Champions League Sportsbooks

Champions League LogoChampions League sportsbooks are widely available on the internet. Betting on the Champions League online is where a lot of people start when looking at soccer odds. Online Champions League sportsbooks that accept US residents draw a ton of attention due to the high profile of the teams involved. This page covers everything you need to know about the best betting sites for Champions League soccer and everything you need to know about the sport/league before you start betting at US online sportsbooks.

Top UEFA Champions League Sportsbooks

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Best Champions League Sportsbooks

There are many different sportsbooks that will offer odds on Champions League matches. These odds take the form of futures, props, game lines, and more! You can find all of these odds at the best online sportsbooks for Champions League betting, but what truly sets the top books apart is their ease of use on mobile devices, their acceptance of cryptocurrency, and their live betting options. Below are US online sportsbook reviews that cover the best betting sites for the Champions League that take Americans.

Bovada Sportsbook

Champions League Wagering for US Residents

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is easy to use on desktops, laptops and mobile devices when betting on the Champions League. They have a good variety of Champions League bets available, and their in-game betting section for Champions League matches has tons of props and alternate lines that you can bet on. Bovada also offers live in-game betting for Champions League matchups, which is a great way to react to the action as it happens. Overall, Bovada is a great sportsbook, and when it applies itself to the Champions League, there are very few sportsbooks that are better.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Fast Payouts For Champions League Bets

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline is one of the best websites based on their Champions League betting odds. If you like multi-leg bets and player prop building, BetOnline is probably going to be the best place for your Champions League betting aspirations. Their bet builder is the best in the industry, while offering both live and mobile betting. No matter where you are when you are watching Champions League matches, you'll be able to bet as well.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Best Online Sportsbook For Soccer Betting

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie has a much lower betting limit than the other sportsbooks but makes up for this by offering Champions League prop bets that neither see. This betting site is aimed toward the person who watches a couple soccer matches and has a hunch rather than the deep fans. MyBookie offers silly props with weird occurrences. But, overall, they’re an excellent sportsbook and reliable when it comes to betting on Champions League online.

Champions League Sportsbook Deposit Methods

When you deposit at a Champions League sportsbook, you’ll want to pick the best option for you. For most people, the best online sportsbook deposit methods end up being cryptocurrencies, the usage of which is highly incentivized. Crypto tends to offer bigger bonuses at books like Bovada and BetOnline, which is a great way for you to boost your bankroll.

Champions League Sportsbook Deposit Limits – Bovada

Method Min. Deposit Max. Deposit Fees How Long?
Visa/ Mastercard $20 $1,500 0% for first, 15.9% for more Up to 24 hours
Bitcoin $10 $5,000 0% Up to 24 hours
Bitcoin Cash $10 $5,000 0% Up to 1 hour
Litecoin $10 $5,000 0% Up to 1 hour
Ethereum $50 $5,000 0% Up to 30 seconds
Bitcoin SV (BSV) $10 $5,000 0% Up to 1 hour
Player Transfer $10 $15,000 0%
MatchPay $20 $1,000 0% 15 Minutes
Voucher $10 $3,000 0%

Champions League Sportsbook Bonuses – Bovada

Bonus Percent Bonus Value Rollover
Bitcoin Welcome Bonus 75% $750 5
Sports Welcome Bonus 50% $250 5

Betting On The Champions League With Cryptocurrency

The best way to bet on the Champions League in 2024 is with cryptocurrency. As an international competition, it makes sense to use an international sportsbook for Champions League betting, and international sportsbooks are the ones that take crypto in the widest amounts and ranges. For example, Bovada takes six different cryptocurrencies as deposit and withdrawal methods, while BetOnline takes more than twelve. This expanded selection is relatively normal, as almost all online sportsbooks that take cryptocurrency accept more crypto than they do any other deposit method.

Advantages Of Crypto Betting On The Champions League

  • Better Champions League bonuses
  • No Fees on Champions League deposits
  • Withdrawal options also come with no fees
  • Some sportsbooks offer free account upgrades for using crypto

How Does The Champions League Seeding And Bracket Work?

