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Legal sports betting in Georgia is a hot topic, to nobody’s surprise. With teams like the Falcons, Dawgs, Hawks and Atlanta United, there are a lot of chances to bet on sports in Georgia. Georgia’s gambling laws, however, focus on penalizing operators of illegal sports betting outfits and not on players placing bets with illegal bookies. The state has no laws against bettors joining legal online bookies either, which is why betting on sports at these overseas betting shops is the only legal and safe option for Georgia bettors.

On this page, we have presented a brief overview of sports betting laws in Georgia. This page informs GA residents exactly how they can bet online legally, without fear of breaking any state or federal laws whatsoever. We have also presented a list of the most trusted, established legal offshore online sportsbooks for Georgia residents.

Betting On The NFL In Georgia

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When it comes to NFL betting in Georgia, there's only one name that those in the state are loyal to - those dirty birds, the Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons are not what they used to be when they made a run for the Super Bowl back in 2017. Since their Super Bowl run, they have not made the playoffs at all and are not in any shape to make them in the near future either. Their mediocre status stops nobody from believing in them, and that includes wagers being placed at sportsbooks across the world. Georgia's best NFL books are located outside of the state, to avoid local line bias.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Georgia?

Betting real money or anything of value on the outcomes of sports events is not a legalized and regulated activity in Georgia. Georgia bettors will therefore not find any state-licensed or state-approved sports betting shops, live bookies, or online sportsbooks in their state. If they do find any live bookie or online sportsbook in Georgia, they can take it for granted that these entities are operating without a license and are therefore illegal.

The only legal way for Georgia residents to bet on sports online is to do so at legal offshore online sportsbooks, such as the ones listed on this page. There is nothing in the Georgia Code (§ 16-12-20 et seq.) that prohibits bettors from registering for real money sports wagering at any offshore online bookie that cares to accept GA residents.

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What 2021 Will Bring For Legal Georgia Sports Betting

During the 2020 session, Georgia saw two bills that could legalize sports betting make progress within the Georgia General Assembly, which leaves the door open for 2021 to make wagering on sports a legal activity in the Peach State. After the overturning of PASPA in 2018, not many Georgians thought they’d see sportsbooks legalized in their state. But lawmakers began to see the amount of revenue that sports gaming industries across the nation brought in because of the popularity of the pastime. This is about the same time when bills started to be drafted for consideration by policymakers.

While sports betting didn’t cross the finish line in 2020 to become law, the 2021 session is seeing more favorable conditions for the market to be greenlit. Georgia has been able to see states profit from their legal sports wagering markets throughout the year and the Coronavirus Pandemic has created a need for alternative sources of revenue that legal sportsbooks could bring with them to the Peach State. Proposals to make sports betting legal for Georgia in 2021 will certainly see more consideration than ever before.

Will Georgia Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

Georgia residents will not get into trouble for betting online at offshore online sportsbooks, for many good reasons. First and foremost, Georgia has no online sports betting laws that specifically state that it is illegal for bettors to bet online at offshore bookies. Second, offshore online bookies are not based in Georgia and are therefore out of the state’s jurisdiction. Third, offshore online bookies are licensed and regulated in their own countries’ jurisdictions, so it is impossible for them to violate Georgia laws in any way. Therefore, it is safe and legal for Georgia residents to place bets at offshore online bookies.

The state of Georgia definitely does not permit operators to run land-based or online sports betting businesses inside its jurisdiction, however, and anybody caught running illegal bookmaking businesses will be severely punished. That said, in accordance with the practice’s legal standing, the state has never punished any resident for betting on sports over the Internet at a legal offshore sports betting site.

Where Can Georgia Residents Bet Sports Online?

A number of offshore online bookies accept Georgia residents and offer excellent betting odds on not only US sports events, but also Georgia sports events. Georgia bettors can therefore place bets on their favorite local teams in a safe and licensed betting environment. We have carefully researched and handpicked the best online bookies in the business for Georgia residents. Our team of experts has actually used these online bookies before coming to the conclusion that they are indeed top-rated products.

Bovada Sportsbook – Best Legal Sports Betting Site For Georgia Residents

Bovada SportsbookBetting on sports online is great fun at Bovada Sportsbook because of its user-friendly interface and great betting odds on all the favorite sports of America, such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and others. Bettors can place wagers on not only pro league sports events, but also college sporting events. Even better, Bovada is a reputed brand belonging to Salmon River Technologies and licensed in Kahnawake, Canada, so bettors can expect a safe and secure betting environment at Bovada Sportsbook.

