Legal Super Bowl Betting For 2020

Professional football is so ingrained in the American psyche that the sport’s biggest event – the Super Bowl - is practically an unofficial US holiday. With annual viewership numbers frequently breaking records, it should come as no surprise that legal Super Bowl betting is a hot-button topic for sports fans. Further driving home the point, the American Gaming Association estimates that billions are wagered on the Super Bowl each year. There was one bettor that won more than $6 million by betting on the Eagles to win their first Super Bowl championship, so it’s no wonder that sports bettors in the USA want to get in on the action.

Millions of Americans are placing bets on the Super Bowl, but there are still many are wondering if it's legal. The legal climate is also constantly changing, with lawmakers trying to figure out how to get their cut of the action. The key takeaway here is that no matter who you're betting with, it's not illegal to wager on the Super Bowl. With dozens of states moving towards regulated sports betting, it's safer than ever for fans placing a legal bet on the Super Bowl rest assured that their bet will stay legal.

Will COVID-19 Affect Super Bowl 55?

COVID-19 could certainly have an effect on the Super Bowl. As there was a long list of players who decided to opt-out of the upcoming season, depending on which teams make the Super Bowl, with certain players out, there could be an effect on a certain team. Also, there could be an effect on the location of the Super Bowl as well. Being that Tampa, Florida is the location this year and Florida was just recently the epicenter of COVID-19, there could be a last-minute change of scenery if the number of cases is not under control.

Legal Super Bowl Betting Guide

When the Super Bowl comes around most of the world stops for four hours. However, the betting world is at a fever pitch. And the first rule of sports betting is to know what you're betting on and understand the wager you just made. Super Bowl Betting is complex, with lots of different odds available, and every type of bet on full display. Our legal Super Bowl betting guide will take you through every step of betting on the Super Bowl, finding a bet on a sportsbook to depositing and withdrawing your money. In addition, we will make sure you understand what you're betting on. You will also learn about federal laws that impact how you're able to bet. Then it's as simple as sitting back and watching the game - with a whole new point of view!

Super Bowl Betting Odds

The Super Bowl betting odds are always changing but we are here to keep you up to date in the ever-changing world of the NFL. With the free agency period (Brady and Gronk are in Tampa Bay! Cam Newton is in New England!) and the NFL Draft (Joe Burrow to the Bengals!) the talk of the offseason, odds have already shifted with major quarterback signings and skill players changing teams. Look to jump on longshot odds before a major trade or signing is announced, as this is the best way to find the best Super Bowl betting odds and value on your bet. Alternatively, you could just bet on whoever you think the best team is - the odds on all of them are still relatively high, with the shortest odds being on the Kansas City Chiefs at +600. In theory, you could bet a unit on the top six teams right now and come out ahead or even if one of them wins.

The Chiefs have stayed the favorites since the Super Bowl odds first opened, but outside of the top spot has seen some serious movement. The second spot opened up with the San Francisco 49ers but have since been overtaken by the Baltimore Ravens and that has not changed since. As for the Buccaneers and Patriots, their odds have also shifted with their offseason moves as well.

Super Bowl LV Betting Odds:

  • Kansas City Chiefs +600
  • Baltimore Ravens +650
  • San Francisco 49ers +900
  • New Orleans Saints +1000
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000
  • New England Patriots +1200
  • Dallas Cowboys +1600
  • Indianapolis Colts +2000
  • Philadelphia Eagles +2000
  • Seattle Seahawks +2000
  • Buffalo Bills +2200
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +2200
  • Green Bay Packers +2400
  • Tennessee Titans +2800
  • Cleveland Browns +3000
  • Minnesota Vikings +3000
  • Atlanta Falcons +3500
  • Chicago Bears +4000
  • Arizona Cardinals +4500
  • Denver Broncos +5000
  • Los Angeles Chargers +5000
  • Las Vegas Raiders +5500
  • Los Angeles Rams +6000
  • Detroit Lions +6600
  • Houston Texans +6600
  • Miami Dolphins +8000
  • New York Giants +9000
  • New York Jets +9000
  • Carolina Panthers +12500
  • Cincinnati Bengals +15000
  • Washington Football Team +15000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +20000

Is It Legal For US Residents To Bet On The Super Bowl Online?

