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It is quite easy to find sports betting sites in the Hoosier State as Indiana sportsbooks have been legalized since May 2019. Indiana used to be known for their specific and narrow laws that banned online betting but it was directed towards the operators of the sportsbooks. Regardless, these set of laws have been removed from the book of codes and legislators have replaced them with pro-gambling legislation. On this page, you will get a basic background of those law changes as well as finding out locations to get started betting.

Not only do your options exist for the sportsbooks inside the casinos about the state, but you are able to use offshore betting sites as well. These locations provide wonderful alternatives to sports betting in Indiana, usually offering better odds and increased bonuses to keep you happy. As long as they are located offshore and are licensed by their home country, you are well within your right to use their services. Be on the lookout for promotional codes throughout this page, giving you an entry bonus into betting online.

Legally Betting On NFL Games In Indiana

NFLThe Indianapolis Colts are a popular team in the NFL. Betting on this team is happening nationwide. But can you bet on the Colts in Indiana? We are happy to say that yes, you can bet on the Colts in Indiana. There are few sportsbooks open in the state, but the problem is that not everyone lives near these locations. These retail sportsbooks have not opened their own online sportsbooks either. If you live in Indiana and you want to bet on the Colts, then online offshore sportsbooks are the answer. You can easily access these sportsbooks by using your mobile device or your desktop computer. Plus, the odds on the Colts are more profitable in online offshore sportsbooks, so we highly recommend them.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Indiana?

Betting on sports in Indiana used to be a risky proposition if you didn’t do so properly. The state had the reputation of not being friendly toward sports betting, land-based or online and even had laws against online sports betting. There was a time when the only legal way to bet on sports in Indiana was to use offshore sports betting sites. However, now you are presented with options in-state as well since Indiana moved forward with legalization in early 2019.

We still recommend signing up for one of the offshore sports betting sites for a variety of reasons, but the main one is to shop lines. When a state opens a local book, it is flooded with people who are mainly betting on the same team. After a few major bets, the lines can dramatically change in order for the book to balance their numbers and attempt to get money on the other side of the wager. In terms of online sports betting sites operating overseas, not enough people from your area can influence the lines, making the odds more favorable to you and your friends.

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Will Indiana Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

The key words in this question are placing bets online. Indiana residents will not get into trouble for placing bets online. This is because either the online bookies you use are based in offshore countries and out of Indiana’s jurisdiction, or If you are using the state-run platform, you are using a licensed sportsbook that is available to you. The difference comes when you attempt to receive wagers, though.

Indiana does not hesitate to use its laws against those who operate an unauthorized sports betting business. Bettors can lodge a complaint with the authorities if they come across any individual accepting bets. Casual bettors have nothing to worry about because the laws are on their side. They can place bets online at offshore sportsbooks or with any of licensed sportsbooks in the state.

Where Can Indiana Residents Bet Sports Online?

There is no dearth of online sports betting options for Indiana residents. To make things easier for you, we have carefully researched and handpicked the following Indiana friendly offshore online sportsbooks. Licensed and regulated in remote gambling jurisdictions, these online bookies give top priority to customer satisfaction. Besides, they offer betting opportunities on league and college sports.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Indiana Residents

Bovada Sportsbook Bovada Sportsbook – $250 Welcome Bonus For New Indiana Members!

Bovada Sportsbook, a high caliber online sports betting site that is friendly to anyone living in Indiana, is packed with features such as mobile betting, live in-play betting, and live video streaming. Bettors at Bovada Sportsbook can place bets as and when the match is being played. Since Bovada Sportsbook is a reputed brand licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada, bettors do not have to worry about getting cheated or scammed. Additionally, Bovada Sportsbook gives top priority to customer satisfaction and responsible gambling.

Bovada Sportsbook is home to the best betting odds on professional as well as college sports events. The online bookie covers a wide range of markets such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, ice hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, and more. Interested US bettors can also place bets on sports events of international significance, and standard international soccer, rugby, and cricket leagues are fully supported, too. Indiana residents who sign up at Bovada today can take advantage of the site’s limited time 50% up to $1,000 Sports Welcome Bonus, which comes with the industry’s lowest, best rollover requirements of just 5X. Just use NFL Bonus Code BVNFL1000 or the College football Bones Code BVNCAAF1000 when making your account. The offer lasts until October 1, 2019!

BetOnline Sportsbook BetOnline Sportsbook – Indiana Bettors Welcome Here!

BetOnline is a favorite online sports betting site of North American and Canadian bettors. The online bookie offers exciting features such as new player bonuses, rewards for loyalty, and in-play betting. Also, BetOnline Sportsbook accepts payments through a wide range of US friendly banking methods and processes payouts quickly.