Bovada Sportsbook is also home to the hottest sports picks and the latest sports betting news, along with plenty of other information required to make an informed bet. Bovada also runs exciting promotions, which include new player bonuses, rebates, refer-a-friend programs, loyalty rewards, season’s specials, and others.

New Georgia bettors who sign up with Bovada now can claim as much as $250 in new-player first deposit bonuses. This Welcome Bonus, while not the largest in the industry, comes with the industry’s lowest, most customer-friendly rollover requirement of just 5X. – Betting On The Georgia Bulldogs

BetOnline SportsbookYou wake up one morning and all you want to do is bet on the Georgia Bulldogs to beat the Florida Gators the next time they play. You’re convinced, 100% convinced, that the next time the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party happens, the Bulldogs will demolish the Gators. But, you don’t really know where to go to place that bet.

Enter BetOnline, who exist for one reason: to let you bet online. It’s right there in the name. All they do is let you place bets on the internet. They’re very good at it. If you sign up with BetOnline, there are tons of various promo that you can get too. For example, you can get a 100% matching first time crypto bonus when you deposit with cryptocurrency for the first time, or a 35% cryptocurrency reload bonus, so you can keep getting bonus cash and plays whenever you reload. BetOnline is the spot to bet online! – Best Sportsbook In Georgia

MyBookie SportsbookMyBookie rules, in our opinion. Around the office, we use MyBookie to find all the weirdest odds, all the coolest bets, and all the best lines. MyBookie, of all the online sportsbooks, is probably the one that best leverages being unregulated by the US Government the best, offering odds on all types of bets. You want to bet on whether Harvey Weinstein dies before Bill Cosby? You got it. You want to bet on whether or not Julia Rose flashes the camera during the Super Bowl? You got that too.

Of course, it would be a disservice to MyBookie to present them as purely a novelty sportsbook. Their actual sports betting section is second to none, featuring a vast array of lines, presented in an easy to understand format, on a very easy to use website. The website bears special mention – it’s great on desktop and great on mobile, so no matter where you are, MyBookie can be your bookie – Free To Join; Features Best Sports Props Available Online

XBet SportsbookXBet is relatively new to the game – but don’t let that fool you. This underdog has some bite. XBet was formed when a group of sports betting enthusiasts got together and worked to put the customer experience first when it comes to sports betting. So what does that mean? Well, it means that everything that XBet does is meant to make your life easier. Sports betting can be stressful in and of itself, and you don’t need the added stress when you’re wagering money.

XBet focuses on this in two ways. First, their website is excellent, and their lines are good. That’s step one complete. Second, they have an intense passion for customer service – they place a lot of importance on getting the transaction processing period as low as possible, so that your money can be more liquid, and not just sitting in limbo waiting for payment processing. In addition, XBet runs a 24/7 service hotline, should you ever run into any problems while using their service. Make sure you check out XBet – a customer focused sportsbook! – Free To Join; Features Best Sports Props Available Online

SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting, a reputed online sportsbook, offers Georgia players top betting odds on a wide range of sports such as soccer, football, tennis, baseball, basketball, auto racing, ice hockey, political events, celebrity events, and so on, both nationally and internationally. Bettors can also choose from betting options ranging from straight moneylines and spreads to props and parlays.

SportsBetting makes new bettors feel right at home. Georgia residents will have no problems at SportsBetting. However, on the off chance that they do, they can contact the online sportsbook’s customer care service center through live chat, email, and toll-free telephone avenues. Bettors can fund their accounts using a wide range of US-friendly banking methods, too, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, etc.).

SportsBetting has some awesome promotions too, which include lifetime bonuses and special bonuses. The online bookie offers a bonus of 50% on the first deposit players make (up to $1000), and these players can also get SportsBetting’s Bonus for Life reload perks throughout their stay there. SportsBetting also features a live in-play betting web-app, and bettors who lose their first bet worth $25 via live wagering will get their money back. – Old School Cool For Georgia High Rollers

Bookmaker SportsbookHaving a sportsbook with lots of different events to wager on is a must. But just about every book will do that. What you want is a book that will offer higher limits, better betting options, and generous bonuses, on top of having all of your favorite sports. More than that, you’ll want a book that’s been doing business for decades – a book you know you can trust. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at BookMaker.

BookMaker Sportsbook covers sporting events from around the world, bringing you the earliest lines possible, and often setting the standard prices for the industry in doing so. They also offer adjustable wager limits on many events. This means that high rollers looking to expand their betting horizons are just as welcome here as those who just want to wager a few dollars at a time. The book will work with you to find the wager limit you want.