No matter what the hodgepodge of federal and state laws says about sports gambling, it is legal for US residents to bet on the Super Bowl online, but only if you take care to steer clear of shady websites. The key to avoiding trouble with the law is to only place your bets using the services of the offshore sports betting sites or the very few state-licensed sports betting sites. Once upon a time, federal laws like the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) prevented most states from launching any type of sports betting operation. However, this is not the case anymore.

Legal Super Bowl betting sites tend to be the most popular option, even with states operating their own licensed books. Sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes have been accepting USA sports bettors for decades and all of these provide a reliable and safe experience with plenty of betting options. Also, because they’re located overseas and operate outside of US jurisdiction, they are 100% legal to use, giving you access to a legitimate, real-money sports betting site. Without a doubt, these are the best places to submit your action, due to the customer service, increased betting options, and promotional bonuses.

That is why we consider the best legal Super Bowl betting sites to be sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes, because they have been accepting USA sports bettors for decades. All of these sportsbooks provide a reliable and safe experience with plenty of betting options. And because they’re located overseas and operate outside of US jurisdiction, they are 100% legal to use. These are legitimate, real-money sports betting sites that have withstood the test of time in the marketplace, and they are hands-down the best places to wager on the biggest sporting event of the year.

Best Legal Deposit Method For Super Bowl Betting

As mentioned previously, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) can sometimes make it more difficult to use a credit or debit card to make deposits at legal sports betting websites based in overseas jurisdictions. However, there are several options available to make sure you don’t encounter any disruptions and can get right back in the game. The best legal deposit method for Super Bowl Betting is actually to use Bitcoin, the digital "cryptocurrency" that is on its way to revolutionizing how money is spent and even created.

Bovada and BetOnline, the top offshore online sportsbooks, encourage their customers to use Bitcoin for their transactions for several reasons, among them:

  • It’s the cheapest method of making deposits and collecting withdrawals, with no processing or transaction fees.
  • It’s secure: your Bitcoin leaves your "wallet" and goes straight into the sportsbooks with no middle-man to mess things up.
  • It’s mobile-friendly, convenient and easy to use no matter where you are or what time of day it is –that’s important for betting on the Super Bowl, as the "Big Game" tends to run late or have a surprise over-time finish.
  • It’s independent of banks, outside the purview of government agencies and free of any third-party involvement so you’re 100 percent in control of what happens to your money and what you do with it.

Legal Super Bowl BettingOther ways of making deposits at online sports betting sites include the old-fashioned (and slower) but reliable check-in-the-mail method, a person-to-person bank transfer – fortunately backed up by multiple-layer encryption systems at our favorite offshore sportsbooks – wire transfers and even prepaid cards. That being said, Bitcoin really is the best way to fund your account and collect your winnings at payout time.

It might take a little getting used to and maybe even some time to wrap your head around using an exclusively digital currency, but Bitcoin is the fastest, most secure method given the current political climate we find ourselves in as sports bettors. Most of the offshore sportsbooks are going to have basically the same process for depositing with Bitcoin, but you’d be wise to check for any specific instruction the site or sites of your choice may have before you get off in the deep end.

Bet On The Super Bowl at Bet Online

Legal Super Bowl Wager Types

Once you’ve loaded up your account, you’re almost ready to start betting on the next winner of the Lombardi Trophy. However, like with just about everything else involving the practice of sports gambling, there are several different kinds of legal Super Bowl Wager types to consider.

We’ll give you a quick breakdown on each of the three main kinds of bets, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide which (if not all of them, just don’t go crazy!) works best for you. The important thing is to have fun but be sensible, and remember: always bet with your head, not with your heart. This will require a little bit of extra research on your part to keep up with matchups, game previews, stats, injury reports and so on, but it’s worth it in the long run.


