Best Tennessee Online Sportsbooks In 2024

There are many great Tennessee online sportsbooks in 2024, with some of the top betting sites in TN dating back to the Peyton Manning and Tee Martin-eras for the Volunteers. Even more online sportsbooks joined the market when the Tennessee Sports Gaming Act passed in 2019. That eventually led to FanDuel, DraftKings, and other US-based sportsbook brands joining the TN sports betting market in 2020. There are now seemingly hundreds of online sportsbooks that accept Tennessee residents, which leads to an obvious question for potential bettors. What are the best sportsbooks in Tennessee? This page ranks the online sportsbooks in Tennessee, with our experts and their 100+ years of sports gambling experience reviewing the best sites for everyone.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Tennessee Residents

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Ranking Tennessee Sportsbooks For Online And Mobile Betting

1. Bovada Sportsbook

The Best Sportsbook In TN

Bovada Sports Betting

More betting odds, the best bonuses, and tax-free winnings make Bovada stand out from the rest of the Tennessee online sportsbooks. Bovada has been the best option for sports betting Tennessee residents for over a decade, and the addition of TN-regulated books such as FanDuel and DraftKings does not change that. Bovada is not restricted by sports betting laws in Tennessee, which means it can offer prop betting odds on college sports and can accept players who are at least 18 years old instead of the required 21 years old minimum. We recommend players try out the sportsbook and claim their $750 deposit bonus before trying out any of the other betting sites. Players who sign up at Bovada to use the sportsbook can play real money poker, slots, and casino table games from the same account.

Is Bovada Legal In Tennessee?

Bovada is and has been the best legal online sportsbook in Tennessee since the moment the betting site began accepting players from the state. Bovada operates as an international business and takes players from throughout the country due to federal laws that allow foreign businesses to connect with American customers. There is no question about it, Bovada is 100% legal in Tennessee.

2. BetOnline Sportsbook

Longest Tenured TN Sportsbook

BetOnline Sports Betting

The best way to earn trust from bettors in the online sportsbook community is with consistent payouts and fair play over a long period of time. In that regard, no sportsbook in Tennessee is more trustworthy than BetOnline. With a sportsbook that accepts Tennessee residents and has since the early 2000s (their presence in online gambling goes back even further), the BetOnline sports betting platform is as trustworthy as they come. That trust is not the only reason players do sign up at BetOnline either. The $1,000 sign up bonus is a huge selling point, as is the wide assortment of prop betting odds that extends into the collegiate ranks.

3. FanDuel Sportsbook

New, With Something To Prove


FanDuel began accepting Tennessee players in November of 2020 and has quickly become one of the more popular sportsbooks in the state. That rise is due to their popular brand and sleek interface. But, there are factors outside of its control that limit it to the third spot in this Tennessee sportsbook rankings. Notably, FanDuel will never be able to match the history and corresponding built-up trust that Bovada and BetOnline have earned in TN. Also, FanDuel is legally not allowed to offer prop betting odds on college sports in TN while its competitors can. While it’s user-interface is nice, FanDuel is best used as nothing more than an odds-shopping tool when better sportsbooks take TN players.

 How Do State Regulated Sportsbooks In TN Compare To Offshore Betting Sites?

In general, offshore betting sites in Tennessee rate out better than TN-regulated platforms in nearly all regards, with the only perceived advantage to sportsbooks based in the state being safety. The key word there is “perceived”. There are many excellent and safe offshore sportsbooks that accept Tennessee residents, with Bovada and BetOnline leading the pack. Using these sports betting sites that have long histories of great customer service, fast/accurate payouts, and safe platforms makes them the best sportsbooks in Tennessee. With safety a given at these USA online sportsbooks, comparing non-trivial details shows what an advantage some of these sites have over TN-based books like FanDuel and DraftKings.

Bovada Basics:

  • No location verification downloads needed
  • Can offer odds on college props
  • Great for travel because it’s available in 45 states
  • Mobile betting is available via web browser with no download
  • Complete Poker/Casino/Racebook sections available

FanDuel Basics:

  • Must abide by all restrictions in TN (i.e. college props/21+)
  • Sports betting app and geo-location app require downloads
  • Limited to sports betting and DFS from one account
  • Heavily influenced odds on local teams in TN
  • Easy user experience

BetOnline Basics:

  • Not limited by TN sports betting regulations
  • Accepts 17 cryptos including Bitcoin
  • Free deposits and withdrawals
  • Odds on sports from around the world
  • Globally used, meaning unbiased odds in TN

DraftKings Basics:

  • Does not accept crypto
  • Players must be 21 years old to use the sportsbook
  • Withdrawals are available back onto credit cards
  • Quick to set limits on successful bettors
  • Odds boosts for some events

Tennessee Online Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Tennessee-based bettors have many deposit methods that online sportsbooks accept at their disposal. The best of those deposit methods are cryptocurrencies. Crypto online sportsbooks always have free transactions, have high limits, and are secure because of the blockchains that the currencies run on. Other popular methods to fund Tennessee sports betting accounts include debit/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Amex are most common), MatchPay (popular for PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle), and Money Orders. The limits for those deposits are in the table below.

