Binance Coin Sportsbooks

Binance Coin SportsbooksBinance Coin, the token issued by Binance, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, is able to be used for sports betting. There are a few sportsbooks that accept Binance Coin, even though it was originally developed as a method of exchange on the Binance crypto exchange. Since there are, it’s worth covering as a sports betting deposit and withdrawal option at the best Binance Coin sportsbooks online.

BetOnline Sportsbook

A Top Binance Coin Sportsbook

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline was one of the first sportsbooks to begin accepting Binance Coin, and it brags that no transaction will take longer than 30 minutes under normal circumstances. Using Binance Coin at BetOnline also allows you to access their excellent crypto bonuses, which give you a 100% match on your first deposit, and repeating 35% matches on your future deposits. You can even access a small 5% crypto boost on your deposits when you use Binance Coin at BetOnline.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

100% Match On First Deposit With BNB

SportsBetting Sports Betting

BetOnline’s sister site, SportsBetting, has many of the same perks as BetOnline for anyone looking to use Binance Coin. They have the same bonuses (100% matching on first deposit, 35% matching on future deposits, and a 5% crypto boost), the same deposit and withdrawal limits ($20-$100,000 for both deposits and withdrawals), and the same payment processing estimates. They do not, however, always have the same odds, so you can often line shop between the two books.

Step By Step Guide To Betting On Sports With Binance Coin

  1. Set up a wallet that can process Binance Coin
  2. Purchase Binance Coin
  3. Send Binance Coin to your previously set up wallet
  4. Begin the deposit process at your chosen sportsbook by selecting the deposit option
  5. Choose Binance Coin as your deposit method
  6. The system will provide you with a wallet address to send BNB to
  7. Send the requested amount from your wallet to the address, and wait for the transaction to complete
  8. That’s it! You can start betting as soon as the money hits your account.

Depositing Into A BNB Sportsbook

Binance Coin deposits are available straight up at both and BetOnline. Both of these sportsbooks are very similar, as they are sister sites. They both offer no fee deposits on Binance Coin, and they also offer a low end estimate of instant deposits, although it can take up to two hours. Their maximum deposits in BNB have a dollar value of $100,000, and the minimum deposits have a dollar value of $20.00.

Binance Coin Deposit Info

Sportsbook Deposit Time Min. Deposit Max. Deposit BNB Fees?
BetOnline Less Than 2 Hrs $20 $100,000 No
SportsBetting Less Than 2 Hrs $20 $100,000 No

Binance Coin Vs. Other Deposit Methods

Binance Coin is a fairly specific cryptocurrency, only available for use at BetOnline and SportsBetting. It will get you extra bonuses at those sportsbooks, and is superior to credit cards and debit cards in that manner, but it is limited in terms of acceptance.

Binance Coin Pros And Cons

Binance Coin Bitcoin Debit Cards Credit Cards
Accepted At Bovada No Yes Yes Yes
Bigger Bonuses Yes Yes No No
Faster Deposits + Withdrawals Yes Yes No No
No Fees Yes Yes No No

Binance Coin Sports Betting Bonuses

When you deposit with BNB, you can apply various bonuses to your deposit. Each of these bonuses is discrete, meaning you can apply each one, but you often cannot apply multiples at the same time. One exception is the crypto boost, which can be applied in concert with other crypto sportsbook bonus codes.

Binance Coin Sportsbook Bonuses

Sportsbook Bonus Match Playthrough Max Value Code
SportsBetting First Time Crypto Bonus 100% 14X $1,000 100CRYPTO
SportsBetting Crypto Reload Bonus 35% 8X $350 35CRYPTO
SportsBetting Crypto Boost 5% 3X n/a
BetOnline First Time Crypto Bonus 100% 14X $1,000 CRYPTO100
BetOnline Crypto Reload Bonus 35% 8X $350 35CRYPTO
BetOnline Crypto Boost 5% 3X n/a

Can I Get Sportsbooks Winnings Paid Out In Binance Coin?

Both BetOnline and let you receive payouts in Binance Coin, and their payout limits are the same as their deposit limits – they run as high as $100,000. You can also be assured that they do not charge fees on the use of Binance Coin, which means the only fees you have to worry about are the ones innate to the blockchain, which are extremely minimal. Withdrawals can be processed as fast as 30 seconds from the request, while both sportsbooks do allow themselves up to 48 hours of possible withdrawal time as well.

Binance Coin Withdrawal Info

Sportsbook Fees Min Max Time
BetOnline 0% $20 $100,000 Immediate– 48 Hours
SportsBetting 0% $20 $100,000 Immediate– 48 Hours

Can I Deposit Binance Coin But Withdraw In A Different Crypto?

For the most part, you are going to deposit in the same crypto you plan to withdraw in at online sportsbooks. The hard and fast rule is that you can’t withdraw in crypto if you don’t deposit in crypto, and there are nuances to specific cryptos that you can deposit in but can’t withdraw in. Generally, you can withdraw in the crypto you deposited in, and also some other cryptos, but this will depend on the sportsbook you choose.

Popular Cryptos For Online Sports Betting

Best Exchanges To Transfer Binance Coin Into A Sportsbook Account

Binance Coin is the currency of the Binance exchange, which means that Binance is obviously the first place that people would go when looking to purchase Binance Coin. Binance Coin is also available on several other exchanges, so using this sportsbook funding method is becoming more popular.

Binance Coin Exchanges

  • Binance
  • FTX
  • KuCoin
  • eToro

Why Is Binance Coin Only Accepted At Some Online Sportsbooks?

There are two categories of sportsbooks in the world – those that operate internationally, and those that operate exclusively in the confines of states. The state-based sportsbooks are not allowed to accept crypto outside of Wyoming. The international sportsbooks focus mostly on the cryptocurrencies that make them money. Binance Coin is not the most popular cryptocurrency, so only the most crypto-forward sportsbooks accept it as a deposit method. MyBookie and are the two sportsbooks focused the most on crypto, and thus they are the sportsbooks that take Binance Coin deposits.

Pros and Cons Of Using Binance Coin To Bet On Sports

Pros For Using Binance Coin

Cons For Using Binance Coin

  • Tied to Binance exchange
  • Not all sportsbooks take BNB

Are Online Sportsbooks That Accept BNB Legal?

Online sportsbooks that take BNB are absolutely legal to use. One note is that you won’t find any state-regulated sportsbooks that take BNB, but the international sportsbooks that do are legal to use across the US. This means that you can use Binance Coin to bet on sports from anywhere in the US with these legal and safe online sportsbooks.