A moneyline bet is the simplest to understand and the simplest in practice. All you have to do is pick the winner and you’ll win, which is pretty straightforward - hence why this kind of wager is often referred to as a "straight bet." The way moneyline odds work is also easy to understand, as it’s based on a $100 baseline. The favorite will be given less profitable odds because there is inherently less risk involved in taking that bet, while the underdog will have a better payout, reflecting their reduced likelihood to win the game.

For example: Let’s say that the New England Patriots (-375) were to face the New Orleans Saints (+175) in the Super Bowl. If you bet on the New Orleans Saints to win the next Super Bowl, you would win $275 total since they’ve got +175 odds of winning plus your original $100 stake. In order to win $100 on the favored Patriots, you would have to put down $375. The higher the number behind the plus sign the less likely that team is to win. When a team has odds beginning with a minus sign, they are favored and you know the bookmaker thinks this team is more likely to win.


The spread is a little bit more difficult to parse out than the moneyline bet, but you can get the hang of it pretty quickly if you think of it in terms of the underdog going into the game with a handicap. Basically, the favorite will need to win by a certain number of points’ advantage over the underdog in order to pay out. A bet on the underdog can still get you a payout with a loss so long as the team doesn’t lose by more than their handicap, head start or however you want to think about it. In either case, that’s called "covering the spread."

For example: imagine that somehow by a freak turn of events that the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets were to end up facing each other on a Super Bowl Sunday. If the oddsmakers give the Jets a +30 handicap, Green Bay can win by more than 30 points OR the Jets can cover their spread if they lose by less than 30 points. Either way, you will still get paid for a winning bet depending on which side you picked. A "push" happens when the projected score and final score are equal. In this scenario, all bettors will see their action refunded.


Totals are the most interesting things you can bet on. The reason why is because this is more so a straight forward bet. This bet is not geared towards who wins the game but more so focused on the total points scored in the Super Bowl by both teams together. Another name for it is “Over/Under”. The Over/Under is simple when you look over what each team has been doing throughout the season on both off and defense.

For example, The Baltimore Ravens have been unstoppable on offense putting up monster numbers. If they were to matchup against a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have been putting up similar numbers on offense and give up a lot on defense, the Over/Under would be pretty high. The reason for the Over/Under being high would be because both offenses have been elite throughout the season.

Now because of this Over/Under being high, betting under the total score would be a good idea. The reason being that is if the Ravens defense stops the Bucs a few times, there is a huge chance the total would fall short of that over/under especially because of how the Ravens conduct their offense.

Understanding Super Bowl Prop Bets

All betting is fun, or it should be (if it isn’t, you’re probably doing it wrong or losing too much, but that’s a topic of discussion for another time), but prop bets are the most fun. That’s because they take into account just how many crazy things can happen over the course of a football game that don’t directly involve the final score in the event. And this is the Super Bowl we’re talking about here so craziness is bound to happen.

For example: there were probably many folks who bet on the Ravens to win Super Bowl XLVII, but who could have predicted the freak blackout that stopped play for 34 minutes? We’re not saying that there was a prop bet before the game calling for all the lights to go out at the Superdome, but that’s just the kind of occurrence that could end up making its way onto a prop bet. Another example would be in Super Bowl LI where the Patriots overcame the largest point-deficit in Super Bowl history to secure their fifth win. There have been props on teams coming back from a deficit ever since. Props can also be more pedestrian, like "how many incompletions will Tom Brady throw in the Super Bowl?" or "Will there be another Janet Jackson-style ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the Super Bowl halftime show?" Payout works the same as in the moneyline or "straight bet" format.

There are a few different kinds of prop bets:

  • Game Props – these are wagers based on things happening in the game but not directly related to the final outcome such us "Which team will win the coin toss?" or "Will there be a quarterback substitution?"
  • Player Props – this kind of prop bet is based on the performance of an individual athlete’s performance in the game. For instance, "Will the quarterback run for at least one touchdown?"
  • Team Props – these are pretty self-explanatory, but basically, you bet on something one or both teams do over the course of the Big Game. This could be the combined total number of sacks by both teams or the number of times the quarterback fumbles the ball on the night.