BetOnline, which was launched in 1991, offers not only an online bookmaker, but also an online racebook and a casino. The online bookie is home to a wide range of props, futures, lines, and spreads on a huge selection of sports such as auto racing, golf, MMA, boxing, baseball, and football. US bettors can place bets on their favorite pro league and college sports events.

BetOnline enjoys a great deal of popularity because of its Betting Edge, a topnotch sports betting blog, which contains invaluable sports betting information such as free picks, match statistics, team profiles, and odds analysis. New BetOnline members from IN can also get a 50% welcome bonus worth up to $1000 in free plays, and there are additional perks for using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the site.

5Dimes Sportsbook 5Dimes Sportsbook – 5Dimes Lets Indiana Bettors Make Their Own Rules

5Dimes Sportsbook, one of the most US friendly online sportsbooks in the industry, accepts bettors even from states such as Indiana and Maryland. 5Dimes covers the widest range of professional, collegiate, and international sports events, so bettors will always find a selection of odds on any match. Since 5Dimes Sportsbook is a licensed brand belonging to a reputed bookmaking company, US bettors need not worry about getting cheated, and 5Dimes extends their dedication to satisfied customers by allowing them to “buy points” to essentially craft their own alternate lines, which no sportsbook in the industry does better.

Aside from their massive selection of alternate lines, the most exciting thing about sports betting online at 5Dimes Sportsbook is its promotions page. Bettors can always find special seasonal offers, rebates, cash-backs, exclusive Reduced Juice options, and many other perks at 5Dimes Sportsbook.

The 5Dimes online bookie allows bettors to register either phone accounts or online accounts. Bettors can use their accounts to place bets such as parlays, futures, pleasers, straights, and teasers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The same account can be used to access other 5Dimes services such as their online casino, lotto, and international pari-mutuel racebook. Sign up at 5Dimes today, and IN residents can get a 50% sports welcome bonus worth up to $520.

Bookmaker Sportsbook –Indiana Residents Can Deposit With Bitcoin

With BookMaker, you can bet on the Indiana Pacers or any of your other favorite teams. The online sportsbook has a huge selection of sports to choose from and there are hundreds of different ways that you can wager. The first step is to make a deposit at the online sportsbook, and we recommend using the extremely fast and unbeatably secure Bitcoin banking method.

With BookMaker Sportsbook, you can instantly deposit anywhere from $10 to $50,000 with Bitcoin. Indeed, you will have a hard time finding such a high maximum at the majority of other online sportsbooks. There are no fees charged for Bitcoin deposits, and the process is very secure. You only need to specify with the cashier how much you would like to send and then transfer that amount to the sportsbook cashier at the address provided. Within less than 15 minutes of initiating this process, you can start placing wagers and making money.

Bitcoin is also the preferred withdrawal method when you want to receive your cash quickly. The minimum withdrawal is $50 while the maximum is $25,000. Once the payout request is initiated, you can expect to receive your Bitcoin funds within 48 hours or less. There are never any withdrawal fees when you cash out with Bitcoin at BookMaker, and you can always count on your crypto arriving promptly. However, if you wish to use more standard currency options, BookMaker has you covered there too. And in addition to all that, BookMaker also offers the industry’s only cash-based bonus options, including a 15% welcome bonus to put towards your sports betting. (Remember, at online sportsbooks, cash bonuses are always better and more versatile than free-play bonuses.)

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Indiana  Residents

Indiana Sports Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
BetDSI SportsbookReview100% Up To $500 NEW!
Dimes SportsbookReview50% Up To $520

Indiana Sports Betting Laws

The state was in the past prevented by the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) from legalizing sports betting, but that law has been overturned. Indiana, along with the other states, was given the freedom to pursue their own sports wagering regulations. The state was unable to progress laws in the 2018 legislative session but quickly got it done the following year. On May 8, 2019, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed the betting bill known as HB 1015 into existence.

Since then, Indiana has become one of the double-digit states that offer legal sports betting within their borders. Each state has proposed different regulations; therefore, it is important to understand that betting lines can greatly vary in terms of what is offered amongst various states. For Indiana, those who are 21 and older are able to participate at any of the state’s casinos or through an online platform. Any money earned by the books is taxed at 9.5% and contributed to the state’s general fund.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Indiana Residents Regulated?

Indiana does not have the required laws and the regulatory framework to license and regulate offshore bookmaking companies. None of the Indiana-friendly offshore online sportsbooks are regulated by Indiana; however, bettors need not worry about the safety and legality. Though not licensed in Indiana, these online bookies are legal because they are all licensed and regulated by regulatory bodies in their own countries. If they want to retain their license, they have to adhere to strict standards. You can rest assured that you will not be cheated by any of the offshore betting sites we recommend on this page.

