovada are regulated in places outside of the United States, which means they have very few restrictions on what they are allowed to offer as far as gambling goes. There are plenty of internationally regulated online sportsbooks that are willing to accept residents of California, and we have listed several of them below.

The websites listed on this page have been carefully handpicked by our team of experts, based on our own experience using them, and the reputations they have developed over years of operation. We are gamblers too, we love the thrill of betting on sports, and we know the best places to do it. You can rest assured that they are the best and the most reliable online venues for your sports betting adventures. Despite being located internationally, these are some of the most trustworthy and reputable websites in the online gambling community. With all of that said, let’s check out some of the best sportsbooks for California residents!

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept California Residents

Bovada Sportsbook  - Best Online Sports Betting Site For California Residents

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada Sports Betting

State Restrictions: ALL STATES - ex. DE, MD, NJ, NV
Welcome Bonus: 50% to $250
Minimum Deposit: $20
Banking Methods:

Arguably the best online sportsbook for those interested in betting online in California is Bovada, an online gambling company that offers a wide range of online gambling services such as live poker, casino gaming, and horse racing betting. Of course, Bovada’s main claim to fame is its world-beating sportsbook and website interface that makes wagering on all the California sports you crave easier than ever. Licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada, Bovada Sportsbook welcomes new punters with a deposit match bonus of 50% up to $250. Best of all, this perk has the industry’s most generous rollover of just 5X, making your bonus pay off much faster than those at competing sportsbooks.

Bovada Sportsbook also comes with facilities such as live betting, mobile betting, and in-play betting. California bettors can place bets on their favorite college sports events along with major league basketball, baseball, hockey, football, and soccer events, just to name a few.

Bovada goes the extra mile in taking care of its customers, and bettors in distress can either use the online contact form or the telephone numbers provided at the website. Thanks to their industry-leading customer service, Bovada is frequented by over a million CA customers every year.

BetOnline Sportsbook  - California Bettors Number 1 Choice

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline Logo

State Restrictions: ALL STATES - ex. NJ, NV, NY
Welcome Bonus: 50% to $1,000
Minimum Deposit: $50
Banking Methods:

BetOnline is one of the best sportsbooks out there. It’s a no-frills betting experience, focused on allowing you to bet on whoever you want, whenever you want, from wherever you want. If you’re in California, which is probably why you’re on this page, that means you can bet on UCLA football, Cal Basketball, the Dodgers, the Angels, the Lakers, the Clippers, and everyone in between at BetOnline.

One thing worth highlighting about BetOnline is their no-frills approach to betting. Basically, while other sites focus on different priorities, BetOnline is laser-focused on delivering a stripped-down, easy to understand betting experience. It focuses on odds and bets, and that’s it – it’s there for a reason, and that reason is to let you bet online. To this end, their payment processing is excellent – they let you get money in and out faster than basically anyone else, and they accept a wide variety of payment options. If you want to bet online, there’s no better place than BetOnline.

MyBookie Sportsbook  - All the Bets Under The SoCal Sun

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie Logo

State Restrictions: ALL STATES - ex. NJ, NV, NY
Welcome Bonus: 50% to $1,000
Minimum Deposit: $50
Banking Methods:

MyBookie is a stellar sportsbook, and there are a lot of reasons why. To us, the biggest reason to choose MYBookie is reliability. MyBookie is a reliable sportsbook, with good odds, and an excellent variety of betting option. MyBookie takes the most advantage of being located offshore, offering odds on weird bets that you won’t see anywhere else. If you want to bet on which terrorist will be captured or killed by the USA next, you literally can do that at MyBookie.

Anything from a stone ordinary over/under line to a bet about whether the US will kill a terrorist. They are the absolute kings of offering the weirdest bets imaginable, and their sportsbook is a great way to pass the time, even if you don’t end up betting on all of their interesting odds. Think of it like chicken – yeah, sportsbooks are good, but sometimes you need to add a little seasoning. MyBookie has seasoning in spades.

Xbet Sportsbook  - Sports Betting In California

Xbet Sports Betting

Xbet Logo

State Restrictions: ALL STATES
Welcome Bonus: 100% to $300
Minimum Deposit: $25
Banking Methods:

Let’s say you’re a California resident, and you want to place a bet on the Cal Bears to beat USC this college football season. Or, you know, the other way around. Whichever way you want to bet on that game and other games, you can check out XBet’s sportsbook for the best lines, the best odds, and the best customer service.