Prop Bets For Super Bowl 55

When it comes to Super Bowl 55 prop betting, you’ll have to wait a couple months for the Super Bowl to get closer. A lot of prop betting is based on information that is unknown at the moment - who will be playing the halftime show, and so forth. Right now, the best action you can get is on which teams will make it to the Super Bowl. There are bets up on many of the major sportsbooks regarding the specific matchup between teams in the Super Bowl - meaning that you have to pick both teams correctly. As far as the rest of the prop bets, those will be added as the season rolls on.

Prop bets for Super Bowl 54’s Halftime Show were up on sportsbooks all over the internet. Performers included Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for the biggest stage performance of the year. Among the wagers listed, almost all of them are centered on the two Latina stars. Being that Super Bowl 54 took place in Miami, there was a Latin theme for the Halftime Show. Prop bets extend further than you could imagine and even offered a bet for Will Enrique Iglesias show up? Bookmakers said “No” (-500) was the favorite, and they proved to be correct.

SportsBetting for Betting On The Super Bowl

New Ways To Bet On The Super Bowl

Legal Super Bowl BettingTechnology, like time itself, marches on. This is true of the sports betting industry as it is with any other, and in recent years several new means of placing wagers on sporting events have become available that make the whole betting process more interactive, more portable, more strategic and quite simply better. In the next few sections, we’ll lay out the two newest technological innovations that are shaking up the online sports betting world. If you’re considering doing some legal Super Bowl betting, and we can only assume you are since you’ve made it this far into our handy guide, you really ought to give one or both of the new methods of wagering a try.

Live In-Game Wagering

In-game wagering, also called live betting, is one of the newest (and best) ways to bet on the Super Bowl, or really any other sporting event that involves a lot of fast-paced action. That’s because live in-game wagering does exactly what it says on the tin, enabling the user to make new bets based on new odds constantly updated throughout the course of the game. This kind of betting was quite simply not possible or considered reliable until only very recently - certainly within the last few years. That is due to the complex computational algorithms involved in computing new odds based on variables like changing on-field situations, past player performances and other metrics too numerous to get into in this short explanation.

The main takeaway on live betting is this: if you choose this option, you will have to actively watch the Big Game and keep track of what’s going on so that you can take advantage of new betting lines as soon as they become available. This makes live betting a ton more interactive than traditional sports wagering, where you place your bets well in advance of the start of the game. All the top offshore legal online sportsbooks offer in-game wagering on both the desktop and mobile versions of their sites, and we will take a closer look at their mobile offerings in the next section.

Mobile Super Bowl Betting

That we are well and truly living in the age of the smartphone is irrefutable. Your phone or tablet is probably the first thing you look at it when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you check before you fall asleep at night. You no doubt carry your mobile device with you just about everywhere, whether that’s to the dinner table, to the bar with your buddies, heck, even when you’re taking a bathroom break at work. If that sounds like you, the good news is you can bet on the Super Bowl anytime, anywhere thanks to the mobile betting apps offered by all the major offshore sportsbooks.

Bovada and BetOnline are generally acknowledged to have the best mobile Super Bowl betting apps and mobile versions of their main websites, but you really can’t go wrong with any of our recommended offshore sites. Downloading is freely available directly from the Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting and 5Dimes websites, so check out each one to see which works best for you in terms of sign-on bonuses, special instructions and so forth.

These legal Super Bowl betting apps have got several key advantages over their desktop versions, even if the user interface is practically an exact replication. The mobile betting app user has access to automatic alerts (this is a crucial addition because you’ll be instantly notified when your team is about to compete or as soon as any changes to a line are made prior to the start of an event). Furthermore, mobile sports betting goes hand-in-hand with live in-game wagering, so you can not only take your betting action with you wherever you go, but you’ll also be able to bet on new lines throughout the game. Sounds like a pretty perfect setup for the Super Bowl party you’ll doubtlessly be attending by the time next February rolls around.