Since Indiana Regulated Sports Betting, Will Anybody Bet Offshore?

The people of Indiana are fond of sports such as baseball, basketball, football, racing, and so on. There are plenty of collegiate and professional league teams in Indiana for people to bet on such as the Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Hoosiers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Indiana also has a number of minor and semi-professional hockey, baseball, and basketball teams with hoops being the most popular sport in the state but the local books won’t always offer a line on all of these events. Offshore betting sites provide that guarantee that an option will be presented for you if you are wanting to take action on the game.

Indiana Online Sportsbooks FAQ’s

How Can I Increase My Deposit Limits?

When it comes to your offshore options, you can increase your deposit limits by making a phone call to your sportsbook’s customer service department. The representatives at online sportsbooks are typically more than willing to increase limits for their loyal customers. Higher deposits translate to more opportunities to wager and win. The more often you have bet with a particular sportsbook, the more likely you are to get approved for an increase.

In terms of the deposit limits for online sports wagering sites regulated in Indiana, those have yet to be seen. While the state has legalized these types of sites to operate in the state, none have officially launched. Indiana residents will have to wait and see what types of limits each one sets.

Why was my credit card deposit declined?

When trying to fund your offshore account, your credit card was declined due to your bank or card issuer blocking the transaction. There is a federal law called the UIGEA that requires US financial institutions to restrict online gambling transactions. That is why online sportsbooks use several trustworthy payment processors to decrease the likelihood of your transaction getting declined. Just because it gets declined once does not mean that it will get declined at a later time.

Funding your account with your card should not be an issue when using a site that is regulated by the state. Other states who have begun to allow online sportsbooks to operate in their state, such as New Jersey, accept credit and debit card deposits easily. They even have other options such as using PayPal. Whether or not that option will be available in Indiana remains unclear.

Is There A Fee For Using My Credit Card?

Yes, there are fees associated with using your credit card at online offshore sportsbooks. Some cashiers will not charge a fee the first time you deposit with a credit card and will charge a small fee of 4% to 7% for reloads. Your bank may also charge an international purchases fee depending on the terms and conditions of the card. To avoid paying transfer fees of any kind, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be used instead of credit cards. There will most likely be no fees for using the online sportsbooks operating from within Indiana because there will be no international fee assessed to any transaction.

When Will Sports Betting In Indiana Become Legal?

Indiana sports betting has already been legalized since the beginning of May 2019. The state offers sports betting in eight of it’s 13 casinos and more are expected to join those casinos. Along with that, an online platform associated with each venue is assumed to launch in early 2020. There is no shortage of options when you want to bet on sports in Indiana because online betting sites also serve the public.

How Can I Bet On The Colts?

Betting on the Colts is made easy with the multiple online platforms and land-based sportsbooks at your disposal in Indiana. However, the best betting lines will likely not be at these locations. In fact, you will almost always be presented with better odds with the offshore sites because local residents are betting one side of the line. Aside from the bonuses they offer to sign up, offshore betting sites can give you the best option for betting on the Colts regardless of how far along the season is.

Do Any States Around Indiana Allow For Sports Betting?

Technically, all of the states around you offer sports betting in the form of offshore sportsbooks. However, if you are speaking purely of land-based or online platforms that are state-run, there are a few options there. West Virginia and Pennsylvania will be your best option, as the remainder of the states are not in close proximity. Illinois next door has also legalized sports betting but has not launched any sports gambling operations. Iowa has an active online and land-based sports wagering industry so that might also be a viable option.

What Are Some Betting Faux Pas?

There is no guaranteed strategy to win money as betting on sports can see any outcome win. However, there are definite strategies that can help you lose money and you should look to avoid. Following the crowd is a popular one – just because everyone thinks it will happen doesn’t make it so. Also, avoid chasing losses… this is just betting more money if you lost a previous bet. It’s a sure fire way to be in the hole even more than anticipated in attempts to break even.

How Do I Receive My Money From Online Sportsbooks?

Each site will be slightly different from how they handle withdrawals; however, they all have the same policies. Indiana players should first request the withdraw by choosing which method to receive your money. Keep in mind that sending a check by courier from overseas to Indiana can take some time (about a week and a half), so if you want the money quicker, consider withdrawing into your Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet.

Since Bitcoin will most likely not be an option for state-run online sportsbooks, your next best bet may just be receiving a check or picking up your winnings from the casino in which the site is attached to.