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Sports betting is an exciting activity that can up the ante on the enjoyment that players have when watching their favorite athletic events. From hockey to baseball to basketball to football, and virtually everything in between, sports betting allows you to make wagers on your favorite teams. But the truth is that not all states legally allow for such gambling activities. In fact, in some states, it is against the law to place a bet on a sporting event.

Montana is one such state, in a way. Montana has adopted extremely strict laws pertaining to gambling—laws that could cause you to face serious consequences if you are caught betting on sports in a way that is prohibited. However, the state doesn’t actually target sports bettors with its prohibitions, instead going after those who facilitate sports betting. In other words, Montana criminalizes those who accept bets, which means that bookmaking in the state is illegal. But this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to forgo legal sports betting altogether. Read on to learn about your options.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Montana?

Placing wagers on athletic events is kind of a grey area in the state of Montana. In fact, when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was passed back in 1992, the state was granted the ability to create very limited sports betting opportunities for its residents on a federal level but has chosen, instead, to create state laws that prohibit sports betting operators from offering and accepting bets. Now that PASPA has been overturned by the US Supreme Court, Montana can once again pursue legalizing its own sports betting industry, though the state legislature has shown no interest in doing so to date. Again, it is legal to place sports bets in MT, but you won’t find any law-abiding entity with whom to do business, and there is no recourse if your black market Montana bookie absconds with your funds or is arrested for taking bets.

Montana Code Title 23, Chapter 5.

Players in Montana have, because of the lack of land-based sports betting opportunities, taken to the World Wide Web to place their wagers. Many prospective gamblers believe that this activity has been outlawed by the Montana state government. Unlike many other states, which have either ignored the issue of online gambling or have left their legal stance regarding this activity vague, Montana has made Internet-based wagers illegal. However, this applies only to gambling as defined in the Montana Code – it does not relate to (or reference) sports betting in any way.

As such, hope is not lost for those players who are itching to make a bet on their favorite sports team! Many individuals simply turn to reliable, trusted online sportsbooks that are legally run in international locations, well outside of both MT and US jurisdiction.

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Will Montana Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky, so pay close attention. If you are in the state of Montana and you make a bet online via a sportsbook that is located in the United States then you have the potential to face negative legal or financial consequences. Because it is illegal to run a sportsbook online from most of the states in the country, these U.S.-based bookmakers are risky.

Instead of facing the danger that domestic sportsbooks present, you can turn to offshore, legal bookmakers. These organizations are recognized as legal by their respective countries and have built a reputation for providing an exciting, secure experience to players. That is, if you choose the right one. It is important that you protect your financial information and other sensitive data by only trusting a bookmaker that is highly recommended, such as one of the three that we review below. These sites are some of the top rated in the industry—and for good reason.

Where Can Montana Residents Bet Sports Online?

As mentioned above, the best place for residents of the state of Montana to place their bets is on a trusted international sportsbook that is operating on a legal basis. There are numerous bookmakers on the World Wide Web, though, and not all of them are honest. In fact, there are some that are out to scam players. So to keep yourself safe, only trust the sportsbooks reviewed below. These are highly reputable bookmakers that look out for their players.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Montana Residents

Bovada Sportsbook Bovada Sportsbook – Montana Residents’ Favorite Sportsbook!

Using the system that Bovada has set up is exceptionally easy—and exciting. When you log into this website you will be greeted by an appealing design and an interface that fosters the ability to quickly navigate your way to the sportsbook section.

Once you get to the sportsbook, Bovada provides you with a list of the top five betting lines to help you quickly find the day's most popular events. Of course, you will be able to bet on all the games of the day, not only those on the top of the betting boards. Simply choose the game or match you want to wager on, and then place your bet!

In addition to the top five betting lines, the first page of the sportsbook allows you to quickly access highlighted events. These eagerly anticipated showdowns are highly popular and you will enjoy the experience of betting on them. Bovada is a favorite among players because the website is easy to use and the company has an outstanding reputation. You will have a great time when you join this betting community, and new Montana members who sign up now can get a $250 sports welcome bonus with the industry’s lowest rollover requirements of just 5X.

BetOnline Sportsbook BetOnline Sportsbook – All Montana Sports Gamblers Welcome Here!

One of the first things that catch players' attention when they log onto Bet Online is the list of major media sources on its homepage. The logos of ESPN, Boston Herald, Yahoo! Sports, CNBC, and USA Today lend this website an air of credibility that it has certainly worked hard for.

