Utah Online Sportsbooks + Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting is an incredibly popular gambling activity that is enjoyed by a large number of individuals. From those who like to place a casual wager on their favorite team here and there to those who religiously bet on a variety of athletics, this particular form of gambling is one that has a long history in the United States. But sports betting is not always legal, particularly when it comes to land-based practices. So where are individuals to turn to engage in this activity?

The state of Utah has a very strict legal code regarding gambling. Basically, the state does not allow any of its residents to engage in any land-based gambling activities whatsoever. But this does not necessarily mean that sports betting is a complete no go for players in Utah. In fact, there are reliable sports betting outlets on the World Wide Web that many Utah residents trust with their wagers. We want to be as transparent as possible regarding the options for legal sports betting in Utah, presenting you with the safest avenues possible.

Betting On The NFL In Utah

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Although there is no regulated sports betting in Utah, that does not mean that betting on the NFL is out of the question as Bovada has you covered. The Arizona Cardinal are the most equipped of the local teams, followed by the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos. However, when betting on these teams, it's best to use an offshore sportsbook instead of a sketchy bookie. Offshore books are regulated, and you'll get better odds on local teams because they serve a wider clientele.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Utah?

Utah does not allow for any land-based gambling. This means no casino-style games, no poker, no sports betting, and no pari-mutuel wagers. One of two of the strictest states with regard to its gambling regulations, Utah offers absolutely no land-based wagering activities for its residents.

But the players living in Utah have options outside of land-based gambling venues. Turning to illegal bookies may seem the obvious thing to do, but can players really trust these individuals with their cash? Most residents say no. The Internet, though, is a veritable treasure trove of gambling opportunities to which most players in this state turn when they want to place a bet. While online gambling sites that are operated from within the United States are often illegal, turning to legal offshore sportsbooks is a great way for players to safely engage in their favorite betting activities. The key is for players to pinpoint the online sportsbooks that they can trust.

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Will Utah Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

If residents of Utah are caught engaging in gambling activity in a land-based venue, odds are that they will face some sort of legal ramifications. Unfortunately, the same goes for online gambling as well. UT H.B. 108 made all forms of internet betting illegal in the state. There is no denying that the Utah Legislature has covered all of its bases in becoming a strict anti-gambling state. If you still decide to place internet wagers, you should do so while being fully aware of the risks.

While we do not encourage online sports betting for Utah residents, there are still quite a few sites that accept Utah residents every day. If you continue reading, you will see that we have reviewed three reputable, trustworthy bookmakers that you can turn to when you are ready to place your bets. If you stick with these bookmakers you should be in the clear. Always, though, make sure that you are betting responsibly and make it a point to never trust your money or sensitive information to a random website.

Where Can Utah Residents Bet Sports Online?

There are countless internet-based bookmakers that you can turn to when you are ready to gamble. The question is, which is right for you? The best way to make this determination is to stick to bookmakers that come highly recommended by industry leaders. We have reviewed several of the best online sportsbooks to provide you with a list of great websites to start your online sports betting journey. One thing to remember before you dive in: all of these websites will do what you need them to, and all of them are reputable online sportsbooks. Read on to dive into the details about each of these bookmakers—and discover which one will work best for you.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept Utah Residents

Bovada Sportsbook Bovada Sportsbook – Open To Those Living In Utah

Bovada is one of the leading sportsbooks for many reasons. First of all, it is impeccably designed. This website is polished, is user-friendly, and offers the information you need to get started. With easy to navigate tabs and a homepage highlighting its different betting categories, you can quickly find what you are looking for and place your bets.

One of the most popular features on Bovada is its bonus program. The website currently has seven different bonus opportunities that are geared toward new members, members who have referred a friend, and specific game activity.

Signing up for Bovada is easy, too. Simply fill in a quick form with your contact information to create your account! After agreeing to the Terms of Service you can open an account and start placing bets.

Bovada is a leading sportsbook because it has it all—a wide range of wagering options, an easy to use website, and the information that you need to enjoy your experience.

BetOnline Sportsbook BetOnline Sportsbook – All Utah Sports Gamblers Welcome Here + Score Up To $1,000

The people behind Bet Online started accumulating experience in the online gaming field in 1991, so it is safe to say that they have a strong background in this industry. From the NBA to the NHL to the MLB, and everything in between, this website offers a wide range of wagering opportunities to its members. There are also opportunities to score extra cash at every corner, with promos like the 50% Welcome Bonus when you use code BOL1000 while making a deposit.

Creating a secure account on Bet Online is extremely easy. Just fill in your name, contact information, and password details and you can quickly open your account. The website uses Secure Socket Layers and 256-bit encryption to keep your information safe.

In addition to sports, Bet Online offers the ability to engage in casino-style games and poker.

Ultimately, Bet Online is a highly popular sportsbook that has earned the trust of gamblers around the world. This particular website will allow you to quickly and easily make your bets without having to worry about the safety of your information and cash.

Xbet Sportsbook Xbet Sportsbook – Great SportsBoook For Utah Players

When it comes to betting on sporting events, Xbet is number one on the list for a lot of bettors. The reason why is because there are all the options you want as a bettor and there is multiple ways you can make money on these betting options. It just means that soon as players safely put their money onto the Xbet account, profiting is the only thing they are thinking of. This means that XBet has plenty of prop bets in one game that players can wager on.