XBet is second to none in those categories, offering the best available lines on as many bets as you can think of. In addition to being a great sportsbook, they focus heavily on customer service in two ways. First, they have devoted a lot of resources to make sure that your deposits and withdrawals into the sportsbook are secure and processed accurately and quickly. Second, they have set up a hotline for you to call if you run into any problems, or need any kind of help. Basically, they’re the total package in sportsbooks, so make sure you check out XBet! - Fast Payouts & Easy Credit Card Deposits

SportsBetting Sports Betting

SportsBetting Logo

State Restrictions: ALL STATES - ex. NJ, NV, NY
Welcome Bonus: 50% to $1,000
Minimum Deposit: $20
Banking Methods:

SportsBetting, a reputed online sports betting brand that accepts players from California, is home to lucrative promotions and generous bonuses. Besides, it comes with special features such as the Live In Game Betting App, which gives players the rare pleasure of live in-play betting. The online sportsbook gives away limited offer bonuses on a regular basis and bettors need to be alert enough to grab them.

SportsBetting also offers its users a free play bonus of 25% on every deposit they make (up to $1000) for as long as they wish to stay, and new members can get a similar initial deposit of 50% up to $1000 to help them get started on the right track.

Signing up at SportsBetting takes just a few minutes, and you can fund your account in a variety of ways, including via debit, credit (including AMEX), bank wire, money order, cashier check, or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH, etc.). Bitcoin is fast becoming SportsBetting’s most popular deposit method, and it’s now the industry standard across the board.

Bookmaker Sportsbook  - Get Cash Back with BetPoints Rewards

Bookmaker Sports Betting

Bookmaker Sports Betting

State Restrictions: ALL STATES
Welcome Bonus: 100% to $300
Minimum Deposit: $10
Banking Methods:

It is time for you to join one of the most well-respected and longest-lived online sports betting sites in the industry—BookMaker. With more than three decades of experience, the sportsbook knows how to deliver the most exciting sports betting action. Not only can you bet on football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and more, you can get handsomely rewarded for doing so.

BookMaker Sportsbook offers a BetPoints rewards program that gives you points for every single wager that you make. As points accumulate, you can unlock deposit bonuses, free plays, discounted payouts, and more. The best part of the rewards program is that you can also redeem points for cash-back rewards. For example, with 500 BetPoints, a Diamond player can get $2.75 back in cash. Even better, there is no rollover requirement for earning points or getting free cash at BookMaker! Create your free BookMaker account today to start cashing in on your rewards!

Best California Online Sportsbooks

California Sports Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
XbetSportsbookReview100% Up To $300

California Sports Betting Laws

There are no laws within California’s legislation that outright bans sports betting. There are also no laws that allow for regulated sports betting. California has yet to pass any sports betting legislation in its lawbooks and have the initial state gambling laws that were approved long before PASPA was repealed in 2018. These can be viewed here: Penal Code Chapter 10, Section 330-337z.

California has attempted to bring regulated sports betting to its legislation for a while but has failed to do so in the past. SCA-6 was the latest sports betting bill that was presented, but the bill ultimately failed to make it to the November 2020 ballot. Had the bill made it further, it would have been voted on and if approved, sports betting in California could have launched in 2021. Now, the earliest spots betting could launch in California is 2022. Part of the reason it has been so difficult for sports betting to launch is due to the tribal contracts California has with the local tribes. Something else to take a note of here before the 2022 ballot is that a decision on online sports betting has not been made and also betting on in-state collegiate sports will be prohibited.

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Age To Bet On Sports In California

California’s legal sports betting age is 18. In order to partake in sports betting at online sportsbooks, you must be at least 18 years of age or older. Online sportsbooks will not allow sports bettors to wager without legal identification that proves they are at least the required legal sports betting age. If you are found attempting to bet on sports illegally, then you are subject to being banned from the online sportsbook.

Once you are of the legal sports betting age in California, then you can partake in online sports betting to your heart's content. International sports betting sites offer some of the best betting lines available. You will be able to wager on your favorite sports teams, leagues, and players from anywhere in the state.

Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting California Residents Regulated?

No, the online sportsbooks that California residents use to bet on sports are not regulated by US officials. California has not yet approved sports betting in its legislation, meaning that no domestic book is allowed to operate within the Golden States borders until a law is passed. The online sportsbooks that do operate in the U.S. are able to offer California residents legal sports betting regardless of the state’s regulation, however. This means that although California does not have any regulated online sportsbooks currently operating, international online sportsbooks like Bovada are still accepted and operate in the Golden State thanks to international betting sites.

These online sportsbooks are located and regulated overseas and are not affected by the laws of the US. This means that regardless of California’s stance on sports betting, residents can legally access these online sportsbooks. Online sports betting is currently the only way to legally bet on sports in California. Sports bettors in the Golden State can find some of the best betting lines at these international betting sites, however, making there no need to travel outside the state to bet on sports.