The main goal of BetOnline is to create long-term relationships with players. The goal of the organization is to create a community of sports betting enthusiasts who have a great time wagering on their favorite athletic events—among other gambling options. As such, the bookmaker has gone the extra mile in terms of creating a supportive community that players want to engage in.

Aside from sports betting opportunities, members of this community have access to casino-style games and poker, as well as an international pari-mutuel racebook for fans of the ponies.

BetOnline is highly regarded by the online gambling industry. This is a wonderful place to start if you are looking to get involved in sports betting on the World Wide Web, and new members who sign up today can get a 50% deposit match bonus worth up to $1000 in free-plays.

5Dimes Sportsbook 5Dimes Sportsbook – Make Your Own Lines At 5Dimes!

5Dimes is a leading member of the online gambling community because it has such a fine reputation for customer support. Players who join this bookmaker's community receive high-quality customer service that allows them to enjoy virtually every aspect of their experience. But this isn't the only reason why players keep coming back to 5Dimes for their sports betting needs.

The wide range of gambling options available to members of this community is unmatched. 5Dimes offers a diverse sportsbook, casino-style games, a live dealer, mini-games, a racebook, a lottery, poker, and even skill games. The best part of 5Dimes, however, is that their sportsbook allows bettors to set their own lines by “buying points.” Though this feature is available at other books, 5Dimes puts the customization options at the forefront.

When it comes time to deposit money at 5Dimes, members are able to choose from a list of methods, ensuring that they can do so in a manner that is convenient to them. Visa, person to person, cashier's checks, money orders, sportsbook transfers, account to account transfers, and Bitcoin are all accepted for deposits. Sign up today, and 5Dimes will give you up to $520 in sportsbook free-plays, and all members are eligible for 5Dimes’ invaluable Reduced Juice program. – Plenty Of Player Props For Montana Bettors

No online sportsbook is perfect, but BookMaker comes pretty close. They offer every sport that you can think of, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and NHL. In addition to the major sports leagues, you can also wager on MMA/UFC, tennis, golf, rugby, surfing, esports, and other less common markets. The betting options at BookMaker are also quite impressive, with plenty of game lines and alternative lines. The site accepts action on both straight and exotic wagers, including point spreads, totals, parlays, teasers, and if-bets.

Proposition bets are those where you can bet on the outcome of various scenarios, and BookMaker offers more props than anyone else. NFL fans can enjoy plenty of Super Bowl props that include receiving props, QB props, passing props, defense/special teams props, and more. During March Madness, you can bet on how many points or rebounds a player will get or wager on odds that a No. 1 seed will win the NCAA Championship. The list is virtually endless. BookMaker is where you should go when you want the best selection of game, team, and player props, and new players from Montana who join today can get the industry’s only real cash bonus just for signing up!

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Montana Residents

Montana Sports Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site
Bovada Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $250 Visit Bovada
BetOnline Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $1,000NEW! Visit BetOnline
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $1,000NEW! Visit Sportsbetting
Dimes Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $520 Visit 5 Dimes
BetDSI Sportsbook Review 100% Up To $500NEW! Visit BetDSI

Montana Sports Betting Laws

The state of Montana, as we have already mentioned, has very strict laws regarding sports betting. The federal government allowed the state the option of setting up a regulated sports betting system through the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, but the state has decided to decline this capability by making bookmaking illegal via state legislation.

Additionally, online gambling – from an operator’s POV – has been outlawed in Montana. As such, players within this state who are interested in sports betting must turn to legal, internationally-run sportsbooks in order to place their wagers. While some may still consider this to be risky, given the strict laws that are in place, the sportsbooks listed above are great resources for individuals looking to place a bet, and no Montana resident has ever been arrested for using them.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Montana Residents Regulated?

No online bookmakers are regulated by Montana or by the United States as a whole. This means that there is no governing body within the United States that ensures that these bookmakers are operating in an honest way. As such, it is imperative that you are able to choose a sportsbook that has a great reputation in order to protect your financial assets and have a positive experience.

If you stick with the sportsbooks that are reviewed above, you can rest assured that you are in good hands, as all three of them are recommended by industry veterans and have extremely positive reputations. These are bookmakers that you can trust to operate honestly.

Current State Of Online Sports Betting In Montana

While Montana doesn't have a long list of professional sports teams, its residents are certainly involved in betting on their favorite athletic events and popular teams from surrounding states. But it is important for you to realize that, due to the restrictive laws of the state, you have to be careful about your gambling activity—even if you engage in your wagering online.

