Legal Sports Betting In The United States

Legal Sports betting in the United States is a rather newer topic, as every state wasn’t able to participate until May 2018. This came at the change of a federal law known as PASPA being overturned by the Supreme Court, allowing each state to set their own standards and laws regarding the sports betting industry. Numerous states across the nation have welcomed the new gambling addition, and it has proven to be profitable in terms of sportsbook revenue and taxable contributions to the state since the launch of their industries.

Keep in mind that US online sportsbooks have been and continue to be legal for those who are in states that have not formalized laws around the industry. As of 2021, half of all states still have not approved sports betting via a state sanctioned framework. The offshore books offer plenty of odds, more wagering choices, and promotional bonuses that are nowhere to be found at the local books. Each of these methods has their perks and disadvantages but the laws surrounding them are rather set in stone. Between federal laws and individual state laws, there can be a lot to take in, but we have done our best of providing you with a complete overview of the industry.

PASPA Overturned By The Supreme Court!

For the longest time, sports betting was illegal – from a bookmaking and gambling operations POV – in most of the United States. This was due to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992), which effectively gave Nevada a nationwide monopoly on sports betting. States like New Jersey, with once-struggling casino industries themselves, lobbied hard for the elimination of the law, and NJ eventually got their case heard at the Supreme Court.

In the case of Murphy vs. NCAA, the SCOTUS sided with NJ, overturning PASPA on constitutional grounds on May 14, 2018. This has opened the door for every state in America to initiate and regulate their own sports betting laws and industries. While new federal regulations are possible, right now the US congress has only cursorily debated the subject. That said, it seems unlikely that the federal government won’t attempt to take back oversight of US sports betting, particularly if a majority of states don’t hurry up and implement their own rules and laws for the practice.

Mobile Apps For Legal Sports Betting In The United States

Right now, you will only find mobile apps for legal sports betting in the United States in those few states that have casino-based online sportsbooks available to the public. Some of these apps are geo-fenced to the casino properties, allowing sports bettors to place wagers while enjoying any of the casino resorts’ other amenities. You might be able to wager from the on-site restaurants, game rooms, casino floors, pools, cabanas, and sometimes even the attached golf courses. Other states might be more liberal, allowing bettors to place sports bets from anywhere. Access is limited to in-state wagers only, however, with state-licensed mobile betting apps.

Online sportsbooks located overseas and serving US customers, of course, don’t have to be geo-fenced in accordance with the Wire Act, as no domestic US laws apply to their operations. However, that also means that the App Store and Google Play will not host any official iPhone betting apps or Android betting apps for these offshore brands. Fortunately, all the best offshore books have simply made mobile-optimized wagering portals available through your standard mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.). This means that you can access all of your favorite sportsbook’s odds and lines in just a few taps from anywhere you’ve got an Internet connection, nationwide!

In-Game Legal Sports Betting For US Residents

In-game wagering, aka live betting, is all the rage, and it’s the newest and most popular way to gamble on your favorite players, teams, and matchups. Traditional betting is great, certainly, but you’ve always got to have your tickets in before the game starts. Not so with live betting, which is fast becoming the number-one method for legal sports wagering in the US. With live betting, you can actually place wagers as the game unfolds, in real time! Most marquee matchups will feature lots of live wagering options, with odds being refreshed and modified every few seconds.

Thanks to persistent Internet connections and high-tech smartphones, any sportsbook member can enjoy easy live betting without huddling in front of their computers. Just make sure that you place your wagers as soon as you see favorable lines, because those could disappear one play later. With live betting, you have literally thousands of extra chances to win big bucks each and every day of your favorite sporting seasons. Live betting – along with mobile betting – is the future of legal sports betting in the United States.

Questions About Legal Sports Betting In The U.S.

Are there exchange rates for USA Online sportsbooks?

