Chime Sportsbooks For US Players

ChimeOnline sportsbooks that take Chime are available across the US, and the main one that most players use is Bovada. Chime is an online banking app that works similarly to CashApp, Zelle and Venmo, and can be used with some online sportsbooks for the purposes of sports betting. The major online sportsbook that will take Chime in some form is Bovada, which does so via MatchPay, a peer to peer money swapping program. Chime is one of several apps that can be used with MatchPay at Bovada. Other sportsbooks tend not to accept Chime.

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Top Sportsbooks That Take Chime

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada Takes Chime Via MatchPay

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada accepts Chime via MatchPay. MatchPay is a peer-to-peer money swapping service that allows you to effectively buy and sell money. You simply use Chime to put in a MatchPay order that goes to Bovada and then you are able to deposit. The upsides of this method are that it’s a way to use banking apps with online sportsbooks, something that is usually limited to state-regulated sportsbooks. Downsides include low deposit limits.

Step By Step Guide To Betting On Sports With Chime

  • Create a MatchPay account
  • Link it to your Bovada account
  • Purchase a deposit on MatchPay with Chime
  • In this way, a request to deposit at Bovada becomes something you can buy on MatchPay with Chime
  • Complete the MatchPay transaction and wait for the money to appear in your Bovada account
  • Start betting!

Depositing Into An Chime Sportsbook

Chime deposits are only really used at Bovada, where it falls under the MatchPay category. Thus, when making a Chime sportsbook deposit at Bovada, the deposit limits that you will see are those that are applied to MatchPay. Note that Chime does offer debit cards, and if you are using those, you can find those deposit limits under the Visa Card section.

Chime/Matchpay Deposit Info At Bovada

  • Chime Deposit Minimum: $20
  • Chime Deposit Maximum: $1000
  • Chime Deposit Time: Up to 48 hours
  • Chime Deposit Fees: None

Chime Deposits With Crypto Withdrawals At Online Sportsbooks

Crypto withdrawals are unavailable to those who deposited with Chime at online sportsbooks. This is because the Chime online sportsbooks – Bovada especially – do not want to be used as crypto trading websites, and do not want to be used for money laundering. As part of their money laundering protections, they nearly all have policies that state that you cannot get crypto withdrawals to anywhere other than the crypto wallet you deposited with. If you deposited with Chime or MatchPay, you don’t have a crypto wallet, so you can’t get crypto withdrawals.

Top Sports Betting Cryptocurrencies

Chime Vs. Crypto For Online Sportsbook Deposits

Chime is a fairly complex method of depositing into an online sportsbook, given that it requires the MatchPay or Person2Person middleman to work at the top sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, works much more easily, and has less fees and bigger bonuses at these same sportsbooks. It’s generally a better option for shaving time off of your deposit and withdrawal times, and if you’re someone who likes looking for value in promotional materials from sportsbooks, you’d want to look closely at cryptocurrency before deciding to use Chime.

Sportsbook Bonuses With Chime Deposits

While Chime is accepted at Bovada, using it via MatchPay excludes you from sportsbook bonuses. Per their website, “Bonuses are not available for MatchPay deposits unless otherwise specified in the bonus description, this includes our Welcome and Refer-a-Friend Bonuses.” Since Chime is only usable at Bovada via MatchPay, this means that you cannot access their bonuses when you deposit.

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Can I Get Sportsbooks Winnings Paid Out In Chime?

You can easily request quick sportsbook payouts out with Chime, as long as you withdraw via Bovada’s MatchPay system. This means that you’ll have fairly low limits, as MatchPay transactions via Bovada cannot be bigger than $1,000. However, they do not apply extra fees to MatchPay users, and you can easily get your MatchPay deposits right onto your Chime app, which is an added convenience that many online sportsbooks do not offer.

Bovada Chime/ MatchPayWithdrawal Info

  • Chime Withdrawal Minimum: $20
  • Chime Withdrawal Maximum: $1000
  • Chime Withdrawal Time: Up to 48 hours
  • Chime Withdrawal Fees: None

Pros Of Using Chime For Sports Betting

  • Access to Bovada
  • Limited fees on MatchPay
  • Extremely easy to use

Cons Of Using Chime For Sports Betting

  • You can’t get Bovada’s bonuses
  • Low deposit limits
  • Low withdrawal limits
  • You have to deposit via MatchPay, nothing direct

Are Online Sportsbooks That Accept Chime Legal?

As of right now, Bovada is the only online sportsbooks that accepts Chime via MatchPay, and Bovada is resoundingly legal. This means that you can easily use Chime at Bovada without worrying about the legal ramifications, unless you are in a state that a) explicitly bans gambling or b) Bovada does not operate in. Bovada operates in 45 states, and of those 45, very few have explicit laws against the act of gambling. Even in those states, we know of nobody who has been prosecuted for using an online sportsbook like Bovada.

Does FanDuel Accept Chime?

FanDuel does technically accept Chime, but only through the bank account linking feature of the app. Players cannot use the person-to-person feature that Bovada allows for. The inability to use Chime as a P2P platform at FanDuel makes it a useless additional step.