California Sports Betting Markets

California, which is home to around 35 professional sports teams and dozens of collegiate clubs, is a rich sports betting market. California residents turn an estimated yearly handle of over $20 billion, and most of that action is sent overseas. However, once the state legalizes and taxes local sports betting, it stands to redirect a large amount of that cash flow into its state coffers, while keeping the rest of it squarely in the local economy, which is a huge win for all involved.

CA residents are interested in a wide range of sports, and the state is home to Major League Baseball clubs such as the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland Athletics, and the Anaheim Angels, while the NBA is represented by powerhouse titans like the LA Lakers and the Golden State Warriors as well as lesser teams like the Clippers and the Kings. For NFL fans, the state has the Las Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams, while the Oakland Raiders have moved across the border to Las Vegas, NV. NHL fans and NCAA fans also have a slew of California options, and there are a number of other teams and players to wager on in the state as well. The state is also the home of famous athletes such as Serena Williams, Jeff Gordon, Joe DiMaggio, and others.

California Sports Betting FAQs

How can I increase my deposit limits?

You can increase your deposit limits by making a quick phone call to customer service. More money in your account translates to more wagering, which is why representatives are generally willing to raise your funding limits. While new players can get approval, higher limits are awarded the more often you bet with the sportsbook.

When Are Payouts Processed?

When payouts are processed depends on the individual sportsbook cashier and the payout type. Some sports betting sites only process the majority of payouts from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm ET Monday through Thursday. BetOnline and SportsBetting do not have specific days, but will generally process payouts within a certain timeframe depending on the method.

What Are The Fastest Payout Methods?

For the fastest payouts, you will want to go with a digital currency or money transfer service. Bitcoin is a digital currency that has the quickest processing time of all withdrawal methods, though in some cases, other cryptos like Ethereum or Litecoin will be faster. You can withdraw thousands of dollars using crypto, and your funds will be credited to your account in as little as 2 hours, with 12-24 hours being the longest wait times. You can also look into book-to-book transfers with participating sportsbooks. This method has high maximums, and payouts are usually completed within 24 hours. If you wish to be paid via check, money order, or wire transfer, expect to wait up to two weeks to see your money stateside.

Why Is It Important To Shop Lines?

Not shopping for lines is one of the most common betting mistakes for new bettors. When you only join one sportsbook, you are limiting yourself in terms of value and selection. One sportsbook may have the best odds on MLB, while another may have the best value on underdogs. Three books is the magic number, but you should at least join two different sportsbooks. You can take advantage of the reduced juice lines that one book offers, and use another sportsbook when you want the bet on favorites.

What Are The Best California Online Sportsbooks?

When wagering on sports in California, the preferred sportsbooks are the same as they are across the US: Bovada, BetOnline and MyBookie. Each of these sportsbooks presents solid wagering opportunities to bettors, and offers wagers that local sportsbooks simply can’t compete with, both in terms of odds and in terms of amount and style of wagers. There are more online sportsbooks as well, and you can check out the sportsbook review page for more.

What Types Of Sports Do Online Sportsbooks Offer Californians?

There are a number of different professional sports teams in California and they span across many different sports leagues. Thankfully, online offshore sportsbooks should have all of them covered. On top of that, they offer odds for international sports, indoor sports, Esports, virtual sports, and many others.

Is Mobile Sports Betting Available In California?

Yes, but only through online sportsbooks housed overseas. Each of the top options available to CA residents have a mobile optimized site available as well as an app that you can download straight from their site. You won’t be able to find these apps in the Appstore or the Google Play store because of their guidelines, but downloading from the sportsbooks main site should be just as easy. No matter if you’re skating across Long Beach, or visiting Yosemite national park, you’ll always have access to all the latest odds.

Will I Have To Pay Taxes On My Online Sportsbook Winnings In CA?

Unfortunately, yes. California already has one of the highest tax rates in the country, and when it comes to income generated sports betting it is no different. Even if you are using Bitcoin as your main method of transactions you will eventually convert that currency into real USD and when you do you will have to report it to the IRS to avoid any trouble.

What Is the Fastest Way To Receive My Winnings?

California is an expensive place to live, so often times getting any bit of money and getting it fast is crucial. When it comes to receiving your winnings from online offshore sportsbooks the fastest way across the board seems to be through cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Because there are no banks that stand in the way of processing these payments they are able to be made often times within 24 hours.

What Do I Do If I’m Having An Issue Placing My Bets In California?

These sites are not regulated by the California government so they will not be able to help instance. If for some reason you are having trouble using one of these sites, the best course of action to take is to contact their sportsbook cashier. They can be contacted through phone, email, or even sometimes through a live chat feature located right on the website.