Typically, no. The online sportsbooks that are considered to be legal will happily accept US funds and then pay out players in the same currency. Unless noted otherwise, bettors who use American dollars will not have to calculate any exchange rate. This is especially true with any betting website listed at this resource, as these all deal directly with US dollars. One thing to note, however, is that many of these websites do accept Bitcoin, which is technically a currency that has an exchange rate that varies day to day as people trade it on the open market. One of the underrated aspects of using Bitcoin to fund a sportsbook account is that you can make a profit or take a loss simply by purchasing the Bitcoins. The sportsbooks value Bitcoin at an average price similar to the market price, so there shouldn’t be any major exchange rate issues when it comes to Bitcoin.

How do I know where to find legal sportsbooks for USA players?

As noted above, American anti-gambling laws that are in effect universally pertain to the business of sports betting (i.e. the sportsbook and bookmaker), not the people making the actual wagers. Legal sports betting websites that accept USA players would not risk their business by taking such players if that practice were a risk to draw legal action. If an online bookmaker takes your action, it is typically a safe sportsbook for U.S. players, provided it is a well-known and established brand.

What are some of the laws hindering U.S. online sportsbooks?

The UIGEA is the biggest hindrance when it comes to sports betting laws in the US. This was attached to the Safe Port Act of 2006 as an unrelated (and unread) rider. In short, the UIGEA was intended to make it harder for gamblers to use funds from American banks to make their deposits and – sometimes – to receive check-based payouts. Credit and debit cards like VISA and MasterCard can sometimes be rejected when used in specific transactions with online bookmakers. When this happens, gamblers have a few options available to them: They can use a third party to deposit funds (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.), they can purchase a prepaid credit card online (which must be good for international purchases), or they can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin, and others. Bank wire transfers are usually quite stable, as well, and some sites even support a new go-between service called Direct Pay. (The Wire Act, which prevents people from accepting wagers across state lines, is not a hindrance to US online sportsbooks, as these books are not domestically-based.)

By far, the biggest hindrance to online sports betting in the US was PASPA. This law, passed in 1992 and enacted on January 1, 1993, banned all states but Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana from offering legalized sports betting, and it was the #1 reason why, for example, New Jersey was unable to include sports betting as part of its legal online gambling package that launched in 2013. However, PASPA was overturned by the Supreme Court, thereby allowing every state in the US to legislate its own sports wagering regulations. Many states have now started to provide and accept sports wagers at area casinos and racinos, and legal sports betting in the United States is here to stay.

Are there transaction fees at U.S. Accepted Sportsbooks?

Sometimes. When using third-party sports betting deposit methods, like an eWallet, you can expect to be charged a small fee of less than 5%. Credit and debit cards also sometimes carry fees for international use. As a general rule, though, the best online sports betting deposit methods – like wire transfers and crypto transfers – are fee-free.

How many off-Shore Sportsbooks offer lines on American sports?

American sports events are among the most popular in the whole world. Gamblers in Europe and Asia even bet on them. Therefore, almost every online sportsbook offers lines on American events – and not just the sites that cater to US sports bettors, but those that exclusively serve other countries, too.

Can I Be A Member Of An Offshore Sportsbook And A State-Sanctioned Sportsbook Simultaneously?

No matter where a sports bettor resides in the United States, they can always join an offshore sportsbook. For those living in one of the 23 states with legal sportsbooks available locally, they can be a member of each kind of platform because each form of gambling on sporting events is still legal. Gamblers with multiple sportsbook accounts, both state-sanctioned and offshore, have more of an advantage when betting on sports matchups because they have more options and can shop lines. Shopping lines will give players a chance at higher payouts when they bet using the outlet with the wager they want that would lead to the bigger payout. In short, yes, sports bettors can have both offshore and state-sanctioned sportsbook memberships as is their legal right in the United States.

Will I Get In Trouble For Betting Sports Online?