Method Bovada BetOnline MyBookie
Crypto Sportsbooks $10-$5,000 $20-$500,000 $20-No Max
Credit Card Sportsbooks $20-$1,500 $25-$5,000 $45-$2,500
MatchPay Sportsbooks $20-$1,000 N/A N/A
Money Order Sportsbooks N/A $300-$900 $100-$500

Tennessee Sportsbook Bonuses

To get new players to sign up, Tennessee sportsbook sites will often offer deposit bonuses for first-time depositors. These promotions do not require any sportsbook bonus codes at these sites either, as players just opt in by pressing a designated button when depositing. The best sportsbook bonuses in Tennessee are:

  1. Bovada: $750 Max/75% Match/5X Rollover (Crypto) or $250 Max/50% Match/5X Rollover (Credit/Debit)
  2. BetOnline: $1,000 Max/100% Match/14X Rollover (Crypto) or $1,000 Max/50% Match/10X Rollover (Credit/Debit)
  3. MyBookie: $1,000 Max/100% Match/10X Rollover (Crypto) or $1,000 Max/50% Match/10X Rollover (Credit/Debit)
  4. FanDuel: $1,000 Risk-Free Bet (Don’t get anything if your bet hits)

Bet on the Tennessee Titans at Bovada Sportsbook

Withdrawal Methods Available From Online Tennessee Sportsbooks

The best part of sports betting is withdrawing, and top Tennessee online sportsbooks such as Bovada and BetOnline make that process easy. Players can use a variety of fast sportsbook payout methods. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are the most popular in the Volunteer State. Players do not have to pay any fees and get their payouts nearly instantly with those cryptos, with both TN betting sites allowing players to withdraw greater than $100,000 after a big win. An example of how large the payout limits from sportsbooks Tennessee bettors can use is below.

Bovada Payout Limits In Tennessee

Bovada Payout Methods Range Fees Speed
Crypto $10-No Max 0 1 Hour
MatchPay $20-$1,000 0 Instant
Check by Courier $10-$1,500 1 Free Every 90 Pays 10-15 Bus. Days
Direct Bank Transfer $1,500-$9,500 1 Free Every 90 Pays 10-15 Bus. Days

Mobile Sportsbooks And Sports Betting Apps In Tennessee

Tennessee sports betting apps are available when using brands such as FanDuel or DraftKings, but TN bettors can use mobile sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline without ever having to download an app (or two with the geolocation features). These styles of Tennessee mobile sportsbooks are compatible with all devices, with users just needing to log into their account from their internet browser to start betting. By not downloading any apps, players can save storage space on their phone and time at those real money sportsbooks in TN.

Sports To Bet On In Tennessee

There are many excellent teams and leagues to bet on in Tennessee. With respect to the Memphis Grizzlies, Nashville Predators, and Nashville FC, football is the most bet on sport. Whether it be the NFL in the pros or any of the successful college football teams in Tennessee, you can bet on the pigskin in many ways.

NFL Betting Sites In Tennessee

The single most bet on sports league in Tennessee is the NFL. Naturally, that means NFL online sportsbooks see most of their action from TN on the local Tennessee Titans, but players can bet on every team in the league. Additionally, players can bet at some of the best online sportsbooks for the Super Bowl from these sites as well. It does not matter if the Titans are in it or not, although it is more fun to bet on the local team.

How To Bet On College Football In Tennessee

Tennessee residents hit college football sportsbooks heavily year in and year out, with the constant support of the programs leading to a lot of bets. The most popular CFB team to bet on in Tennessee is the Volunteers. With past success led by Tee Martin and Peyton Manning and recently dominant teams like those led by Hendon Hooker, it is not a surprise that bettors also want to know how to bet on college football props in TN. To do that, bettors must use international sportsbooks. Those include the best TN sportsbook of them all, Bovada.

Bet on the NBA Playoffs at Bovada Sportsbook

Sports Betting Laws In Tennessee

The Tennessee online sportsbooks market has always been robust, but the passage of House Bill 0001 in 2019. That bill made state-sanctioned betting sites legal, with the new sites joining operators such as Bovada and BetOnline as online sportsbooks that take Tennessee residents. There are not too many intricate details to the bill the bettors need to know, but a few do stick out. Notably, betting sites in Tennessee regulated by the state government cannot offer player props on any college sporting events. Bettors also must be 21 to use those sportsbooks. Those two laws are some of the main differences between the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings and the best sportsbooks in Tennessee that are international.