Legal Esports Betting – Betting On Esports In The USA

Betting on EsportsWhen it comes to legal esports betting, there are a variety of factors to look out for. Not every licensed and state-regulated state with legal sports betting offers esports as a line to take off the board. Instead, bettors will find that esports betting can be hard to come by. Regardless, this page is designed to offer gamblers a look into the esports world from the industry itself to what games can be played, how to bet on them, and more. When finding a sportsbook that offers esports betting action, it is important to be able to read the odds and lines, have a variety of betting options, and know your money is in a safe and trusted place. As this industry is becoming one of the most-watched sporting events across the world, there is no doubt that betting handle and interest will follow suit.

Best Sportsbooks For Esports Wagering

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Where Can I Bet On Esports?

Betting on EsportsEsports are often found at online sports betting sites that offer any other sporting event to bet on. Esports are treated just like a physical sport with betting lines to choose from. Only a few states that authorized sports betting are offering lines on the subject though. Between betting on minors and legislators seeing this activity as one that can be easily manipulated, some states have refused to offer the product in their sportsbooks.

Instead, bettors can look to online betting sites. These accounts, though located outside of the country, are legal to use because they are outside of the laws of the US and state governments. With this, there are no restrictions for the types of wagers that can be bet on regarding esports and they offer plenty of opportunities across multiple games and leagues.

How Do I Bet On Esports?

Betting on Esports

When it comes to how to bet on esports, it is very similar to how to bet on sports in general. There is a spread line, a moneyline, and a total – for starters. The spread is something like a puck line or run line in hockey or baseball, respectively. The line is set over the course of a match, where the spread is almost always set at +/- 1.5. With this, the odds will change but the line itself will always remain the same.

The reason the spread is set at +/- 1.5 so often is simple. Most esports are played in a best of three format. For example, in the LCS, North America’s professional League of Legends competition, teams compete in best of three matches. Competing in a best of three format makes handicapping hard, and so the way the sportsbooks approach it is that they give the favorite a spread of -1.5 games in the match, and the underdog a +1.5.

This is, effectively, a way of betting on if the favorite will win 2-0 or if any other result will occur. Bets are then taken on this line. Most sports have spreads that attempt to split the difference, so to speak, and get the odds on either side to about even. This kind of spread does not do that, and is, in effect, simply an alternate bet. The only way for a team to cover the 1.5 game spread in a best of three format is to win two games before losing one. That is the fundamental way in which spreads are handicapped in most esports.

Betting esports on the moneyline is simply picking whoever will win the match. The negative is reflecting the favorite in the match while the positive number is indicative of the underdog. Any bet on the favorite will require the number listed to win $100, while a $100 bet on the underdog will pay out the positive number that is listed. Keep in mind this is just a ratio, as esports bettors can bet as little or as much as the online sportsbooks allow.

Betting the total is the other common esports betting type. As most events are a best-of-3 format, the total is similar to tennis, where bettors must choose if the event will end in two rounds or three. Generally, the line is always set at 2.5, as this is the most difficult to choose from. In rare cases – when a dominant team is playing a lesser-known team, the line may be set at 1.5, but usually, sportsbooks will just not offer a total. Either way, all bettors must do is select the over or under for the number of rounds that the match will last.

Betting on 2022 HCS Finals

The 2022 Halo Championship Series Orlando is taking place on the 23rd of September and Optics Gaming has been deemed the pre-tournament favorite with +150 odds. Optic Gaming is the heavy favorite because the team has been dominating in their most recent HCS tournaments and they have won first in their last three Halo tournaments. The Sentinels are the second favorite at +200 and FaZe Clan is currently the third favorite at +500 odds.

Current Esports Odds

Call of Duty Major 4

  • Seattle Surge +225
  • Atlanta Faze +250
  • Optic Texas +275
  • Toronto Ultra +400
  • Minnesota ROKKR +1000
  • New York Subliners +1600
  • Florida Mutineers +2000
  • LA Thieves +2500
  • Boston Breach +20000
  • LA Guerrillas +20000
  • London Royal Ravens +25000
  • Paris Legion +50000

Call of Duty Championship

  • Atlanta Faze +200
  • Optic Texas +250
  • Seattle Surge +350
  • Toronto Ultra +500
  • Minnesota RoKKR +1000
  • London Royal Ravens +1400
  • LA Thieves +1400
  • Florida Mutineers +2000
  • LA Guerrillas +2200

Rocket League Spring Major

  • G2 Esports +500
  • Faze Clan +700
  • Moist Esports +700
  • Version1 +800
  • Spacestation Gaming +800
  • Team BDS +800
  • Team Liquid +1000
  • Karmine Corp +1200

Counter-Strike Roobet Cup

  • FaZe Clan +125
  • Cloud9 +250
  • ENCE +350
  • FURIA +800
  • Team Spirit +1800
  • BIG +900
  • Astralis +1400
  • Outsiders +2500

ESL Challenger Valencia

  • FURIA +110
  • Outsiders +275
  • Sprout +700
  • Movistar Riders +700
  • MIBR +1200
  • GODSENT +1200
  • HUMMER +3300
  • Rare Atom +5000

Betting Tips For Esports

There aren’t any hard and fast systems for instant profit on any kind of gambling - other than being the house. When it comes to esports betting tips, this is no different. Your job is to beat the house, which means you have to get around the vig, the juice, or whatever you want to call it. Your best shot at doing that is understanding what you’re wagering on, and making sure you can fairly judge odds of occurrences happening. Learning more about each individual esport leads gambling to become more of a game of skill and not just a game of chance. Gamblers should get a background of the teams and players that are up for wagers in all tournaments and future competitions, but more than that, should be familiar with what they are actually wagering on. After becoming knowledgeable on the subject, sports bettors can make more informed bets on all esports events Now is a great time to learn more about esports betting and how it all works because it continues to gain in popularity among sports bettors across the planet.

What Esports Leagues Can I Bet On?

With gaming being a popular activity, there are plenty of esports leagues that bettors can choose from. While some are simply a few people uploading a Twitch stream, the majority of the betting action on esports comes from league play. Any professional video gamer can be bet on at online sports betting sites and the leagues include a variety of shooting games to sports leagues. These leagues also have world championships, grand finales, or international cups that determine a champion for the entire season. It is here that most of the esports betting action takes place – similarly to the Super Bowl or March Madness.

One big thing to understand is that each esport itself is unrelated to the other esports - the teams might have the same names, but that only denotes similar ownership. For example, Cloud9 has teams in a lot of the major esports, but they are different teams - they just all play under the Cloud9 banner.

Another big thing that esports bettors should know is that each esport is organized differently. Some esports have franchised leagues, like League of Legends, while some are organized around major tournaments and regional competitions, like Counter Strike Betting. Most esports do have some level of involvement from the company that makes the game, but that level of involvement tends to vary. It’s a bit like the wild west - there’s a lot to learn, and the rules change often.

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Esports Betting FAQ's

Generally speaking, yes. Esports are wholly online events themselves, and that has led to a very online betting community. Most of the places that offer esports betting are online, although it wouldn’t be a shock to see, for example, a company partnered with an online sportsbook in a brick and mortar location offer esports betting.