With such a wide-open betting field, you might be wondering what lines are the best to wager on. If so, take a look at BookMaker’s live betting feature. There, you can bet on games while they’re in progress, putting you as close to the action as possible. You’ll also earn 10% on every deposit you make with BookMaker’s loyalty rewards program. This sportsbook gives the best of everything to its members, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept Georgia Residents

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Georgia Sports Betting Laws

There aren’t any laws on Georgia’s books that say anything specifically about sports betting. Rather, Georgia legislators have left that matter completely untouched, due to the fact that a federal law had already taken the issue out of their hands. This law, the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992) prevented Georgia authorities from regulating their own sportsbooks. Fortunately, PASPA was overturned in May 2018 by the US Supreme Court, restoring GA’s authority to legalize and regulate in-state sportsbooks as they see fit. Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen anytime soon, and there is no pending legislation on the subject at this time.

The Wire Act, another federal law, prevents residents in a state from taking wagers over any line of communication from another state or international municipality. For example, Nevada sportsbooks will not accept wagers phoned in or sent over the Internet from GA residents. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, limits stateside financial institutions from knowingly processing funds associated with Internet gambling and sports betting. However, these laws, like the overturned PASPA, only apply/applied to bookmakers and not individual bettors, which is exactly how Georgia’s own state-based gambling laws work. In other words, in GA, it is illegal to accept bets, not place them.

Again, GA law has no control over online sports betting that is hosted by a company in another country. Online, offshore sportsbooks are not regulated by US authorities and fall outside of their jurisdictions. There are no state laws in Georgia which prevent the use of online sports betting sites, either, making them a perfectly legal option for Georgia sports betting enthusiasts. So long as you are using an online sportsbook that is located overseas, you’re not going to be in violation of any Georgia sports betting laws.

Are Online Sportsbooks That Accept Georgia Residents Regulated?

The offshore online bookies that accept Georgia bettors are not licensed and regulated in Georgia. This is simply because Georgia is in no position to legalize and regulate any offshore gambling company – they exist wholly outside of the state’s legal purview.

However, Georgia bettors do not have to worry about betting online at offshore sportsbooks, especially the ones we have listed on this website, because they all belong to highly reputed bookmaking companies that have been in business for years. Besides, they are all licensed and regulated by regulatory bodies based in their home countries and do not violate the gambling laws of the US or the state of Georgia.

Georgia Sports Betting Markets

If the state legalizes its sports betting industry, it can definitely generate plenty of revenue because Georgia is home to famous professional clubs as well as college sports teams. The state’s most popular professional teams are the Atlanta Braves (MLB), Atlanta Falcons (NFL), and Atlanta Hawks (NBA).

Georgia also has plenty of college basketball and football teams. For instance, the Georgia Bulldogs of the University of Georgia emerged as NCAA national champions in 1980 and have been contenders almost every year since, drawing an enormous following. Another top Georgia NCAA program is the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech, who have a strong hoops and gridiron presence in the state.

If Georgia legalizes sports betting, the state could move upwards of $5 billion to $8 billion a year in sports wagering handles back stateside, putting the revenue from this popular pastime into the local economy as well as into the state coffers. There’s nothing to lose, but it is up to the Georgia legislators to pass this legalization, and it is up to you to call your state congresspersons and demand that they do so.

Georgia Online Sports Betting FAQs

Does the Wire Act Make Sports Betting Illegal?

No, the Wire Act does not make sports betting illegal. The Wire Act makes it unlawful for someone to take a wager over a wire of communication, making it so that bets cannot cross state lines. It says nothing about actually placing a bet, though. And as a US federal law, it has no authority over online sportsbooks based in other countries. As such, Georgia residents can bet on sports online without violating the Wire Act.

Why Did My Credit/Debit Card Get Declined When Making My Deposits?

You may find that your credit or debit card gets declined when making deposits to online sportsbooks. This doesn’t happen all the time, but can occasionally occur, which is a nuisance. Cards can get declined under the UIGEA, which is a US sports betting banking regulation. This law states that banks are obligated to decline transactions between US residents and online gambling sites. This isn’t because it’s illegal to use these sites. It’s because of findings from a heavily biased study called the 1999 National Gambling Impact Study, which stated that banks were having too much trouble processing these types of transactions. There was no proof to substantiate this claim.