There is also live betting which means more betting options appear once the game has started. The reason why is because games change often so that means big money can be won if played correctly. Take the chance to check out the site that only requires players to be 18 and older.

Being able to get all your bets in is very huge because this will make players feel very comfortable with taking the promotions that Xbet will offer. The offers are great and sometimes are tied to the banking method that one chooses to use. So much is offered on Xbet so go right now and check out the site before your favorite team plays again.

Bookmaker.eu – Get Up To $1,000 in Bitcoin

Bookmaker SportsbookBookMaker.eu has a reputation as one of the best online sportsbooks for USA sports bettors. You can bet on everything from odds to win the World Series to who will win the NCAA Tournament. Aside from sports, banking options are always important for American bettors. That is why BookMaker offers some of the most reliable banking methods for players to choose from. Bitcoin is one of the newest additions, and it is also one of the fastest deposit methods that you can choose from. With the minimum at $10 and the maximum at $50,000, both casual and high roller bettors will enjoy Bookmaker.

The cashier also rewards those that bet in bitcoin at the sportsbook. BookMaker offers a 50% Cash Welcome Bonus exclusively to bitcoin sports bettors. The sportsbook will match your BTC deposit by 25% for up to $1,000 in cash. This comes with an 8x rollover requirement and is better than the typical free play bonus. You can join BookMaker.eu today and start sports betting with bitcoins!

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Utah Residents

Utah Sports Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
XbetSportsbookReview100% Up To $300

Utah Sports Betting Laws

Utah sports betting laws are some of the most restrictive in the nation. Simply put, state expressly prohibits all forms of gambling, leaving sports fans in the state without any truly legal options for sports betting in Utah. UT ST 76-10-1101 defines gambling as:

Risking anything of value for a return or risking anything of value upon the outcome of a contest, game, gaming scheme, or gaming device when the return or outcome:

(i) is based upon an element of chance; and

(ii) is in accord with an agreement or understanding that someone will receive something of value in the event of a certain outcome.

(b) "Gambling" includes a lottery and fringe gambling.”

This means no lottery, no casinos, and certainly no land-based sportsbooks in the state of Utah. It is even risky to wager at online sportsbooks, but many sports fans still use offshore sites as a safer option versus a local bookie. If you choose to wager on sports, just make sure to use a reputable online sportsbook that accepts Utah residents.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Utah Residents Regulated?

Utah does not regulate any shape or form of gambling, as all of it is outlawed by the state's legal code. This includes Internet-based gambling. In fact, this has caused a problem for some players who have turned to untrustworthy sportsbooks on the World Wide Web.

While there are reliable, honest websites, such as those reviewed above, that you can enjoy, it is important to protect yourself against scammers and websites that are just out to con gamblers. If you stick to the three sites that we have reviewed here, though, you can rest assured that your money and your ability to actually enjoy the gambling experience are in good hands. Remember that, while online gaming is termed a game, the money you can lose by trusting unreliable websites is very real.

Current State Of Online Sports Betting In Utah

Because Utah restricts its residents' options when it comes to gambling, it is only natural that players have turned to the Internet to place their bets. But the truth is that even online gaming websites in the United States may be considered illegal, despite the vague nature of the laws pertaining to online gambling activity that many of the states hold.

For this reason, Utah players are encouraged to turn to legal, offshore sportsbooks in order to make their wagers and enjoy the excitement of gambling without worrying about legal ramifications. The trusted websites that were reviewed in this article are wonderful resources for individuals looking for a reliable place to make a wager.

Utah Sportsbooks FAQs

If All Gambling Is Banned In Utah, How Is Online Sports Betting Legal?

Although every form of gambling is illegal in the Utah, that does not reflect what is allowed online. Online sports betting is not specifically banned in Utah and thanks to that loophole, offshore online sportsbooks are okay to use. Utah Jazz fans can use one of our recommended online sportsbooks with an easy mind, knowing they are not going to get in trouble for it.

What Sports Can I Bet On In Utah?

Utah has a strong presence in the NBA with the Utah Jazz calling the state its home. Bettors should be aware that they are not only restricted to teams that come from the Utah. If you access one of our recommended online sportsbooks, you are able to wager on nearly any team in the country or in the world on a large variety of sports. The options are endless for sports bettors in Utah.

Will Sports Betting Ever Be Legal In Utah?

It is highly unlikely that Utah will ever see land-based sports betting. The state explicitly has banned wagering anything of value in a contest, game, or using a gaming device. Thanks to the restrictive laws, there is an extremely low chance that land-based sports betting will be legalized in the state. But lawmakers haven’t banned online sports wagering, so there are still options available for residents.

Should I Use A Bookie In Utah?

Utah is probably the worst state to use a bookie in. The state is very strict and has banned gambling all over the state. If you are caught using a bookie while you are in Utah, you will probably end up going to jail and get hit with heavy fees. Take our word for it and stick to online sportsbooks.

Can I Use My Mobile Device To Bet On Sports In Utah?

Because the state has not outlawed people from accessing an online offshore sportsbook, you can use your mobile device to place your sports bets. So long as you aren’t being bringing attention to yourself when you place your bets while you are in public, you will not get in trouble for doing so. Just head to your favorite online sportsbooks using your smartphone or tablet and you can take the action no matter where you go in Utah.