Individual users are within their rights to place real-money wagers on sports online. The federal laws in place cover the operation of unlicensed, US-based bookmakers, not bettors who simply wish to place wagers with these or other services located overseas. As such, offshore sites are the best options for true legal sports betting in the United States. Where players can get into trouble is if they use a website while underage. Gambling underage is a serious offense at online sportsbooks, which require their users to be at least 18 (though you should err on the side of caution and go with your state’s legal gambling age, if there is one). If you sign up and/or wager at these sites while under 18, your account will be terminated, you will be permanently banned, and all monies held in your account will be forfeited.

Best Legal Sportsbooks For U.S. Players

So, are you ready to see what you need to do to actually place a wager online? Well, look no further, because we have listed here for you the very best in online offshore sports betting websites. These are the websites we use, so we are confident enough in them to recommend them to you. Remember, we bet on sports just like you’re looking to do, and we’ve tried all of the major sites on the Internet. This is how we know what you want - because we want the same things when looking for a reputable sportsbook.

Bovada Sportsbook - Accepts All U.S. Residents Except New Jersey, MD, NV + DE

Bovada SportsbookBovada is one of the most popular sportsbooks on the Internet, and it is the most-trafficked venue for legal sports betting in the United States. Bovada offers a wide range of betting lines on everything you can imagine, from NASCAR to NFL odds and everything in between. You can also wager on a multitude of international sports at Bovada, including rugby, cricket, and soccer. Bovada also features some of the most innovative ways to bet real money on sports in an atmosphere that is friendly, inviting, and most of all, safe. And if you’re just starting out with sports wagering, Bovada actually has an excellent primer series of tutorials for all members.

Bovada also offers great rewards, like their Sports Welcome Bonus which gives you a 50% match of up to $250 when making your first deposit. This bonus is the best in the industry, with an extremely generous 5X rollover requirement. (Competing services often have bonus rollovers of 10X or greater.) Because of its wide range of wagers and its easy-to-use deposit methods, Bovada's online sportsbook is probably the best legal sports betting site that allows US residents. And that’s probably why over 10 million US betting enthusiasts call Bovada home for all their sports wagering needs.

BetOnline Sportsbook - No U.S. Residents Meeting Legal Age To Bet In Their State Turned Away

BetOnline SportsbookIn a matter of minutes, you can be registered and wagering money on whatever betting line you choose if you decide to sign up with BetOnline. This website is very professional and would be a no-brainer if it weren't for other bookmakers like the ones listed on this page, which all have their strong points (which is why it’s a good idea to sign up at several different books, especially to shop around for the best lines, even though BetOnline will almost always bring you top value for your money). With that said, BetOnline has the best bonus promotion going, which is a 25% perk worth up to $1000 on every deposit for life, and this free money brings users back with frequency.

Of course, BetOnline's ultra-quick deposit methods are very nice, but the fast payout options are what truly separate it from the rest of the pack. At BetOnline, it can take less than 24 hours to get paid with cash depending on the day/time your payout request is made and processed. This timeline is shortened even further if users elect to be paid via Bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency.

MyBookie Sportsbook - The Best Leisure Sportsbook Around!

MyBookie SportsbookMyBookie is what we like to call a leisure sportsbook. It’s optimized to provide the best betting experience to someone who just wants to see some cool lines and wager a normal amount of money on sports. It’s not meant for degenerate gamblers, it’s meant for the casual sports betting crowd, the normal people. This makes it a very accessible sportsbook, and it allows MyBookie to focus heavily on providing odds on things other sportsbooks might not touch. If you want to bet on celebrity death pools, you can check out MyBookie. If you want to bet on the Academy Awards, you can check out MyBookie. If you want to bet on whether or not Lizzo will wear a thong to the Super Bowl, you guessed it, you can check out MyBookie. On top of all the interesting odds they offer, they’re just a great sportsbook in general. Their lines are fair, and their odds are great. Take a look at MyBookie the next time you want to wager on sports.

Best Legal Sports Betting Sites

Legal US Sports Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
BetUS Sportsbook125% Up To $3,125
XbetSportsbookReview100% Up To $300
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!