Instead of turning to illegal bookies or state-based online sportsbooks, make sure to join a legal offshore sports betting community that has a great reputation. The books that are reviewed above are wonderful places to start your search for the perfect bookmaker! Once you join one of these websites you can start placing your bets.

Montana Sports Betting FAQs

Does The Wire Act Make Sports Betting Illegal?

The Wire Act of 1961 does not make sports betting illegal, but it does have implications for gambling businesses. The Wire Act prohibits sports betting businesses from transmitting or receiving interstate wagers via the internet and other forms of wire communications. It is important to know that the law specifically targets US operators, not those who are placing bets. You can use any offshore online sportsbook and you will not be in violation of the Wire Act.

Can You Make Parlay Bets Online?

You can make parlay bets online at any of the top online sportsbooks. Parlay bets are an excellent way to maximize your profits with substantially larger payoffs. Most sportsbooks will allow anywhere between 2 and 23 bets to be parlayed on a single ticket, though most casual bettors stick to no more than 6 or so. Instead of having to figure out your potential payoff on your own, sportsbooks provide parlay calculators that you can use before you commit to any wager.

Why You Should Never Chase Losses

We often get asked about common mistakes that sports bettor makes, and chasing losses is at the top of the list. No one wins them all, and some days you will find that your Ls seem to be outweighing your Ws. There will be a temptation to just continue betting in order to start recouping your losses, but this is not a good strategy to have. While you may start winning again in some situations, it is also a very real possibility that you may end up losing even more and run out of money. There is no knowing in advance whether you will have a good or a bad run, and continuing a bad streak is worse than just cutting your losses. Always keep your overall bankroll in mind when placing wagers and stick to a reasonable limit that you can actually afford to lose.

If Montana was exempt from PASPA, why haven’t they offered sports betting now that the law is no longer in effect?

Montana originally had a very limited PASPA exemption to offer sports tabs and sports pools at venues that have liquor licenses, but this is such a narrow part of sports betting that the laws allowing these cannot be extended to include single-game sports betting. This latter is still considered illegal for operators to offer, and it will require a new state law to be written. Whereas Delaware was able to lump single-game betting under its lottery’s authority without passing new laws, Montana actually needs to explicitly allow the practice (which is currently banned at the state level).

When will Montana legalize sports betting at in-state locations?

There is not a lot of concrete information available about the climate for sports betting legalization in Montana, but two bills are currently being considered in the state legislature. These are HB 475 *$BSIV.ActionQuery?P_BILL_NO1=475&P_BLTP_BILL_TYP_CD=HB&Z_ACTION=Find&P_SESS=20191 *  and SB 25 *$BSIV.ActionQuery?P_BILL_NO1=25&P_BLTP_BILL_TYP_CD=SB&Z_ACTION=Find&P_SESS=20191 * . The senate bill is more comprehensive, although it is unclear how much support either measure has at this time. If either bill passes, sports betting could come to MT before the end of 2019. Regardless, it is a good bet that Montana will have single-game sports betting legalized before the end of 2020 or 2021, however.

Is online sports betting safe and secure in Montana?

Absolutely. You can safely wager on sports over the Internet in Montana by using a reputable offshore sportsbook. The top Internet betting sites all use state-of-the-art security and encryption measures. Even better, your personal information is never sold to any third parties, and because these sites don’t require dedicated apps, you are always guaranteed to be using the most updated, secure version of your favorite sportsbook anytime you log on.

What are the most popular teams to bet on in Montana?

Montana doesn’t have any professional teams to speak of, and their NCAA footprint is also small, with the Montana Grizzlies (University of Montana) and the Montana State Bobcats (Montana State University) being the only Division I teams in the state. For pro clubs, MT residents’ allegiances are spread around geographically, as they prefer to wager on the Minnesota Vikings (NFL), the Seattle Mariners (MLB), the Utah Jazz (NBA), and the Colorado Avalanche (NHL).

Can I make private sports bets with my friends in Montana?

Yes. Like most states, private “social” betting is allowed in Montana. The caveat here is that nobody may play the role of the “house” or the “sportsbook.” In other words, as long as nobody is collecting a fee for operating the sports wagering “venue,” there is no crime being committed when friends make wagers between one another. Just make sure that you trust your pals, because there’s no recourse if Jimmy doesn’t want to pay up when he loses that big bet to Steve. So save your friendships and stick to online sportsbooks!