The Champions League is generally split up into two stages – groups, and the knockout rounds. Each of them has their own rules for how they happen, so let’s dive in.

How Does The Champions League Group Stage Work?

The Champions League group stage is important to understand when you bet on the Champions League at online sportsbooks. 32 teams make it into the Champions League. These teams are then sorted into groups. The groups play each other to determine who the best teams in the group are. The top two teams from each group move on to the knockout rounds, and are seeded according to performance within their group.

How Do The Champions League Knockout Rounds Work?

In the knockout rounds, matches are played over two legs, one at home, and one away. Goals scored away are supremely valuable, because they end up being weighed more than goals at home.

Example: If Bayern Munich wins 3-2 on the road, but then loses 2-1 at home, they will go through to the next round because even though both teams have four goals, Bayern will have scored three of them away, while their opponents only scored two away.

Matches continue in this manner until there are eight teams left, then four, then two. When two are left, the Champions League Final is conducted, which takes place over one match. This match is a normal match, with a 30 minute overtime if the game is tied. If the game remains tied after that period, there will be a penalty shootout.

What Is The Champions League?

Champions League Team LogosThe Champions League is a competition wherein the best teams from Europe’s soccer leagues compete against each other in varying tournament formats in order to determine a champion. Winning the Champions League is arguably the hardest thing to do in club soccer, outside of accomplishments like winning the Champions League and your domestic league and cup at the same time, which is known as a treble. Put simply, the Champions League is the heart of European soccer.

How Does Qualification For The Champions League Work?

This is where things get complex. There are a lot of ways to qualify for the Champions League. For the major leagues, as ranked by UEFA, all you have to do to qualify is to finish at the top of the league, either the top four or the top three. In addition, many of the champions of smaller leagues compete in a big tournament to qualify for the Champions League that way. The winners of the Europa League qualify, as do last year’s Champions League winners. Basically, for clubs in the big leagues, you need to finish near the top. For clubs in the small leagues, you need to win your league and then do well in the tournament that allows you to qualify.

Current Champions League Odds

Champions League Betting Odds 2024

Sportsbooks With Champions League Live Betting

The top sportsbooks for Champions League live betting are Bovada, BetOnline and MyBookie. Other honorary mentions include SportsBetting and XBet. These live betting sportsbook sites are at the top of our rankings due to their excellent amenities for live betting, such as a wide range of odds, good bonuses, and acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Sportsbook Live Betting On CL Takes Crypto Big Bonuses
Bovada Sportsbook Yes Yes Yes
BetOnline Sportsbook Yes Yes Yes
MyBookie Sportsbook Yes Yes Yes
Xbet Sportsbook Yes Yes Yes
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Yes Yes Yes

Champions League Betting History

Let’s take a look back at some previous winners of the Champions League and their odds. Real Madrid did win three in a row, but was heavily favored to do so in all three. Since then, Champions League longshot winners have been the focus.

2022-23 Manchester City (+250)
2021-22 Real Madrid (+1400)
2020-21 Chelsea (+2000)
2019-20 Bayern Munich (+1200)
2018-19 Liverpool (+1200)
2017-18 Real Madrid (+400)
2016-17 Real Madrid (+520)
2015-16 Real Madrid (+530)
2014-15 Barcelona (+550)
2013-14 Real Madrid (+500)
2012-13 Bayern Munich (+1200)
2011-12 Chelsea (+700)
2010-11 Barcelona (+300)
2009-10 Inter Milan (+1000)

Sportsbooks With Mobile Champions League Betting

Mobile Sports BettingThe top sportsbooks for mobile Champions League betting offer a ton of different ways to bet, and easy-to-use mobile betting options via mobile websites, rather than apps. This is because these mobile websites are functional on older devices, where apps have to be updated to the latest versions. The mobile sportsbook websites retain full functionality, so you can use them to do anything you would do on the desktop version of the website. This is a great way to bet on the Champions League on the go!