Betting On Aussie Rules Football Guide

Australian Football League LogoAussie rules football is an underrated gem of a sport best understood as an admixture of European soccer and American football. When it comes to betting on Aussie rules football, there are a couple best practices to follow. First, the best place to wager on Aussie rules football is usually going to be a licensed online sportsbook accepting USA players. Their location make them more likely to have odds on Aussie rules football, as they do not have to follow restrictions set forth by local sportsbook. After seeing the current Aussie rules odds, get familiar with how to bet on the game and the best AFL betting sites.

Online Sportsbooks For Australian Rules Football

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Current Aussie Rules Football Odds

Aussie Rules Football is played professionally in the AFL, the Australian Football League. Their Super Bowl, the Grand Finals, is more or less similar to the American Super Bowl - the culmination of both the playoffs and the regular season, and the coronation of the champion. The current AFL betting odds favor Geelong or GWS to win the Grand Final, which takes place in September.

2024 AFL Odds

Best Aussie Rules Football Betting Sites

Australian Football BettingThe best places to wager on Aussie rules football are going the be the online sportsbooks. These websites have a unique combination of trustworthiness among the betting community and offshore location which allows them to be the trusted providers of gambling to many people all across the world. Check out our reviews of the best Aussie Rules Football betting sites. We detail their licensing, customer service, and reputation.

What Are The Rules For Aussie Football?

AFL - NFLThe basic way AFL works is that there are 18 players on each side, focused on kicking the ball through a goal (worth six points). This goal resembles an American football upright, but extends all the way to the ground. Additionally, when the oblong ball goes through further uprights, it is a Behind (worth one point). Aussie rules resembles full contact soccer more than anything else except you can pick up the ball and run with it, as long as you dribble it once per 16 yards. Movement forward can be completed via kicking, handballing (hitting the ball forward with your fist), and running while dribbling. The game is played without any pads so there are restrictions on tackling - it has to be aimed at the main body mass of the players, you can’t go too low or too high. All being said, there are several differences between betting on the NFL and Aussie Rules.

Aussie Rules Football Bet Types

There are a couple main ways to wager on Aussie rules football, and they should be familiar to most soccer bettors as well as most American football bettors. These generally are the moneyline and the spread.

Aussie Rules Moneyline

To understand moneylines, you have to know that sportsbooks’ odds are based on probability. If Sydney opens at +300, and the public thinks that line is too high, and keeps hammering it, Sydney’s odds will likely get a bit shorter, going to +280, for example. An example in a match between the Melbourne Demons (-155) and the Gold Coast Suns (+110). The Melbourne Demons are the favorite, meaning in order to win $100 in profit, you would have to wager $155. The Gold Coast Suns are the underdog, meaning that if you wager $100, you will win $110 in profit.

Aussie Rules Spreads

Spread betting, in concept, is simple: both teams are assigned a handicap, and wagers are taken based on that handicap. Let’s take a look at that game between the Demons and the Suns as an example. In this game, the Demons are 5-point favorites. This means that in order for a bet on them to win, the Demons have to win the match by more than five points. The Suns, meanwhile, get a handicap of +5 points, which means that they can lose by four and a bet on them can still cash. They can also win outright to win this bet. Anything that matches up (a Demons five-point victory) is considered a push and all bets are void.

Biggest Aussie Rules Football Events To Bet On

AFL Regular Season - The regular season in the AFL consists of 18 teams that play a total of 23 games. Betting on the regular season can include betting on individual moneylines and spreads as well as betting on who will make the Finals via futures betting.

AFL Finals - The top eight teams in the AFL face off against one another in the playoffs, and this is referred to as the Finals. The teams play until there are only two teams left, and then these two teams go head to head in the Grand Finals.

AFL Grand Finals - To put it simply, this is the Aussie rules Super Bowl. There are hundreds of AFL Grand Finals prop bets, odds, totals, alternate lines, and more to consider. Due to the large viewership, expect to see more bets in this match than any other game.

Best Aussie Rules Football Teams To Bet On

There are some smaller organizations in Australia that play, but the best Aussie Football teams to bet on are affiliated with the AFL. Aside from the Women’s AFL, which opened up their doors in 2017, these teams are limited to the AFL, the highest level of professional play.

Sydney Swans LogoSydney Swans - The Sydney Swans are an elite team in the AFL - they are always in contention, they are constantly in the Finals, and they just won’t go away. Before 2019, they had made the finals for a decade straight. The last time they won the Grand Finals was in 2012, with a victory over Hawthorn.

West Coast Eagles LogoWest Coast Eagles - The Eagles are perhaps most famous for mounting an immense comeback in the 2018 Grand Final against Collingwood, winning the match and the league in an incredible moment. That was the last time they won the Grand Final, but they are one of the teams with the biggest fanbases in the AFL.

Hawthorn Hawks LogoHawthorn Hawks - The Hawks are one of the absolute most successful teams over the course of Aussie rules football history. They have won an astounding 13 AFL/VFL championships, most recently in 2015, when they capped off a run of three championships in three years.

Adelaide Crows LogoAdelaide Crows - The Adelaide Crows are a relatively newer team, having existed for 28 years. Making the finals in 15 of them, they won the Grand Finals back to back in 1997 and 1998, but have not won since.

Live Betting On Aussie Rules Football

Aussie rules football is a fast paced, high scoring game, and that means that there are a ton of great opportunities for live betting on Aussie rules football. Live in game sports betting is best applied to games that move quickly and change quickly, and Aussie rules football is certainly one of those games. In order to bet live on Aussie rules football, you’ll want to check one of the major online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks have lines that are available throughout the match, and the lines are constantly updated to aid live bettors.

Aussie Rules Football Betting On Mobile Devices

Mobile Sports BettingWhen it comes to betting, not everyone can be everywhere at once. Sometimes you want to place a bet on some Aussie rules, but you’re stuck at work, or you’re on a date, or you simply don’t want to turn the computer on. In cases like that, it’s a good thing that the major sites offer online mobile sportsbooks making betting on Aussie Rules easy.

  1. Check your AFL betting site
  2. See the betting lines in your hand.
  3. Confirm and submit your bet.
  4. Check in and cash out from your mobile device.