Betting On Darts

Betting on DartsProfessional darts betting has seen a massive boom in recent years with the top players in the world bringing global attention to a relatively small and simple sport. This has also caused several online sportsbooks to expand in this area as well. Darts has grown from outside the dark British pubs to become a worldwide attraction. Audiences in the US have built a strong connection to the expanded darts betting odds. If you are looking for information on how to use online darts sportsbooks that take players from the U.S., or just some knowledge of the game, then allow this page to be your guide.

Top Sportsbooks for Betting on Darts

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2025 PDC World Championship Odds

How To Bet On Darts

When starting to learn about betting on darts, you should understand the most common forms of betting on the sport. Darts is played in a few different ways and uses some unique vocabulary, so take some time to get familiar with the lines and terms. Here are some of the most common forms of betting on darts:

Match Results

This is one of the simplest bets and, therefore, one of the most common. For the match result bet, you are just choosing which player you believe will win the match. This is your standard moneyline-style wager, and has the standard odds attached. By this, we mean that betting on the favorite will typically come with worse odds than the underdog.

Handicap Bets

If you are looking for better odds and want to place bets in more of a spread-style format, than handicap bets are what you are looking for. For these, you will bet on the favorite to win by more or less than the handicap amount of sets or legs. These are the rounds in darts, so you are betting on the favorite to win handily, or for the underdog to lose by less than the predicted amount, just like betting the spread in football or basketball.

Tournament Winner

This is a standard futures bet on the winner of a given tournament. These come with better odds than your standard match bet that increase the earlier you place the bet. Of course this comes with the larger risk since you don’t know who your player will end up facing in the tournament. Standard strategy for this is to bet on a few players, but always maintaining the odds that if any of your selections win, you come out positive.

Prop Bets - Most 180's

This bet is darts specific, but couldn’t be more simple to understand. This is betting on the player who will score the most 180’s in a single game or for the entire tournament. Scoring a 180 in a round is the highest amount you can score, achieved by hitting the triple 20 spot three times in a row. Therefore, you are betting on the player you think will have the most skill and accuracy. This bet is a prop bet and therefore will hit or miss regardless of the outcome of the match.

Where To Legally Bet On Darts

Using a USA online sportsbook to bet on darts is completely legal. Since these books are not stationed in the US, they following licensing requirements in foreign countries. This allows for a wider selection of darts odds when using a legal online sportsbook.

Bovada Sportsbook

Darts Betting Action All Year Round

Bovada Sports Betting

The leader in online sportsbooks, Bovada offers everything you are looking for when it comes to betting on darts. The best way to bet on darts at Bovada is by trying the correct score match prop. This darts line offers very long odds as players must choose which 7-match series result will be correct. Aside from the long odds, they have the most updated odds and will offer lines on pretty much any of the competitions you would be looking for.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Fast Sportsbook Payouts For US Players

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline is another great option if looking for an online darts sportsbook. BetOnline offers all of the major dart competitions and tournaments, futures and prop bets, and have an easy to use interface. Giving a reliable darts betting experience for any user, go into the "other sports" tab to find the most up to date PDC World Championship odds.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Safe Sportsbooks For Darts Bettors

MyBookie Sports Betting

For players looking to safely bet on darts, MyBookie provides an excellent option. The popular online sportsbook offers encrypted security on both deposits and withdrawals and requires players to verify that they are not a robot. Those additional steps cost players nothing, if not for 10 seconds, but they make MyBookie the safest sportsbook to bet on darts.

Major Dart Tournaments And Events

If you are already a darts fan then you are probably familiar with the scheduling and major tournaments, but for those new to the sport, it can be tricky to understand. The number of events is continuing to grow with the sport, but the largest and most important events are the ones below.

Premier League

Premier League DartsThe Premier League is one of the highest levels of competition when it comes to the world of darts. This event takes place over 16 nights in various locations and has become a fan favorite for darts enthusiasts and bettors alike. This event sees the best in the world compete and will be full of many betting opportunities across most major books.

PDC World Championship

PDC Darts

Known simply as ‘worlds’ this is the highest touted single event in the darts world, complete with the largest prize pool. The best in the world compete at the PDC World Championship trying to take home a piece of the over 1 Million Euro that is on the line. Millions tune in to witness the event and, in turn the betting market is full of options. Most major books will offer a variety of futures, props, and special bets leading up and during the event. Looking ahead to the 2023 event, Michael Van Gerwen is favored to win and has three PDC Championships to his name since 2014.