Regardless, The UIGEA exploited it and now US banks have the ability to decline your payments. If this does happen, know that you are not in trouble, you are just being inconvenienced. All you have to do is find an alternative deposit method. Using a prepaid card gives you the same convenience as a debit or credit card, without the possibility of it being declined because banks don’t have to process prepaid transactions. You can also send a check or money order in the mail, or use a digital currency called Bitcoin. You have plenty of options when it comes to funding your accounts, regardless of whether or not your credit or debit card was declined, and your sportsbook’s cashier service and customer service reps will always assist you in finding appropriate funding alternatives.

Gambling Mistake Made By Georgia Bettors

One of the biggest mistakes Georgia residents make when betting on sports is trying to master betting on every sport at once. Trying to do this will inevitably cost you in the long run, as you won’t be able to give each sport the dedication it deserves. Basically what you need to do is learn one sport, master the associated bet types and research processes, and then if you are still inclined to bet on another sport, move on to the next one.

It’s always better to do your research, learn everything there is to know, and make sure you have a strong grasp on the material before moving on. I mean, it’s your money so you can do what you want, but if you don’t want to literally throw your money away, I suggest you take your time when it comes to learning how to master each sport one at a time before you start betting on them all at the same time.

Does Georgia Have Legal Sports Betting?

Georgia does not currently have legal sports betting. There is no legalization activity within the state and political members in the area oppose sports gambling. There would need to be a law passed in order for this to happen, the likely hood of which is very low for the time being. People can always change their minds, but for now legal sports betting is not in Georgia.

What if someone hasn’t paid me back for a social gambling debt?

If you win a private, social wager and the debt is not honored, there is not much you can do legally. Title 13 of the Georgia Code (§ 13-8-3) states that all gambling contracts are null and void. This applies to any sort of sports gambling in the Georgia, even though most social gambling participants understand not to involve authorities in their disputes. Don’t lose your friends – stick to offshore sports betting instead!

Is Georgia going to legalize both land-based and online sports betting?

Eventually. Probably. Georgia is one of the most gambling-unfriendly states in the nation, with no casinos of any kind, and no pari-mutuel wagering, either. That said, sports wagering is a hugely popular pastime, and with mainstream adoption nationwide, it’s just a matter of time before Georgia launches some sort of sports betting product. Because of a lack of brick-and-mortar gambling infrastructure, it’s a good bet that Georgia sportsbooks would be offered in kiosk form by the state lottery or limited primarily to online play.

How big is Georgia’s sports betting market, really?

Because most forms of gambling are simply not available in Georgia, many folks think that the sports betting market must be relatively small. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however. Georgia is estimated to be home to over 1 million regular sports bettors who turn an annual handle of several billion dollars participating in the activity through gray-market and black-market channels.

Which teams do most people in Georgia wager on?

That’s easy: the Atlanta Falcons. And it’s not even close. That said, part of the reason there is so much back-channel betting in Georgia is because of the sheer number of popular college and pro teams in the state. Georgia homers have action on local clubs all year long, with the Braves, Hawks, Bulldogs, Yellow Jackets, and other top teams providing nonstop entertainment and betting opportunities.

If Georgia legalizes sports betting, will it also legalize casino gambling?

This outcome seems highly unlikely. It will probably be several years before GA rolls out access to proper sports betting products, and this will almost certainly be offered along the lines of the state’s existing lottery. In fact, the Georgia Lottery will probably provide the entry-point for and exercise oversight of any future sports betting services, and the inclusion of casino games to that model seems like the longest of longshots.

Can I Perform Maintenance On My Gambling Equipment If I Don’t Actually Gamble With It?

According to Georgia Code Section 16-12-20 it is not lawful for you to perform maintenance on your gambling equipment. Even If you don’t actually gamble with, the act of the maintenance is prohibited under Georgia law. Performing maintenance on things such as slot machines and roulette tables are not allowed.

What Are My Gaming Options In Georgia?

Georgia is very limited with sports betting options, but you are allowed to participate in raffles that raise money for charitable organizations. This is your only land-based option for gaming in the State of Georgia as other options are not allowed. Charities can be a great way to put money to a good cause, but land-based gambling is not an option in Georgia yet.

Can I Bet On Sports At The Georgia Lottery?

Unfortunately, you cannot bet on sports at the Georgia Lottery because sports betting is not legal here. The Lottery’s proceeds are used to fund various financial award such as tuition grants, scholarships, and loans to eligible Georgia colleges, universities, or technical colleges. There are no gambling or sports gambling related things at the Georgia Lottery.

What If I Someone Hasn’t Paid Me Back For A Gambling Debt?

If this were to happen then there would be no legal method to obtain your money since sports gambling is not legal here. In Title 13 Chapter 8 of the Georgia Code it says all gambling contracts are null and void. This would apply to any sort of sports gambling in the State of Georgia.