Best Online Sportsbooks for Super Bowl Betting

Super Bowl 55 Betting At Bovada

Click To Visit Bovada SportsbookBovada has been one of the most trusted USA online sportsbooks for decades. The bookmaker is also an authority when it comes to legal Super Bowl betting, posting the latest lines and odds on your favorite teams. Whether its Super Bowl props, futures, spreads, or totals, you will find what you are looking for at Bovada sportsbook. Their $250 Sports Welcome bonus can used for any and all NFL games, meaning that you can use your bonus to bet big on the Super Bowl. The offer is only available on your first deposit, so make sure to claim it when you join!


Super Bowl LV Betting At SportsBetting

Click To Visit SportsBetting SportsbookAs one of the most trusted US sportsbooks on the Internet, SportsBetting has been around for a long time, and its millions of customers keep coming back. It’s not surprising, then, that legal Super Bowl betting at SportsBetting looks to be the site’s busiest event yet. They’ve got hundreds of different lines, spreads, and props posted for the big game, and they’re even offering new members a generous 50% Welcome Bonus worth up to $1000 with code SB1000. With that kind of extra cash, you can really make your first Super Bowl bets count!


BetOnline Super Bowl 2021 Betting

Click To Visit BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline is one of the old guards of Internet sports betting. The site’s been around since the very beginning, and they’ve earned an A-plus reputation over the years thanks to solid customer service and an unrivaled mobile betting platform. BetOnline Super Bowl betting is shaping up to be a touchdown for the brand, too, with unprecedented action on every imaginable Super Bowl spread, line, and prop bet. If you sign up now, you can even add a 50% Welcome Bonus (worth up to $1000 with code BOL1000) to your Super Bowl betting coffers. Cryptocurrency users can use code CRYPTO100 for a 100% match up to $1,000.


Betting On Super Bowl 55 At BetDSI

Click To Visit BetDSI SportsbookWhen it comes to the craziest, most entertaining Super Bowl prop bets, there is no better sportsbook than BetDSI. The bookmaker is known for having props on just about everything you can imagine, from the color of the Gatorade shower to the number of times the President tweets about the big game. Of course, NFL fans can also place straight up bets on their favorite team or bet on the over/under of the matchup. BetDSI has welcome bonuses (100% match up to $500) and an excellent BetPoints loyalty program, giving players extra cash to place their Super Bowl bets.

Legal Super Bowl Betting Sites

Legal Super Bowl Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
XbetSportsbookReview100% Up To $300
Dimes SportsbookReview50% Up To $520
BetDSI SportsbookReview100% Up To $500 NEW!

Super Bowl Betting FAQs

How Much Is Bet On The Super Bowl?

The number increases every year, due to many factors, including monetary inflation, interest in the game, and the increasing ease of sports betting. As of right now, estimates have the amount bet on the Super Bowl at around $7 billion.

Does Vegas Lose Money On The Super Bowl?

Generally speaking, no. The only recent Super Bowl upset that has caused Vegas to lose money on the Super Bowl was the 2008 Patriots loss to the Giants - the famous 18-1 game. Shoutout to David Tyree’s helmet.

What Is “Shopping Lines”?

Shopping lines is the process of finding the best odds on the bet you want to make. Let’s say you’re pretty sure that the New England Patriots will win the 2021 Super Bowl. You want to make a bet on that, which means you want to find the best possible return. You can look across various sportsbooks to see if there is a difference in odds. For example, a difference between +1200 odds and +1100 odds can net you an extra $100 if you wager $100 on the Patriots. For this reason, it is important to shop lines across sportsbooks, in addition to keeping your eyes on the lines to see how they move.

How Much Money Is Bet Offshore On The Super Bowl?

Well, the offshore books don’t really release their data, but estimates conclude that a significant portion of bets on the Super Bowl are placed using the offshore sportsbooks. These sportsbooks offer the widest Super Bowl props, allowing casual bettors to join an online book.